Did you know... Fernfang, a rare spawn monk, is the only known creature ingame that uses a holy based damage spell?
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Reward Streak Protection, Damage Input Analyser 27-10-2020 / Bloodmoon
Failing to check in one day and losing your hard earned reward streak can be a frustrating experience. The new Reward Streak Protection will alleviate this situation as it gives players the opportunity to save their reward streak in such a case.

Each character receives one daily reward joker on the first server save of each month. They can accrue up to three of these daily reward jokers, which will be displayed in the reward wall. The character selection receives a new column which shows whether the daily reward has been already collected since the last server save.

The new daily reward jokers each compensate for one server save cycle during which the daily reward has not been collected. For instance, if you have two daily reward jokers and forget to collect the daily reward for two server save cycles while having an active streak of five days and only collect the reward within the third server save cycle, the two daily reward jokers will be used up and your streak will be increased to six days. If you would not have at least two jokers in this case, the daily reward streak would be reset when collecting the reward.

Damage Input Analyser

This new tool, which will be integrated into the analytics selector, provides you with a detailed overview of the damage you receive, serving as a counterpart to the impact analyser. It shows you the following information:
  • Total: The total amount of damage a character has taken from any source.
  • Max-DPS: Maximum damage per second, the maximum amount of damage a character has taken in one second.
  • Damage graph: Depicts the "damage taken per second" amount over time as a graph.
  • Damage Types: Lists the received damage by type, sorted by the highest amount in descending order.
  • Damage Sources: Lists the received damage by source, sorted by the highest amount in descending order. Limited to the five highest entries.
Displaying the damage graph, damage types and damage sources can be individually disabled. Like with the impact analyser, either recent values or session values can be shown. Speaking of which, the impact analyser will receive the same kind of damage types listing as well, which can be disabled, like in the damage input analyser.

Highscores Filter Extension

The highscores filter options, which have been improved already in this year's summer update, have received further additions. It will now be possible to filter highscores on the website and in the client by world type and BattlEye status to provide the player with even more ways to look for specific data.

We hope you enjoy the new features,
Your Community Managers
Call to Adventure 22-10-2020 / Bloodmoon
It had been a couple of months since Redwin had last set foot in Liberty Bay. He was kept busy by his work as a mariner which had now brought him to Venore, and a certain quaint encounter during a rainy, starless night was pretty much all but forgotten. Having already unloaded the cargo, he had the rest of the day off and decided to wander the narrow streets. It was not his first visit to the city, and a shop unfamiliar to him caught his eye. New merchants liked to offer low prices when they opened their store in order to carve out their share of the market, so Redwin decided to enter, looking for a bargain.

"Good day.", he greeted the trader.

"Ah! I thought you'd be here a bit earlier, but beggars can't be choosers, right? Well, better late than never."
A big grin met a confused face.

"Pardon?" was what finally came over the sailor's lips.

"You must be Redwin, right? I've been expecting you."


"Merton told me that you would pay me a visit. I have to say, I am delighted to meet you!"

"Oh no."

"We, that is, the Venorean traders – but truly everyone living on the shores and involved in seafaring – is in dire need of your help."

"Look, I'm really not interested in–"

"You like to negotiate, I see. I admire that! Don't worry, you do something for me, I'll do something for you."

"You'll leave me alone?"

"Better! I'll tell you all about the path to your destiny!"

"My... destiny?"

"The adventure of a lifetime, my boy. A young fella like you should up and see the world!"

"... right. I'll get to that when I got the time. I have a job, you know."
"Yeah, but... opportunity calls!"

"I'm not hearing anything, and even if I were, I would not call back. Now, if you will excuse me."

"Hang on a second."

For whatever reason, Redwin stayed his outstretched hand, the doorknob in reach.

"Just help me out with this pirat problem and I'll tell you the location of a secret passage. Follow it and you'll meet my business partners who coincidentally also need your help. Though they might not trust you right away. But then again, for somebody like you it shouldn't be a problem to gain their trust."

"Wait, what? I'm supposed to help you in order to have the privilege of helping out some other guys? And who are those folks you are dealing with anyway? Probably bandits and smugglers."

"Bandits? No, though they do wear masks.", Eustacio chuckled, before becoming serious again.

"Look, I understand that you might be skeptical, but if you follow your path, rich reward awaits you at the end!"

"Yeah, right. No thanks.", said Redwin, as he left the store in a hurry, Eustacio's words of paths and destinies following him out the door. He uttered a sigh of relief only as his ship finally left the harbour again. Up in the crow's nest he was gazing over the billowy blue of the ocean as his mind began to wander. What strange events these had been...
[News] Tall Tales 20-10-2020 / Maldara Loka
It was already dark when Redwin entered The Jolly Seahorse. Lyonel worked the bar as always and Bradford's singing unsuccessfully tried to drown out the lively conversations of the tavern guests. The young sailor ordered a beer – a few barrels had made it to this establishment for a change – and looked for a relatively quiet corner to enjoy his beverage. Concentrating on the foamy, gently swaying surface, he sat down.

"Hello there, laddie! Let me tell you something, will ya?"

An old mariner appeared seemingly out of nowhere and took seat on the opposite side of his table.

"Wha– Sorry, do I know you?", asked Redwin, bewildered.

"Don't think we've met, name's Merton. I've been travelling the high seas since I was a wee lad, and I have many a tale to tell."

"I'm sure you do, but I'd rather just enjoy my brew in solitude if you don't mind, it's been a long day and–"
"Now hold on there, laddie. This is important. Let me tell you about something which is vital to the wellbeing of our fair cities and coasts."

Redwin's eyes darted across the room, to see if anyone could help him out of this unfortunate situation. Not finding any assistance, he resigned himself to his fate. Letting out a heavy sigh he looked into the depths of his beer mug. The white froth was now but a distant memory and its disappearance had revealed the dark liquid below.

"It's the darndest thing, I tell ya, laddie. You see, there are these pirats."

He paused.

"And...?", did Rewin finally inquire, exclusively out of courtesy, rathern than genuine interest.

"Pirats. Don't you find that the least bit curious?"
"Not really, since it's not the first time I've heard a sailor's yarn."

"No, you don't understand, laddie. They are pi-rats!"

"Yeah, yeah, pirates, I get it. Disreputable folk roaming the oceans. I'm familiar with the concept."

"No, they are rats! Pi-rats!"

"Oh. Yes, of course. Of course they are." It took all of Redwin's willpower not to roll his eyes. "Well, it was good talking to you, but I really need to get going, I think I left the oven on and my house is probably burning down right now, so I better take a look at tha–"

"Enough with your idle prattle! I told you, this is important!"

"More important than not burning down Liberty Bay...?"

"These pirats are a threat to us all! They pillage and plunder, they raid our shores, they–"

"I get it, they must be stopped."
"Exactly! So, travel to Venore and talk to Eustacio there. He'll fill you in on the details."

"Sorry, what? No, I didn't mean stopped by me. I want to have nothing to do with this."

The old sailor looked at him for a moment with a blank expression on his face before it burst out of him:

"Curse you! May Sula strike you down, Redwin! ARRR!"

The young seafarer, bemused and befuddled by this sudden onset of rage, sighed inwards.

"Have it your way then; should I ever end up in Venore, I'll look for this Pistachio guy, trust me, I will, no doubt about it.", he replied at last, tiredly, before moving out of his seat, leaving his beer mostly untouched.

"I'm glad I could reach you, laddie! I'll tell Eustacio of your arrival! You need to find the pirats!", Merton shouted after him.

Redwin wrapped his cloak tightly around himself before braving the rainy, starless night, as he moved through the cobbled streets of Liberty Bay. The only thing he was sure of needing was to avoid The Jolly Seahorse for a while, as it dawned on him that Merton had known his name, despite him not mentioning it once.
New Open PvP Game Worlds 14-10-2020 / Bloodmoon
Attention, fellow Tibians! Three new game worlds are about to be launched!

Next week, on Wednesday, October 21, we plan to set up three new Open PvP game worlds:

Adra (EU), Wizera (NA), Utobra (SA)

These worlds will be protected by BattlEye and will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Please note, though, that depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers or even be merged with other worlds at some point of time.

Initially, only Premium accounts will be able to play on Adra, Wizera and Utobra.

Into the fray!
Your Community Managers
Vocation Adjustments 12-10-2020 / Bloodmoon
The time has finally come for the vocations to receive some adjustments! We have been collecting a lot of player feedback over time which shaped the changes we came up with, with a representative survey from last year being especially helpful, in which we asked about your opinion on current problems and challenges of the vocations.

The goal of this project was to remedy these identified problems and sharpen the profile of the vocations, so that each of them has their particular role.

Incorporating feedback does not stop here for us however, as we have invited a sizeable amount of players to an external test. While in-depth information is provided on the accompanying test forum, here is an overview of what is in store for you.

Strong mana potions for knights and challenge spell against distance fighters
Knights will finally be able to use strong mana potions, as the mana pool of high level characters has constantly grown, which made it difficult to fill up with normal potions. They will also receive a new healing spell which fills the gap between Wound Cleansing and Intense Wound Cleansing, to strengthen their healing abilities. On the other hand, while using Blood Rage, the knight will now take more damage, to make the spell's trade-off between attack and defense more pronounced. Knights will also get a new spell, which will temporarily turn distance fighters into melee fighters and challenge them, as a common criticism has been that knights do not have a good way of dealing with distance fighters.

More healing options for druids

Druids receive two new healing spells: Nature's Embrace, a stronger version of Heal Friend, and Restoration, which will be the most powerful self-healing spell. In turn, they can no longer use Heal Friend on themselves, as their overall healing capabilities have been strengthened. The mana costs for Terra Wave will also be lowered to reduce waste.

New attack and debuff spells for sorcerers

Sorcerers receive a new offensive spell, Great Fire Wave, which in terms of power lies between the Energy Wave and a Fireball Rune, to increase their attacking potential. Attack and critical damage of the wand of darkness will be lowered to curb its power. On the other hand, the sorcerer receives two completely new PvE debuff spells: Expose Weakness and Sap Strength. These new AoE spells weaken monsters by reducing their damage or making them more sensitive and thus provide the sorcerer with a wholly new facette to their gameplay, strengthening the vocation's role in a team hunt.

Something which affects both druids and sorcerers is the change of the Magic Shield. In its current state, it gives mages the ability to absorb a lot more damage than knights and paladins. The druid's and sorcerer's Magic Shield now only blocks a certain amount of damage before it breaks. The energy ring can now only be used by knights and paladins, but sorcerers and druids get a new item, which casts a Magic Shield that works like their new, modified one. With these adjustments we hope to strike a balance between giving mages a reasonable amount of protection while not outclassing knights and paladins in terms of defensive capabilities.

Quiver and elemental damage imbuements on weapons for paladins

Paladins get a new item with the quiver, which may hold either arrows or bolts and can only be equipped by this vocation. Ammunition is no longer used out of the backpack, but solely out of the quiver. Paladins can now make use of elemental damage imbuements, since bows and crossbows are going to be imbueable with elemental damage. This will apply the effect to the quiver's ammunition, while it also depends on the ammunition type how this manifests. Elemental damage imbuements do not affect diamond arrows. However, speaking of diamond arrows, the cooldown of Conjure Diamond Arrow and Conjure Spectral Bolt has been massively decreased down to two seconds, so that players no longer need to prepare ammunition a long time in advance of a hunt.

They will also be able to use great mana potions, similar to how knights can use strong mana potions now. The distance skill bonus that is gotten through Sharpshooter has been reduced a bit, since it is widely considered as too strong by players. On the other hand, they receive a new spell similar to the knight's one, turning distance fighters into melee fighters, though it does not challenge monsters and does not affect as many creatures, combined with a longer cooldown.

Increased healing and adjusted damage range

Intense Healing and the Intense Healing Rune now heal slightly more than before, to bring them in line with the new Supreme Healing spell. Moreover, to narrow the spread of damage dealt by single target, non-critical physical range and melee attacks, their minimum damage has been increased a bit while their maximum damage has been reduced a bit. Overall, this does not affect the power level of players, but makes the damage output more stable.

Test server

As mentioned above, in order for you to test these changes and have your say, we have launched a test server and invited a large number of players to it. The exact details, numbers and reasons for these changes can be found in the accompanying test forum. We are looking forward to you trying out the adjustments and giving your feedback in the respective threads to help us improve on them. We will closely follow the threads and incorporate feedback which helps in reaching the stated goals.

See you on Testa, Testera, and Testebra!
Your Community Managers
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