Wist je dat...... er er een paar jaar geleden een evenement was waar je een Horned Helmet kon winnen? Dat was op de plaats van de huidige Bright Sword Quest.?
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What is your lvl on the main char?

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Release of Sound in Tibia 27-09-2022 / GuildStats bot
Imageibia with sound. Today, this dream turns into reality!
After more than 25 years, Tibia has been enriched by sound and music today. It was a big and courageous project into which we put passion, enthusiasm and expertise to finally gift Tibia its own voice.

Today, when launching the game client, Tibia's anthem will greet you as you embark on your next adventure, an adventure which you can experience with sound. Dive into the acoustic world of Tibia and explore this fresh side of the game you know by heart.

It was crucial for us to allow you to set the pace at which you want to explore this novel aspect of Tibia. Therefore, you can find many sound options in the options menu to change your settings as you please and choose the sound experience you prefer.

Sound in Tibia is an invitation, and it is up to each of you whether or not you choose to give it a try and take up on this offer. We encourage you to be curious!

If you want to find out more about how we approached this enormous endeavour of adding sound, make sure to read our featured article "The Making of Sound in Tibia" which gives you an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain.

You want to enjoy Tibia's anthem and signature tracks even when not being online in the game? Visit our new soundtrack section on the website to listen to the different musical compositions you can hear ingame while roaming the Tibian lands. Moreover, you can also download the soundtrack there.
Now go forth, Tibians, walk those well-trodden paths with curiosity and an open heart, and of course, with open ears!
Annual Autumn Vintage 22-09-2022 / GuildStats bot
Imagehe first batch of winterberries is finally ripe. Now it is time to produce some delicious berry juice during the Annual Autumn Vintage, which takes place from October 01-08 and again from October 17-24! Just make sure to take off your shoes and wash your feet before you start the treading!
During the event, winterberries can be looted from various monsters. Collect some of those berries and talk to the trusted member of the Combined Magical Winterberry Society. You will be sent to a secret location where you can start your treading once enough winterberries have been delivered.If you need further information about the treading process, just ask Gruffy.Your world will succeed if enough loads of winterberries are processed in time to temporarily refine all health and mana potions of your world. Their effect will be enhanced by 33% for 7 days in case of success.Let the stomping begin!Your Community Managers
Sound in Tibia 20-09-2022 / GuildStats bot
Imageisten up, Tibians! Next Tuesday, September 27, your game experience will be enriched by sound. You will be able to discover a new and fresh side of a world that you know by heart.

After 25 years, this is quite a step but it is one worth taking. We encourage you to be curious, to venture out to traverse Tibia's soundscapes like the adventurer you are.
It was crucial for us to provide you with choices, to give you various options to customise your own sound experience, to decide which sounds you want to hear and which you might want to mute. This allows you to set the pace at which you want to explore this new and fresh aspect of Tibia. It is up to you when and how much you want to hear of Tibia's sounds and music. You can change your settings as you please and choose whatever sound experience you prefer.

We are excited to give you the opportunity to finally also listen to Tibia's soul while playing and to experience well-known and familiar surroundings in a new way.

A dedicated group of developers from the Tibia team has been working diligently and passionately on this great endeavour during the last year. How did they go about adding sound to a game after 25 years of silence? What challenges did they face along the way? Why have deers made us all crack up and how did one of Tusius' cats end up in the game? These questions, and more, will be answered in a special featured article which will be published shortly before the release.

And we have one more thing for you!

We have prepared a special treat, which we want to share with everyone who holds Tibia dear:

On September 26, 2022, at 20:00 CEST, we will premiere the anthem of Tibia, a musical composition which embodies the history, the spirit, the heartbeat of Tibia. It is a tribute to this unique game that has been uniting us for 25 years.

Join us on Youtube on September 26, 2022, at 20:00 CEST, to be a part of this experience and to hear Tibia's anthem for the first time.

Pump up the jam, Tibians!Your Community Managers
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Permission to Save Game Sessions 20-09-2022 / GuildStats bot
Image common goal we all share is improving Tibia. Today, we come to you with a request that would help us in that endeavor.
In order to improve your game experience and our rule enforcement, we would like to ask for permission to record your gaming sessions. If you would like to help us improve Tibia, you do not have to change any of your ways, but simply grant us this permission on your account management page.

As of today, you can find the following text there:

I consent to CipSoft GmbH saving play sessions for the sole purpose of improving the gaming experience or enforcing the Tibia Rules. Saved play sessions will contain the entire user experience, including, but not limited to, chats and player interaction.

By clicking on Consent, you give us permission to record what you are doing ingame. Please do not worry, we are not interested in any real life matters that you might chat about with your friends. We are not going to scan your chats for any swear words, for example, either. Our interest is purely Tibia and game related. We would not record all your playing sessions. Granting us permission, however, means that any of your playing sessions could be recorded. You could compare our plans a bit to the recording of a phone call with a call center for quality assurance matters. It is quite common in that area that just before the call starts, you are informed that it could be recorded. You can object to this at the beginning of the phone call. So granting us this permission on your account management page would help us improve. If you do not want to help us in that way, however, it is no problem. Simply leave things as they are. This does not have any consequences for your Tibia account. We will then simply not have any of your gaming sessions in the pool of data that we can draw conclusions from. You can change this setting freely, too. It is not a once and for all decision that you need to make. If you create a new account, you can choose to grant us permission to record your gaming sessions - or not - right during the account creation process.

All that is left to say now is that we would really appreciate your help!

For a better Tibia!Your Community Managers
Changes and Fixes 20-09-2022 / GuildStats bot
Image number of fixes and changes have been implemented today, for example:
  • Balancing:
    • The base HP of creatures in Gnomprona have been raised by ~10%. Also, their base damage has been increased a bit. Their base dodge chance has been lowered but it now scales up faster with increasing hazard level. Their dodge chance is higher than before from hazard level 5 on. Moreover, we slightly decreased the loot scaling with increasing hazard level.
    • In Marapur, the XP of creatures in the Great Pearl Fan Reef has been raised by 13% while the XP of creatures in the Temple of the Moon Goddess has been lowered by 7%.
  • A kill of Goshnar's Greed no longer counts as two kills in the Bosstiary. This has also been fixed for Feroxa.
  • Mad sheep are no longer mad enough to spawn primal pods in Gnomprona when being killed.
  • It is no longer possible to levitate up onto invisible floors during low tide in the Ebb and Flow hunting ground.
  • The boss rooms of Drume and Devovorga's incarnations in the mini world change Devovorga's Essence are now cleaned properly after a fight so that player summons no longer remain there.
  • Completed Bosstiary entries now have a green progress bar.
  • The special condition burning no longer leads to an instant heat level of 50 when entering the lava fishing room in the quest Too Hot to Handle.
  • The first three stages of Azerus in his boss fight in the quest In Service of Yalahar are no longer killable. He should only be killable in his final stage.
  • While a great schnitzel is supposed to be eaten, the Great Schnitzel in the Orcsoberfest event is not supposed to be killable through summons. This has been fixed accordingly.
  • We also fixed a bunch of minor map bugs, typos, graphical glitches and NPC issues. For example, the kick feature has been added to NPC Lorietta and NPC Captain Jack.
See you in Tibia,Your Community Managers
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