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Following the Curse 28-05-2020 / Bloodmoon
It seems the werecurse is truly spreading. I would not have believed it just weeks ago, and yet, with what I have discovered so far, I must face reality. It was not my curiosity which sent me on this quest but rather hard coin in my purse as I was given the precarious task of assessing how far a shore this affliction has reached. Edron and Grimvale were only the beginning. My reports tell the whole story; read them if you will, but keep them safe upon my return. – M.

Arundel had not heard from his friend in months until a package had arrived this very morning. The note was accompanied by a number of scrolls, covered in meticulous writing. He was not too surprised by the delivery, as she had told him on more than one occasion that she might need his help unexpectedly one day. The scrolls were not sealed and Arundel's curiosity soon got the better of him, so he sat down and began to read.

Report WS-II.1

I received word that strange going-ons have occured in and around the town of Darashia. Unnatural sightings, bone-chilling howls in the night, people disappearing without a trace... it appears I am on the right track in following this lead. My contact has given me the name "Domizian", a local who might have insight into this. I am wary of making friends too quickly in this place, however. I don't know who I can trust, what their motives are. A friendly gesture might turn into a stab in the back in the blink of an eye.

Report WS-II.2

My contact has gone silent. He was supposed to give word upon my arrival in Darama. I was right not to trust anyone. My gut feeling tells me to get out of this place as soon as possible. I couldn't meet up with Domizian, he is apparently out of town, but I cannot wait, I have to keep moving. I overheard some chatter in the town's bathhouse and the useful bits and pieces I have gathered from it have been consistent with my research into the werehyaenas. There must be some caves and an underground network of tunnels nearby, connected to these creatures. I shall make my way there soon and investigate closely, but carefully. This could all go wrong very quickly it feels.

Report WS-III.1

After having penned my previous report, I thought this was the end of it. However, one of the retrieved documents I let analyse points me in yet another direction. It appears that the situation is more complicated than I had previously assumed. There seems not only to be a congregation of werehyaenas but werelions as well – something which I just recently would have deemed a folly, yet today, I am no longer sure... I shall proceed with my investigation and get to the bottom of this. I already know where to go next, yet I do not know what awaits me there. If these werelions are anything like the werehyaenas however, I foresee no problems since these vile beasts were easy to outsmart in their brutish state of mind.
Times of Turmoil 26-05-2020 / Bloodmoon
Lately I have been thinking a lot about our future, and thus, about our past. I am one of the few who were not born into the Order, but later initiated into it. To find out as much as possible about what makes a knight of the Lion, how they came to be, and finally, how to become one of them, that was always my aspiration. To serve the high ideals that Kesar Etzel once set down, marking the birth of the Order. Before I found my way to Bounac, I had been wandering, searching, for meaning, a purpose in life, a cause I could dedicate myself to. To be frank, it was great luck that my voyage brought me here, for I could have easily ended up in the hands of nefarious forces. But fortune smiled upon me as I set foot on this land and came to know this stead as the goal of my travels, my search.
Image Image

The arduous path through history which our forebears trod is remarkably well-documented, though less in writing and more in song. The hardships they had to endure on their long journey to find a place to call home would have broken lesser men. And now we live in this very place, a peaceful corner of Tibia, where we can dedicate our lives to living by the rules of our ancestors, thus honouring their names. You could not ask for more.


Indeed, our lives could – nay, should! be filled with blitheness, being thankful for the lot that has been cast for us. And yet, I hear rumblings when I walk between the stony walls of this hallowed ground, murmurs of discontempt, whispers of strife.

It is true that the divide had been there for a long time. It is true that most of us chose to ignore it, wanting to live in harmony. I hesitate to put blame in this matter on anyone, but cannot help to fault myself for my reticence. I follow the teachings of Kesar and need to speak out on behalf of them. I so very much hope that Drume and Fugue can be reasoned with, that they see the folly of their ways. That Kesar the Younger will be fair in his judgment – in fact, I am certain of that – and that we can find an amicable solution which pleases all sides, now and forever. I am convinced that we can emerge from this period of discontent stronger than before, affirmed in our beliefs, united as one. I shall only return to this diary once this conflict has been resolved, to read about this time of unrest and rejoice, for the rain clouds have finally given way to sheer sunlight.

– Oswin, Knight of the Order of the Lion
Info on Summer Update Test 25-05-2020 / Bloodmoon
The character backup for the summer update test will be taken on June 04, 10:00 CEST. Please note that you will have to use your email address and password of this date to access the test server. The exact start date of the test has yet to be determined. As usual, it will be private first. We also have exciting news about the test for you:

We are happy to announce that there will also be a South-American test server this time: Testebra!

Moreover, we want to offer invited players more freedom as to where and with whom to test. Therefore, every character of level 400 or higher on invited test accounts will be cloned twice so that a version of this character is available on each of the three test worlds. Clones will be recognisable by a string of random letters at the end of their name.

As we already announced, the summer update will include new best-in-slot items, obtainable through very challenging hunting grounds and bosses which are beyond current game content in difficulty. Therefore, we will invite a large number of premium accounts that have a character of level 400 or higher to the private test server phase, in addition to other selected player groups such as tutors and fansite representatives, for example.

We want to emphasise that many of the invited players will most likely die a lot and frequently in the aforementioned hunting grounds due to the high level of difficulty. Those hunting grounds and bosses are intended to be risky and challenging even for players above level 1000. In fact, we do not expect any team to be able to slay the final boss during the test. Thus, the death penalty will be deactivated in those areas to ease testing conditions a bit. Of course, it will be active and work normally on live servers once the update has been released.

It is very important for us to get feedback on those ambitious hunting grounds and bosses, especially from high level players and teams. We hope we can count on your support and help to test this new content. So if you are among the invited players, please join the private test, give it a go and show us your full strength! And let us know about your experiences on the test board. Naturally, we will also keep a close eye on how players manage those places and bosses after release and will make difficulty adjustments if we consider it necessary.

The summer update will also bring new quests, hunting grounds and bosses with a difficulty range between Grimvale and the Order of the Falcon. So if your level is not high enough to access or survive in the more challenging parts of the new content, there is still plenty to try out and test.

We are looking forward to meeting you on Testa, Testera, and Testebra!
Your Community Managers
New Open PvP and Optional PvP Game Worlds 20-05-2020 / Bloodmoon
Fellow Tibians, new game worlds are about to be launched! On May 27, we plan to set up four new game worlds:

Open PvP: Xylona (EU), Ysolera (NA) and Zenobra (SA)

These worlds will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers.

Optional PvP: Yonabra (SA)

This world will be open for character world transfers from the start.

While all four game worlds will be protected by BattlEye, only Xylona, Ysolera and Zenobra will have the status of a game world initially protected by BattlEye (green BattlEye symbol), while Yonabra will not have this status (yellow BattlEye symbol).

Please note that depending on how their populations evolve, it may be possible that these worlds will be merged with other worlds at some point of time.

Initially, only premium accounts will be able to play on Xylona, Ysolera and Zenobra, while Yonabra will be open to Premium and free accounts right from the start.

To new adventures,
Your Community Managers
[News] New Decoration 13-05-2020 / Maldara Loka
Today, we have added some new decoration to our Store. Do you want to spruce up your home with new chairs, a table, a shelf or a chest while showing your creative side? Then take a look at the new Sculptor Furniture set. Much like the new Artist Furniture set, it expresses your artisan nature in an impressive manner.

The teeth used in this Sabretooth Skull are actually real, giving this otherwise fictional creation a sense of grounded realism.

While it was not easy to acquire, this adorable little critter provides an endless source of inspiration. There is something about the Baby Bonelord's unfathomable otherness which stirs mind and soul alike.

A Demon Statue like this is always popular as it captures the sheer horror embodied by such a monster, while at the same time being completely harmless of course.

Commissioned work serves as the basis of many an artist's life. A Sculpture of a Noblewoman, delivered to a client, will only make the sculptor's popularity grow as the statue is proudly presented to any guests.

While they may seem like wild scribblings to some, the notes and sketches on this Drawing Board form the foundation of several masterpieces when viewed through the eyes of an artist.

When bought, these items are directly delivered to you as decoration kits, which can be unwrapped inside your house. The unwrapped decoration items are non-takeable and also indestructible.

We hope you enjoy the new deco items!
Your Community Managers
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