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Did you know... Kharsek (the highest lvl in Tibia at the moment) has the same exp as 679 lvls 100, or 82 lvls 200, or 24 lvls 300, or 10 lvls 400, or 5 lvls 500, or 3 lvls 600, or 2 lvls 700?
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Interview with Game Content Designer Lionet
Do you want to know what is a game content designer and what they have to do in their work? Maybe you want to know if anything been unexplored in the last update? So read the interview with Lionet!
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Reduction of Game Window Messages and Depot Search 21-06-2019 / elyluvzya
After a
long day at work, you are eager to visit the Tibian lands and to start off into a new adventure. But what is this? There are messages clogging up your game window, blocking your view. Before you can head into the wilderness, you are bombarded with information you might not really want to have at this point. Sounds familiar?
After the upcoming summer update, you will have control over this. For the following messages you will be able to choose via the Game Window Interface Options menu whether they should be displayed in the game window - as it is now - or only in the server log so that they will not block your view:
-Boosted Creature
-Offline Training Progress
-Store Notifications
Apart from the above mentioned optional reduction of game window messages, the amount of them will be further reduced, so that they do not interfere with your game play as much as they currently do. For example, the message you receive when using a Gold Converter will only be shown in the server log after the summer update.
And there will be an additional spam protection in place as well, reducing the attention messages in the game window for full containers, when you have no free slots left, and when you run out of capacity.

Please note, that the spam protection will only affect the game window, all messages will still be posted in the server log. Also, it is a spam protection only. Since the information is important for you to know, it will still be displayed to you in the game window, however, a constant repeating of these messages will be prevented. So you will see them pop up every now and then to be informed, but it will happen less often than it currently is the case. We hope that this feature will make your game play more convenient.


Another feature that will hopefully make your Tibian life more comfortable, is a brand new search function that will include your inbox, your stash and all the containers and subcontainers in your depot. Instead of rummaging around in all depot boxes for this one special item, or instead of using the indirect way to search your depot by using the market, you can save yourself the trouble after the summer update and search for your items quickly, easily and directly with the new Depot Search.

You can open the search widget by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top of your locker window, or any other container in your locker. Please note, though, that the search will always include all containers in your locker, even if it was started from a subcontainer.
After you have chosen an item you are looking for, you will first see the amount, and in a more detailed view, you will then see the different stacks of the item that you have. You will also be able to tell where the stack is located. Via drag and drop you can move it then into another container, you can choose to open the container holding the wanted item stack via a context-menu, or you can retrieve items from your stash. The context-menu will also allow you to get further information on the item, by opening the Cyclopedia, by choosing Look or by choosing Inspect, for example.

Please keep in mind that we are still in the phase before the test server, so all this is still subject to change.

We hope these changes will make your Tibian life more comfortable!
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The Order of the Cobra 18-06-2019 / Lehula Dohon

Amaro carefully smoothed down the wrinkled piece of paper that had been half-burried in burning desert sand.

A cold feeling of dread wrapped itself around his heart like a poisonous vine. He could sense that her sharp, piercing gaze had already settled on him.


this one is written for the outright scoundrels
without moral scruples
this is written for the ones to blame
for the merciless miscreants who are the cause of chaos in everything

we have little use for the shining knights
for the glorious and honourable champions
who know nothing of the thunder that roars in our souls
and the storm that engulfs our hearts

but she knows
she is watching you

ready to strike
relentless and deadly
if you are not worthy

ready to accept
without judgement and generously
if you pledge your undying allegiance
your miserable life and your dark soul to her cause

eternal allegiance to the Cobra's might
for we are scarlet inside


What a strange way to recruit cutthroats and rogues, Amaro wondered. How can those who know only deceit and lies ever be loyal to a person? He read about her, Scarlet Etzel, the sister. She had vanished with her followers a long time ago, searching for artefacts that are not supposed to exist. Could it be?

He shook his head. A trembling, shaky hand had scribbled something else on the paper:

* For those who do not like poetry: The Cobra will provide you with riches beyond your wildest imagination, the exquisite cuisine of Chef Luc Venin and the shelter of our bastion's unsurmountable walls. She demands nothing but unyielding fealty.
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Bewitched 14-06-2019 / Lehula Dohon

The witches of the green claw swamp are about to kindle the fire for their special mixture once more.

The world event Bewitched will start on June 21, after server save. This year, the witches are trying something new, however:

Instead of chicken feathers, bonelord eyes and vampire dust, they ask you to gather marsh stalker beaks, small flasks of eyedrops and lancets.

Supply the witches with the needed ingredients for their magical brewage, and protect their cauldron from the bane-bringers. Who knows, you might even get the chance to fight their leader, the bane lord.

We have also heard that NPC Minzy has extended her offer. In addition to the potions she already offers for favour points, she now has Ultimate Mana potions, Ultimate Spirit potions and Supreme Health potions in store for you.
Further, you will be able to get yourself a pet raven, either in black, grey or white for favour points. Since it is important, however, not to flood the Tibian eco system with too many ravens at once, you can only get yourself a raven once a year, and if you have really helped the witches a great deal. The Tibian Environmental Protection Agency hopes for your understanding.

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

So gather enough ingredients, earn favour points, and keep the cauldron boiling until June 25, server save, in order to succeed. A special book which you can find in the green claw swamp will provide you with further information on the event and your task.

In case of success, your entire game world will be rewarded. This reward has been adjusted as well. Instead of only 20 % experience bonus, a successful game world will be rewarded with a 50 % experience bonus for 10 days. As a trade off, however, the small reduction of the death penalty that used to be a reward for this event previously, was removed.

Have fun and fill the cauldron!
Your Community Managers
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A Visit to Kilmaresh 14-06-2019 / Lehula Dohon
The massive walls of Issavi shimmered brightly as I stood in front of the magnificent gate...


Curious to find out more about Kilmaresh? Our latest featured article will give you a glimpse of the large new area you will be able to explore this summer.
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New Decoration 14-06-2019 / Lehula Dohon

Today, we have added some new home decoration to our Store. Are you looking for chairs, a chest, a cupboard or a table in a rustic-style? Take a look at the new Hrodmir furniture set.

Just fitting for the month of flowers, three new flowery light sources have been added as well. Check out the atmosphere of your house when the Curly Flower Pot Lamp, the Big Flower Pot Lamp or the Curly Flower Wall Lamp are lit up.


In this blooming atmosphere, your new Hedgehog will feel at home immediately. This playful little fellow will be rolling in and out of his box and will keep you company if you are suffering from insomnia.


A Hedgehog is not really your style? What about this cute little Baby Unicorn, then? Unicorns are definitely amongst the most exclusive pets one can have. They will brighten your every day with their colourful mane and tail.


If you are looking for a more humanoid companion, this old and very dead pharao in his Sarcophagus might be a better addition to your home. His blinking eyes will drive unwanted intruders away with ease.


When bought, these items are directly delivered to you as decoration kits, which can be unwrapped inside your house. The unwrapped decoration items are non-takeable and also indestructible.

We hope you enjoy the new deco items!
Your Community Managers
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