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Paladin Distance Skill Training
Book 03 - Chapter II


There is more than one way to increase your ranged attack skill. In this chapter I will describe some of these ways, which happen more actively, in which the player needs to be “playing”.

Active Training [Online] - Part 01

One way of Active Training [online] is simply attacking a particular enemy. This happens naturally while the paladin is hunting, but it can also be done for long periods for the sole purpose of advancing the Distance Fighting skill. In this case, you need to know that whenever you kill a monster that gives you experience points, your stamina will be consumed.

For training with enemies, some characteristics make some creatures better than others:
- Enemies that have self-healing: ideally, the enemy has a healing ability above the paladin's ability to deal damage (eg Gargoyle, Monk, Vampire, Sea Serpent and Lizard Magistratus)
- Enemies that have summons: You attack summons until they die, and that way you never kill the main monster (ex: Slimes)

The key is to adapt your damage to have a sustainable workout. In other words, the paladin can't do so much damage to the point of killing the creature, nor can it do so much damage to the point of not having an efficient training (remember that missed hits advance the skill slowly than others).

The two main tools available to adjust your ability to deal damage are the choice of ammo type and Combat Stances. The most used ammunition for training due to its low attack is the small stone.

You see a small stone (Atk:5, Def:0).
It weighs 3.60 oz.

And as for the stances, if you notice that you are giving few blocked and successful hits, try using the offensive mode, otherwise, reduce it to balanced or even defensive.


It's also possible to train the defense skill with shields, so let 1 or 2 enemies keep attacking you while you train, with 2 you'll have the maximum benefit. You can even summon a mad sheep for this purpose using a Spellwand. But again I remember that the skill of defense with shields is very little useful for our vocation as we level up.

A discovery that few people know is that monsters also get stronger as they attack us. For example, let's say you are a lvl 40 paladin and you are training skill attacking a slime. At the beginning of the training you will notice that the slime will practically not be able to hit you, but as time goes by, it will get stronger and stronger, until you reach a point where it can kill you, even hit kill. This takes a long time, but it happens. So when you find yourself taking too many hits, kill the monster and get a new one for training.

Finally, some final tips for this type of training:
- Look for isolated locations for training. Avoid high traffic locations where malicious players can kill your training monster or even yourself. Remember that even on optional-pvp worlds, enemies can lure other monsters at you.
- Look for positions where you will be attacked by a maximum of 2 creatures. Its shield defense skill lets through all attacks from 2 creatures.
- Remember to bring enough food to keep you recovering health and mana. You can use items that speed up this recovery such as soft boots and life rings. If you are low level, an interesting alternative to not consume too much capacity with food, and stay close to rivers and fish every 30min.

Active Training [Online] - Part 02

Another way to train online is with Modifieds Gnarlhounds. This training method had a big upgrade after the last Winter Update (2020) with quivers and elemental bow imbuement, and it has been my favorite. It consists of attacking this specific creature, which is located in the laboratory of scientist Telas, right next to Stonehome, a village east of Edron.

Modified Gnarlhound

To access this area you need to help Telas to build their own Golem with Yalahar's technology. All of this happens in the Shadows of Yalahar quest [restricted to level 80+]. I notice that the quest is relatively long, and that alone at level 80 it is quite challenging. A strategy to make it easier is to buy most of the necessary items with the Black Bert smuggler (you need The Thieves Guild Quest or a friend who made It to buy them for you).

Going back to the training method itself, Modified Gnarlhounds are creatures with HUGE damage resistance, which makes them stay alive for a considerable amount of time. If you notice, they are completely immune to holy, earth and death damage and are very resistant to physical, fire, ice and energy (they only take 10% damage).


Thus, we have some options to be able to train with them:
- Use any bow with elemental arrows (Flaming Arrow, Shiver Arrow or Flash Arrow): This was the main form used. It has a relatively low cost, especially if you buy ammunition in the market. The big problem is that these arrows deal relatively high damage, killing monsters faster.
- Use Royal Star: It was a form used in the past and is still valid: In addition to causing a small damage, its purchase cost in the market reduced after the 2020 Winter Update.
- Use Diamond Arrows or Burst Arrows: Possible method, but not used because of the high cost.
- Use a bow imbued with fire, ice or basic energy, and use common arrows: This possibility was only possible after the Winter Update 2020 and it is my favorite. First for dealing low damage, similar to Royal Stars. Second, with the use of the quiver, they last longer until they need to be refitted (20 minutes for a 6-space quiver). Because they take elemental damage, the hit rate is high, which ensures greater training efficiency. I use the Elven Bow, which is cheap, has no attack bonus and even increases the chance and hit by 5%.

You see an elvish bow (Range:6, Hit%+5).
Imbuements: (Basic Frost 20:00h, Empty Slot, Empty Slot).
It weighs 39.00 oz.
This beautifully ornamented bow was made by a skilled elvish bowmaker.

In addition, they have a low cost:

Training Cost:
Average price of the Imbuement (Venebra) = 400 gold x 25 Items + 5,000 gold = 15,000 gold
Chance to break and lose 10% Imbuement items = 1,500gp
Total Cost to Imbue considering that on average 1 out of 10 doesn't work = 16,500gp
Duration of Imbuement = 20hrs
Cost per Hour = 825gp/hr of Imbuement
Arrow cost = 3gp/unit
Number of arrows used in 1hr = 1800 arrows
Cost of arrows in 1hr = 5,400gp
Total training cost = 6,225gp/hour

And on this account I'm not even considering that you can make arrows with exevo con magic, which makes training even cheaper. By way of comparison, training with elemental arrows costs 12,600 gp/hour.

This training is possible to be done with Royal Stars. Stars break every 3 shots on average, so 100 stars last about 10min before needing to be re-equipped. Financially they are an excellent option if they are purchased for less than 10gp/unit. You can equip a shield and summon a Mad Sheep to train shielding (but usually there will be other players there, and the chance is HIGH of them killing your sheep “by accident”).

Another big advantage is that Modified Gnarlhounds don't give experience points, so killing them doesn't consume stamina, boost or experience preys.

They don't attack us either, which means there's no way to die to them. This is an advantage on the one hand, and a disadvantage on the other, as it is not possible to train shielding with them. But I remember again that the defense skill is practically useless as the paladin levels up.

In my tests, using a bow imbued with ice, energy or fire, each shot gives an average of 1.95 skill points. This information is useful for determining how much training time is needed to advance each new skill.

Now you have to be careful on PVP worlds because it's pretty easy to get cornered there. Access to the training area is a corridor with only 2 SQM, which makes an eventual escape difficult. Remember that access depends on a lvl 80+ quest that is considered "boring", so you will hardly take a maker attack.

Active Training [Online] - Part 03

Another little-known method is training with the Servant Golems. They are peaceful creatures that serve Azerus in his palace. Access to this area depends on completing the mission 02 of the In Service of Yalahar questline.

Servant Golem

They are immune to any damage, but as diamond arrows and burst arrows never fail, using them allows training even though they don't take any damage. The big advantage compared to training with Modified Gnarlhounds is that the Golem is immortal, so you don't need to keep selecting a new target.

In my tests I also noticed that the advance speed is very similar to training with Modified Gnarlhounds.

Now an important disadvantage is the high cost, considering that even burst arrows are expensive and only available for purchase from other players or being manufactured. But believe me, you will not be able to produce the amount of arrows you will need for training.

Dawnport Training Considerations

In this guide I disregarded the possibilities of training in Dawnport or on the beginners' island, considering that it impossible to use offline training as a complement and only new characters could take advantage of these methods.

Is there any way to train passively?

What if I told you that it's possible to improve your distance skill while you sleep? In the next chapter I will bring you ways to advance without having to be actively playing.

* * *