Dawnport & Rookgaard Guilds #1: Item transfer to Rookgaard? you can do it TODAY! 27-09-2020 / FPoPP
If you have a guild on Rookgaard and Dawnport, you probably know about a bug that happened in the past and made possible to transfer items from Dawnport to Rookgaard...

But did you that you are still allowed to bring certain kinds of items from Dawnport to Rookgaard legally? And apparently it is not a bug! Some items are allowed and other items are forbidden on Rookgaard!

I was simply playing a bit on rook while streaming, when I just realized that I got some items transferred from Dawnport to Rookgaard... in 2020!!!

But what happened? Is it even legal? Apparently, this is something intended by Cipsoft. I was never able to receive an answer but since Cipsoft didn’t punish anyone who abused an actual bug that allowed people to bring mainland items to Rookgaard, this one seems intended to work this way. I will make sure to update my article if Cipsoft creates any further change.

So in short, you can actually bring a lot of items from Dawnport even nowadays and use it in Rookgaard. Essentially, there is a huge list regarding it on Reddit. I will put the link in the end of the article where you can check by yourself the post.
I will however highlight 3 kinds of items that really caught my attention:
  • The first category is the Minotaur Guard and Ghoul loot items. These items are Life Rings, Battle shield, scale armor and double axe… Along with other creature products. This is a pretty huge thing if you are willing to create a Rookstayer character. You can use these excellent items BUT you actually need a character on Dawnport with such items, and nowadays, the ghoul and minotaur guard are no longer present in Dawnport.
  • The second category are some runes. More specifically, the intense healing rune, the energy field rune and the convince creature rune. Apparently, most of the runes are impossible to transfer, but not these ones. I have no idea on why.
  • And the third and last relevant category in my opinion is… Liquids. You can get rum in Rook by bringing from Dawnport Backpack quest. Not only that, you can have a Flask of Rum with Rum in Rookgaard. Link for the quest in the end of this article. Just go after server save to Backpack Quest area in Dawnport, grab the two Rum flasks in the ground and fill it with the rum barrel at the corner. You can actually fill these flasks also with Blood, Slime or Water. I couldn’t find Urine or Milk in Dawnport, unfortunately… But still, if you got any liquid in Dawnport, rest assured that you can transport it to Rookgaard.
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Learn more about the Backpack Quest on Dawnport: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Backpack_Quest

Check my video about this unknown fact regarding Rookgaard and Dawnport: