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Paladin Distance Skill Training [Part 3/3]
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New Open PvP Game Worlds 13-10-2021 / GuildStats bot
Imagettention, fellow
Tibians! Three new game worlds are about to be launched!

Next week, on Wednesday, October 20, we plan to set up three new Open PvP game worlds:
Trona (EU), Illusera (NA), Ocebra (SA)
These worlds will be protected by BattlEye and will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Please note, though, that depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers or even be merged with other worlds at some point of time.

Initially, only Premium accounts will be able to play on Trona, Illusera, and Ocebra.

Into the fray!
Your Community Managers
New Outfit 08-10-2021 / GuildStats bot
Image new outfit has been added to the Store today!

Armed with a powerful crossbow, and gifted with steady hands as well as a sharp eye, the Arbalester is not one to be trifled with. Requiring both skill and strength to properly wield, the arbalest is a mighty tool in the hands of an able marksman, shooting deadly bolts across great distance.
Click on image to enlarge.

Once bought, your character can wear this outfit anytime. The outfit is purely cosmetic and does not bestow any benefits.

Get the outfit and take the shot!
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Orcsoberfest 07-10-2021 / GuildStats bot
you want to party like there is no tomorrow? Ready for some fun activities? Then you are in luck, as Orcsoberfest is right around the corner!

It is time again for the orgers to get their fill of all the food and beer one could ever dream of, while diligent orcs work tirelessly to ensure that no plate and no stein is ever empty. Gain festive points by engaging in numerous activities, partake in the lottery to have a chance at winning great prizes or try to satiate King Chuck's voracious appetite in exchange for a reward.

As of server save on October 08, a tent will appear south of Thais. Inside is a teleport which is open to any Premium player, bringing you to Orcsoberfest island. Talk to your friendly neighbourhood orger Xaver first after your arrival or directly engage in the activities if you are an Orcsoberfest veteran.

The festival concludes on October 15. During the weekend after the event (server save on October 15 until server save on October 18) all game worlds will receive a 50% XP boost for creatures of the "demon" bestiary class.

As they say on the island, meaning 'Happy festivities!' in Orcish:

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Annual Autumn Vintage 04-10-2021 / GuildStats bot
Imagehe first batch of winterberries is finally ripe. Now it is time to produce some delicious berry juice during the Annual Autumn Vintage, which takes place from October 01-08, and again from October 17-24! Just make sure to take off your shoes and wash your feet before you start the treading!


During the event, winterberries can be looted from various monsters. Collect some of those berries and talk to the trusted member of the Combined Magical Winterberry Society. You will be sent to a secret location, where you can start your treading once enough winterberries have been delivered.
If you need further information about the treading process, just ask Gruffy.

Your world will succeed if enough loads of winterberries are processed in time to temporarily refine all health and mana potions of your world. Their effect will be enhanced by 33% for 7 days in case of success.

Let the stomping begin!
Your Community Managers
Rapid Respawn Weekend 27-09-2021 / GuildStats bot
your swords and ready your spells, for hordes of monsters are incoming! Another Rapid Respawn Weekend will soon be upon us yet again!

Do not forget to donate enough gold for your favourite hunting ground to take full advantage of the event!

Between the server saves of October 01 and October 04, all monsters will respawn five times faster. Areas with an active improved respawn area bonus yield an even faster respawn time. Save the date!

Happy fighting!
Your Community Managers
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