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How updates changes professions. Part 1 - knight 05-02-2012 / Sir Dzidek
Tibia as you know, like any MMORPG is growing, not only graphically. During the years, the game is updated at least four times. In summer and winter we have got big patches which we call updates that introduce new quests, locations and objects. In spring and autumn we get a smaller patches, called... patches.

This article is one of four in this series. It presents how to upgrade the profession of knight changed. As ideas worse and good CipSoft deteriorating situation of this important profession. In this article we will look for more updates through the prism of a knight.

For starters, we will take a look on Update 7.1 (December 17th, 2002). Then has been introduced amulets and rings. At first glance this is not important update, but high-level knights see important things of this Update. And that's because inter alia introduced Stone Skin Amulets and Rings Might that have greatly helped the knights to block the strong monsters. Also added the mystical Amulet of Life, that made for death as it fell not experience, skills or equipment.

Another important update is 7.2. Then transformed into Amulet of Life on the Amulet of Loss, which only secured our equipment in the event of death.

When it comes to hunting grounds, it is important Update'ami were 7.4 and 7.5. The 7.4 has been very popular Tombs near Ankrahmun and invasions of monsters. The 7.5 added a huge jungle with lots of monsters Tiquanda and the city Port Hope.

Update groundbreaking was introduced on December 12th, 2005. 7.6. Then changed the mana regeneration, and the ability to cast spells, conditional on the level of experience. Also added the mixture, which completely replaced the hitherto used UHs. For many players, this update is considered the worst in history was run by replacing the potions.

The 7.8 upgrade added the archipelago Shaterred Isles with city Liberty Bay.

Another major update was 8.00 (June 26th, 2007). Knights and paladins then added a few unique spells.

Update 8.4 (December 10th, 2008). It was very important in the history of the knights. Added a new city Yalahar, full of monsters on the outskirts. Thanks inter alia Knights have won a lot of new places to hunt. Every profession has obtained entirely new magic spells and support.

Version 8.41 (March 18th, 2009). Was also a breakthrough.
Stamina has been reduced from 56 to 42 hours. From now on, players with a Premium Account for 41 hours will receive an extra 50% experience per monster. In this special time, one minute endurance will load 12 minutes of being log out, and normal charging will be one minute stamina it took 3 minutes.

Monsters that are invisible, you can no longer discover by Heavy Magic Missile runes, Icicle, etc.

When you change your level or position the method other than the transition (transition stairs, passage boat, teleport, etc.), you can not attack the monster for 2 seconds (this time they can attack).

Added counter experiments containing a function of the quantity exp to the next level as we gain experience on the hour and the ability to reset it.

Now price blessings will depend on the level.

One blessing will reduce the chance of loss of inventory during the death of 30%, two by 55%, 3 by 75%, 4 to 90%, and all five players who have the blessings did not lose any object. Originally planned to remove the AOL-in and replace him Broken Amulet, but temporarily left him.

Reduced experience loss (about ⅓) and skills.

More typical knight changes have been introduced. When it comes to hunting grounds, in 8.54 (December 9th, 2009.) Introduces the continent of Zao, and 8.6 Razzachai.

That's all influenced the development of the knights of Tibia. As you can see some of the changes were good for the profession, others are not. But what we, the players can do in this situation? Only write proposals.

Special thanks to the editors, which drew the information for this article, and for editors for screens.
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