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Guilds & Mysteries #1: General Murius and the Dwarven Helmet Controversy
Due to technical maintenance work, server save on all game worlds will take a bit longer than usual tomorrow. We expect all game worlds back online around 10:45 CEST.
Rapid Respawn Weekend 25-09-2020 / Bloodmoon
Sharpen your swords and ready your spells, for hordes of monsters are incoming! Another Rapid Respawn Weekend will soon be upon us yet again!

Do not forget to donate enough gold for your favourite hunting ground to take full advantage of the event!

Between the server saves of October 02 and October 05, all monsters will respawn five times faster. Areas with an active improved respawn area bonus yield an even faster respawn time. Save the date!

Happy fighting!
Your Community Managers
[News] Your Favourite Creature Sprite 24-09-2020 / Maldara Loka
A thank you to all 699 players who have participated in the recent feedback form: Your favourite creature sprite?

Between September 4 and September 18, we asked which creature sprite you consider to be the coolest, regardless of level, strength or loot of the creature itself. All in all, there were 686 valid entries. Only very few players had decided to name more than one creature. In such cases we counted the first creature that was given. Altogether, 226 different creatures were named, 123 of these only by one player each. That means there were 103 creatures sprites that have more than one true fan in the Tibia community.

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present you the Top 10 creature sprites:
6. Image Ferumbras (17 votes)
7. Image Dragon Lord (13 votes)
8. Image Giant Spider (13 votes)
9. Image Hellflayer (13 votes)
10. Image Yielothax (13 votes)
1. Image Demon (67 votes)
2. Image Midnight Panther (24 votes)
3. Image Sight of Surrender (23 votes)
4. Image Dragon (21 votes)
5. Image Many Faces (18 votes)

These creature sprites will be added to the Tibia Fankit after the Winter Update 2020. Our fankit is free to download for everybody. It offers a great variety of different artworks, animated gifs, illustrations and useful files for streamers and video content creators.

As we stated already in a newsticker on September 18, five winners had been drawn automatically from the group of 686 players who had answered the question. These lucky winners have already received an arcane insignia in their inbox.

Thank you once again to all participants!
Your Community Managers
Hunting Task Changes 15-09-2020 / Bloodmoon
Are you an avid hunter, diligently collecting Hunting Task Points to get your hands on some nice rewards? Or would you perhaps like to become one, but those prices seemed a little too out of reach?

Then we have some good news, as we have made several improvements to the Prey Hunting Tasks:

First off, you now have a free list reroll per slot at your disposal which is renewed every 20 hours after using the last one. Secondly, using a Prey Wildcard to get higher rewards now has a 50% chance to increase the reward by two stars. Previously the reward always increased by one star. Thirdly, the prices for all rewards you can buy from Walter Jaeger have been decreased (old price in brackets):
  • Antelope mount: 145,000 (225,000)
  • Falconer Outfit base: 100,000 (150,000)
  • Falconer Outfit addon 1: 35,000 (50,000)
  • Falconer Outfit addon 2: 35,000 (50,000)
  • Bone Bed: 35,000 (50,000)
  • Gold Hunter Trophy: 80,000 (125,000)
  • Silver Hunter Trophy: 15,000 (25,000)
  • Bronze Hunter Trophy: 3,000 (5,000)
  • Hellflayer Trophy: 80,000 (125,000)
  • Sea Serpent Trophy: 15,000 (25,000)
  • Gozzler Trophy: 3,000 (5,000)
Players who have already spent Hunting Task Points get 35% of these points back. The corresponding titles have been adjusted as well so that fewer task points need to be spent to attain them (old requirement in brackets):
  • Aspiring Huntsman/Huntswoman: 160,000 (250,000)
  • Competent Beastslayer: 320,000 (500,000)
  • Feared Bountyhunter: 430,000 (655,000)
Last but not least, from now on the daily reward on day 3 will be 3 Prey Wildcards instead of 2. The limit of cards a character can hold has also been increased from 52 to 53.

Happy hunting,
Your Community Managers
Colours of Magic 15-09-2020 / Bloodmoon
The wizards Furb of Fun, Feiz of Power, and Fern of Nature are back in the land of Tibia, competing for the votes of the Tibian citizens. You can now decide again who is the most popular wizard among them in your game world.

Starting with today's server save, various monsters will drop envelopes with red, blue, or yellow powder. If you want to know how to colour yourself and mix colours, check the letter that is included in the envelopes.

If you are interested in further facts about the event, please check with the wizards' loyal fans: Friedolin, the fan of the orange wizard awaits you in Carlin. Paulette supports the violet wizard and can be found in Thais. Representing the green wizard, Nathaniel stands in Venore.
During the competition, you will receive bonus points, which you can trade with these three supporters of the wizards after you have chosen your colour.
Use the bonus points to get your own chess box if you did not possess one yet. If you have one already, you can complete your set of Zaoan chess figurines made of jade and obsidian.

Time to decide which team you go for since each of the three offers a different special reward. Depending on the wizard with the most followers on your game world on September 23, server save, your world will benefit from one of the following rewards for one week:
  • Furb of Fun (orange): The shared experience bonus in party mode will be raised by 30%. The chance to successfully sculpt from ice cubes and marble will be multiplied by 10. Also, fireworks rockets, party trumpets, snowballs and party hats can be found in all the creatures which dropped envelopes.
  • Feiz of Power (violet): The majority of spellcaster creatures such as ice witches or draken spellweavers, for example, will give 25% more experience points. In addition, the skill bonus of berserk and bullseye potions will be raised to +7, and the shielding decrease will be set to -8 instead of -10. The magic level bonus of mastermind potions will be raised to +5.
  • Fern of Nature (green): All health and mana potions will be enhanced by 10%.
Happy colour mixing!
Your Community Managers
New Outfit 11-09-2020 / Maldara Loka
A new outfit has been added to the Store today!

If you are fascinated by this particular group of insects and want to show your deep appreciation of these critters, the Moth Cape is for you.

Click on image to enlarge.
The wing-shaped coat and the antennae provide you with the feeling of being a moth without experiencing the downside of inevitably being drawn to light.

Once bought, your character can wear this outfit anytime. The outfit is purely cosmetic and does not bestow any benefits.

Get yourself a heteroceric outfit!
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