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Did you know... you can activate PvP mode and kill players without War-mode on Optional PvP? All you need to do is to convince quara constrictor that has already poisoned another player?
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Interview with Game Content Designer Lionet
Do you want to know what is a game content designer and what they have to do in their work? Maybe you want to know if anything been unexplored in the last update? So read the interview with Lionet!
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Short news
Bugfixes 13-08-2019 / Lehula Dohon
A number of bugfixes were implemented in the new client version. They include:

  • In the friend system, looking at a friend's stats no longer visually overwrites your own character skills.
  • The bear skin item can no longer be imbued with earth protection, but can now be imbued with ice protection.
  • Black cobras can no longer be summoned.
  • Missing PZ fields have been fixed.
  • The description of the sweet mangonaise elixir has been changed to reflect its usage, since it only works with volatile magic rings.
  • Killing Scarlett Etzel will no longer yield an empty reward bag.
  • In the friend list you can now click on a character's image, their name or a new button in order to get to the character's profile.
  • Some map bugs have been fixed.

Good hunting,
Your Community Managers
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New Mounts 09-08-2019 / Lehula Dohon
New mounts have been added to the Store today!

Badgers have been a staple of the Tibian fauna for a long time, and finally some daring souls have braved the challenge to tame some exceptional specimens – and succeeded!
Click on image to enlarge.

While the common badger you can encounter during your travels might seem like a rather unassuming creature, the Battle Badger, the Ether Badger, and the Zaoan Badger are fierce and mighty beasts, which are at your beck and call.

Once bought, your character can use the mount ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account.

Get yourself a masked companion!
Your Community Managers
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Bugfixes and Content Changes 06-08-2019 / Lehula Dohon
With today's server save, we have released a new client version. It includes the following fixes related to the summer update:

  • The total gold sum in the Market now shows the correct amount.
  • Searching the Cyclopedia and Market now works when accessing them through the depot search.
  • The depot could not be opened when the stash was still open at the Hireling Steward. This has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to receive a fake white skull in the PvP arena.
  • On Retro Hardcore, attacks on party members via right-click now work with classic controls.
  • All guild members can now make use of the show/hide messages function in the guild chat.
  • The bear skin item now has earth protection +11 instead of ice protection +11.
  • The curse of the Cobra Bastion no longer attracts aggressive rats but harmless ones.
  • In order to complete the quest Fafnar's Wrath, players now only need 10 sphinx feathers instead of 20.
  • The teleport after killing Gaffir in the Cobra Bastion now works when killing him subsequent times.
  • Cobra viziers are now less talkative while their combo attack now deals more damage.
  • Access to Urmahlullu can no longer be blocked.
  • Missing PZ fields were fixed, e.g. in Issavi temple.
  • Some minor NPC fixes were implemented.

Moreover, we changed the following, among other things:

  • Monsters which are classified as "hard" in the Bestiary can now appear as boosted creature.
  • Explosive barrels in PvE arenas now deal damage to monsters.
  • Personal summons can no longer be used when fighting the Last Lore Keeper and Dragonking Zyrtach.
  • Depleted collars of green/blue/red plasma are now considered by the supply analyser.
  • The mounts Lacewing Moth and Hibernal Moth are no longer accessible to free accounts.
  • The outfits Dream Warrior and Discoverer are no longer accessible to free accounts.
  • Giant sapphires, green emeralds and rubies can now be stored in the stash.
  • A crate which is required to finish the fourth mission of the quest "What a Foolish Quest" is now available from Black Bert.
  • The Market categories of several items have been corrected.
  • A multitude of map and NPC bugs, typos and minor graphical issues have been fixed.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers
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Changes around the Tibia Team 01-08-2019 / Lehula Dohon
Hear ye, hear ye!

In our continued quest to provide you, our fellow Tibians, with the best service possible, we are thrilled to announce our newest addition to the CM team: Skerio. After Burchan's shift to the testing department, Skerio will take up his mantle and care for the community alongside Mirade and Rejana. With an educational background in game design and linguistics, he is well suited to the work at hand. Mirade and Rejana show him the ropes while he is getting himself acquainted with the tasks and responsibilities in his new job.

On August 1 there will also be a change in the product management department. Bolfrim, who has worked for CipSoft since 2010 and led the testers for the past four years, will take over as lead product manager. Delany, who occupied this role so far, will from now on support CipSoft management as assistant manager.

We wish all of them lots of joy and success on their new paths.

See you on the boards!
Your Community Managers
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Summer Update 2019 29-07-2019 / Lehula Dohon
The summer update has been released! Read below to find out what new content and features Tibia has in store for you.

Evil is afoot! Dark powers plan to resurrect twelve fallen knights and force them to do their wicked bidding. Make haste and set out to find all the graves to stop these nefarious fiends. You need to put an end to their twisted designs ere it is too late!

Travel to the miraculous peninsula of Kilmaresh, home to a plethora of exotic creatures like manticores, sphynxes and gryphons. They might be fascinating to look at, but are deadly beings nonetheless. The capital, Issavi, is a marvel to behold with its splendid architecture. Perish any thoughts of vacation however – the banned cult of Fafnar is lurking in the shadows, scheming, plotting...

Be on the lookout for the vile Order of the Cobra! From their mighty fortress located on a remote island they spread death and destruction to lands far and wide.


From now on you have better control over your game windows messages: any information about boosted creatures, your offline training progress and Store notifications can now be confined to the server log. Moreover, there are some improvements to reduce message clutter in general.

Next up, the depot search. You cannot for the life of you remember where you put a certain item? Fret not, for now you are able to search your inbox, stash and all the containers and subcontainers in your depot with a handy search function.

The friend system is here! Not only do you have the option to search for friends, invite them, group them and look at their character information, but also be awed by their badges and titles which have been introduced with this update. There are many of them to obtain, so keep collecting and display them for the world to see.

With the newparty list Premium players can keep track of mana and health of any party members and summons, with many options to choose from which suit your playstyle. With the enhanced battle list on the other hand Premium players can open secondary battle lists and even name them. Sort them to your heart's content in order to get the best out of your hunt!

We hope you enjoy the content of the new summer update and wish you a lot fun,
Your Community Managers
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