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Screen of Week
Thais Depot 99/17
Thais depo in 1999 and 2017 Sent by Dawid

You can send us your propositions for "Screen of the week"! Pictures must be about one of the topics:
- Comparisons beetwen versions of Tibia,
- Interesting screenshot,
- Rare event
If your proposition is good enough, we will choose your picture for "Screen of the week" with your title, description and your nick.
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Dark Gladir / 07-01-2018 06:35
This is 6.0+ (late 2000-2002)
Mepi / 13-06-2017 00:13
Love Old Tibia
alexisgm / 27-05-2017 04:37
Ahh, so many memories
Trululu / 17-05-2017 14:50
Just need more dead guys
Kämpfer / 13-05-2017 01:07
I cnat remember this, o wait I star in 8.xx XD
elyluvzya / 19-04-2017 17:40
awww I didn't play that long ago... but I do remember that before there was no bank in the depot. We had to actually go to the one south west from the depot.
Kämpfer / 16-04-2017 19:22
Best free and pacc city ever