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Screen of Week
Ghost Ship
Ghost ship in 2004 and 2016

You can send us your propositions for "Screen of the week"! Pictures must be about one of the topics:
- Comparisons beetwen versions of Tibia,
- Interesting screenshot,
- Rare event
If your proposition is good enough, we will choose your picture for "Screen of the week" with your title, description and your nick.
Please send your submissions to


Dazozudi / 13-01-2017 12:21
Aaah the old outfit sprite!
Makadamia / 13-12-2016 08:27
Well, I'm quite new player, started with Tibia since Roshamuul was added... so old Tibia screenshots looks funny for me :D
Mepi / 04-12-2016 14:11
Old beautiful Tibia
valkit / 03-12-2016 14:38
Dacil / 01-12-2016 16:17
yeah it was more big
Ice Crambler / 30-11-2016 23:30
they boarded an enemy ship!
Trululu / 30-11-2016 19:35
Its me or the old ship is more bigger?
Sir Dzidek / 30-11-2016 01:05
I wonder if ghosts have bought new ship? :P