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Do you want to know what is a game content designer and what they have to do in their work? Maybe you want to know if anything been unexplored in the last update? So read the interview with Lionet!
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Double Daily Rewards 26-02-2020 / elyluvzya
you a diligent Tibian who meticulously collects their daily rewards from the reward shrine every single day?

The symbol of a golden sun welcomes you with bright and beaming rays whenever you visit the shrine?

Congratulations, we have good news for you. Your routine will be even more rewarding next month.

Between the server saves of March 02 and March 31, all daily rewards will be doubled!

All Tibians will receive twice as many items from the reward shrine during that time. The daily reward XP boost will last twice as long as well!

To the reward shrines!
Your Community Managers
New Retro Open PvP Game Worlds 19-02-2020 / elyluvzya
have exciting news for all fans of the old Open PvP system and those who want to face the challenges that brand-new game worlds have to offer!

On Wednesday, February 26, the following Retro Open PvP game worlds will be set up:

Unica (EU), Emera (NA) and Javibra (SA)

These worlds will be protected by BattlEye and will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Please note though that depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers or even be merged with other worlds at some point of time.

Initially, only premium accounts will be able to play on Unica, Emera and Javibra.

To new adventures,
Your Community Managers
New Balancing Changes: Loot Buffs 18-02-2020 / elyluvzya

since our balancing efforts have started, we have received an enormous amount of feedback from you, the community. Some welcomed the changes, others raised valid concerns.

After three weeks and several partial changes, we are buffing most of the affected monsters loot-wise. Our measures to decrease the gold inflow proved highly efficient – so efficient in fact that we have enough leeway to increase the profatibility of all focussed hunting grounds without sacrificing our goal: to combat inflation.

This is also in response to player feedback that hunts became unsustainable for them, as their waste would often outweigh their loot.

However, these changes will not make the hunting grounds as profitable again or even more profitable compared to before the rebalancing, as these hunting grounds were responsible for the massive inflow of gold into the game. Nevertheless, we decided to lessen the gold nerf considerably to allow players of all level ranges to better finance their hunts.

It is still imperative for us to keep a lid on gold inflation and inflow, which was one of the main motivations behind the rebalancing.

We will keep a close eye on the situation in regards to gold and XP inflow and will compare them to our goals.

Onto the numbers! Due to popular demand, in addition to our usual format of giving changes relative to each previous value, the new values are now also given in relation to the values pre-rebalancing. For added convenience, we also implemented a list of changes in the client this time.

Finally we would like to thank all the players who have supported us with constructive feedback. We always welcome helpful comments and input.

To the hunting grounds,
Your Community Managers
A Piece of Cake 16-02-2020 / elyluvzya
Attention, attention!
Starting on Friday, February 21, cake golems will return as part of the "A Piece of Cake" event and attack certain cities in Tibia. Gather all pie lovers and face those sweet temptations. Those who manage to eat the huge amount of cake can look forward to yummy rewards!

Slay the invaders to get enough sweet and sugary substances and lure them into the cake extractor machines in Thais, Liberty Bay, Carlin, Darashia, and Edron! Both actions are necessary to enable the bakers near the machines to build a bridge to the legendary cake island.

Once you are on the island, you need to start munching the giant cake - as fast as you can. There is no bite to waste! Time will run out with the server save on February 26. If you manage to polish off the entire cake in time, your game world will be rewarded with 25% more health and mana regeneration and exclusively for premium accounts an experience bonus of 50% for seven days.

NPC Brutus will visit the cake island in case your game world has successfully finished the event. He will offer you a special reward if you are willing to follow his further instructions. You can also get one of three delicious cupcakes from Brutus:

- The blueberry cupcake completely fills up your mana.
- The strawberry cupcake will refill your health.
- The lemon cupcake will increase your distance fighting skill by +10 for one hour.

Low carb is overrated,
Your Community Managers
New Decoration 16-02-2020 / elyluvzya
Just in
time for Valentine's Day new and fitting products have arrived to the Store. Put your heart into decorating your home for the occasion by getting some appropriate items.

All kinds of heart furniture including lamps, a cabinet, table, chair, chest and the verdant bed are now available to you, as well as a loving bat.

When bought, these items are directly delivered to you as decoration kits, which can be unwrapped inside your house. The unwrapped decoration items are non-takeable and also indestructible.

We hope you enjoy the new deco items,
Your Community Managers
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