Store items for Guildhalls 28-03-2021 / shawtay
When players look for Guilds they often wonder what the Guildhall looks like and how the Guild can benefit them. Items purchased with Tibia Coins from the Store can give your Guild an advantage. Not only will it make your Guildhall appealing, but it will also importantly help the community if you choose. Here are some Store items worth considering.

1) Exercise Dummies- Can be used by all characters that have access to the Guildhall. Recommended as they provide 10% more efficiency than the regular training dummies. These dummies are 900 TC each, it's recommended to buy multiple as only one player can attack the dummy at a time. If you have more than one dummy more players will likely socialize at the Guildhall.
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2) Hirelings- Only can be used by Premium account players that have access to the house. You can purchase a Hireling Apprentice for 150 TC, which comes with the ability to purchase Exercise Weapons and buy some basic Furniture. However, it's recommended to buy the skills which are up to you to decide. Banker skill is 250 TC which gives you the ability to access your bank. Trader skill is 250 TC which gives you the ability to buy and sell basic goods including tools, food, runes, and potions, etc. Steward skill gives you the ability to access your Supply Stash. Lastly, the debatable Cook skill for 900 TC provides you with particular dishes for a cost mostly. You can read more details on Tibia Fandom about the food dishes if you're interested. The reason why this is debatable is because of the cost and usefulness of the dishes.

Just to add, if you buy more than one Hireling they will all have the same skills, for this reason, you do not have to buy more than one Hireling. Hirelings can be useful as most Guildhalls are away from the depot or the extra benefits of convenience near Hunting Grounds or even war. Also, cosmetically you can buy your Hireling an outfit for more TC but the outfits are one outfit per Hireling so keep that in mind. All Hirelings come with the Citizen outfit with no addons, but you can change the colors. You can also name your Hireling so it's like a little mascot for your Guild! Be creative, maybe have a poll as to what your Guild wants to name their servant!
3) Reward Shrine- Guildhalls have a lot of beds that means there's a lot of your member's alts usually. Out of convenience, a reward shrine will help your members keep their streaks going and rest at the Guildhall. The Shiny Daily Reward Shrine is 200 TC and the Daily Reward Shrine is 150 TC.
4) Imbuing Shrine- In case you need to quickly imbue an item for a Guild member and your Guildhall is not near a Temple. The Gilded Imbuine Shrine is 200 TC and the Imbuing Shrine is 150 TC.
5) Mailbox- Although, can be useless in some cases as some Guildhalls are located near mailboxes, this is a safe option in case you need to send mail. The Ornate Mailbox is 200 TC and the Mailbox is 150 TC.
6) Casks- Although can be costly, casks are considered convenient for all players in the house. If you use the cask you can fill up to 1,000 empty vials of any size however they will go to your Store. Once you use this product up it disappears. Sometimes, it's just easier to buy a Hireling Trader skill. The price of the cask depends on the type of potions, which ranges from 5 TC to 59 TC and you can buy any type of potion cask.
Please note, only the Guildhall owner will be able to unwrap Store items in the Guildhall. It's important to note Store items cannot be traded, destroyed, or stolen in case you worried. A helpful tip is asking your members if they would like to pitch in for Store products of their choice! Also, don't be afraid to look at the other Store products to jazz things up, but some products can be useful more than others. But if your into just decoration you can buy also furniture items and some pets even.