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Paladin Distance Skill Training
Book 03 - Chapter III
Life isn't so much like a 100m run, it's more like the constancy of the marathon. Keep going!


Besides the active ways to increase your distance skill, in this chapter I'll describe 2 other ways, which happen passively, that is, without the player needing to be “playing”.

Passive Training [Offline]

Passive Training is done while you are sleeping. In order for it start, you need to end the day [logout] in training statues or beds.

Skill Trainer Statue (Distance)

Blue Bed

Training statues are found in Halls of the Adventurers and in specific areas in Tibian cities. Beds are located in houses and guildhalls. This training mode is exclusive to premium accounts.

It is worth noting that the offline Distance skill training is slower than the active [online] by approximately 4.8x (in this case comparing to the modified gnarlhounds training explained in the previous chapter). That is, 1 hour of active training is equivalent to something like 4 hours and 50 minutes of offline training. To be more precise, 1 minute of offline training raises 12 distance skill points.

But that doesn't mean that this training modality is useless, far from it. In my opinion, among the 3 major skill groups (melee attacks, long range attacks and magic attack), the most effective is the distance one, and it will definitely make a big difference in the long run.

In order for the training to start, it is necessary to remain disconnected for at least 10 minutes. The character can train for up to 12 consecutive hours. The time you have available for training is displayed in your character's stats. Every minute you spend training offline is deducted from this meter. The Figure 1 below serves as an example, and indicates that if the player logs out now on a training statue, he will train for up to 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Figure 1

The regeneration of a character's offline training time happens in two ways:
- Every minute you are online increases 1 minute of available offline training;
- When the time you had available to train reaches 0:00, each minute you remain offline increases 1 minute of available offline training (until 12:00).

For ease of understanding, let me illustrate with an example: Your character has 3:10 hours of training left (as shown in the previous image) and you disconnect using a training statue. You are offline with this character for 10:30 hours. Upon logging in, you will have trained offline for 3:10 hours and your training meter will have recovered 7:20 hours of training time (10:30 offline - 3:10 trained = 7:20 recovered).

One last consideration is that in this mode you will also be training your shielding skill, although it is practically negligible for paladins, since most of the time we are using bows and crossbows.

Accelerated Training [Exercise Weapons]

Last but not least, an alternative to speed up training is the use of exercise weapons. The way it works is very simple: You buy an Exercise Bow for Tibia Coins or gold from the weapons merchants, find a training dummy and use the weapon on it.

To define if worth buying training weapons with Tibia Coins or gold, just look at the price on the market. If 1 Tibia Coin costs more than 10,500 gps, sell TCs and buy the exercise weapons with gold from NPC. Otherwise, buy from the Store using TC.

Weekly 2 small exercise weapons (50 charges each) are made available to Premium Account players (1 exercise weapons for free account players). In addition to them, there are the following possibilities:

Table 1

You see an exercise bow that has 500 charges left.

You see an exercise bow that has 1800 charges left.

You see an exercise bow that has 14400 charges left.

All of them have the same cost/charge, so there is no advantage in buying the bigger ones, other than the fact that you don't need to come to the computer to replace them, which allows you to train 100% AFK for more time.

One more thing, it restores stamina while training.

Exercise dummies are usually located in the same areas as offline training statues, including the Adventurers' Guild‎. It is also possible to buy special exercise dummies for 900TC and place them in houses or guildhalls. Purchased dummies give 10% more skill advancement, making training a little more efficient.

"Normal" exercise dummy

Image Image Image
"Purchased" exercise dummies
(900TC each. Gives 10% more skill points)

In my tests, each shot with the exercise bow randomly generated 4 or 5 skill points without loyalty. I also realized that using a store-bought exercise dummy doesn't exactly change the amount of skill points gained (it doesn't go up to 4.4 or 5.5 points), but the frequency of times that 5 skill points come. So the raise is not EXACTLY 10%, it can be a little more or a little less depending on luck.

As for Loyalty, it works as expected, adding the bonus %. See Table 2 below where I tested 100 shots of each of the 4 types below and took the averages.

Table 2

Is it worth spending to train with training weapons?

Now let's get down to what interests us the most: understand if it's really worth it. To make this analysis, the first answer we need is how much faster the Distance skill advances compared to training with other methods. I will use as a reference the training with Modifieds Gnarlhounds.

By my analysis, progress is approximately 2.42 times faster if you are using a purchased dummy in houses/guildhalls. This means that 1 hour training with an Exercise Bow is the equivalent of training 2 hours and 25 minutes with Modified Gnarlhounds. In summary, you pay 938,775 gold to earn 1 hour and 26min.

In addition to saving time, there are other advantages such as 1) you regain stamina while training, 2) you can be fully AFK and 3) have zero risk of being pvp killed by being in a protected zone. Table 3 below summarizes the types of training covered so far.

Table 3

To finish the analysis, I asked myself how much profit I should make per hour to equate the training cost of Exercises Bows with Modifieds Gnarlhounds.

Table 4

I concluded that if a paladin can make 656,444 gold or more in real profit (discounting the cost of imbuiments) per hour, it's "better" to hunt and use the profit to buy Exercise Bows and train on dummys, because in addition to the skill, he also will level up. In this case the paladin would need to hunt for 1:25 for every 1 hour of training with the exercise bows.

However, this reasoning disregards the fact that training time itself does not require exclusive attention, being possible to reconcile with other activities, while hunting time requires you to be completely dedicated. It also does not consider refill time or even stamina availability. It is just a value that serves as a reference, but it will hardly have practical application for paladins who wish to train for long hours.

* * *

What is the most efficient form of training?

There is no single answer, as it depends on your personal profile. Therefore, to answer I will consider 4 situations:
  • Have a lot of money but don't have the time: Train with exercise bows
  • Have lots of time but little money: Train with Modifieds Gnarlhounds
  • Have little time and little money: Train offline and be dedicated to hunting
  • Have a lot of time and a lot of money: Do what you want =)
The ideal is to make a composition with the different forms of training.

How do I train my skills?

Finishing this record, what worked best for me was training during the day in Modifieds Gnarlhounds and Servant Golem (about 8 to 10 hours a day). As I work in front of the computer with a certain flexibility of time, I manage to reconcile both activities. After skill training, I hunt for 2 hours and then I logout to train offline. The next day, I have full stamina, and start the cycle again.

Usually in the afternoon the amount of paladins and knights training in Modified Gnarlhounds is higher. When they kill too fast (which requires me to switch targets more often), I go to the Servant Golem in Yalahar. It's a little more expensive, but I can balance it better with other activities.

I have never used exercise bows (only those needed for testing). Weekly I always choose exercise rods in the daily reward.

In double experience periods, I totally focus on Magic Level training with exercise rods. After hunting, I regain stamina with training. We'll even talk about the importance of Magic Level for paladins in another Lionheart Society Library record.

Today, Sep 13 2021, my base Distance is 121 and Magic Level is 36 (site). I play at Venebra (green battleye optional pvp).

How much is it worth training?

The paladin advances distance skill naturally while hunting, in addition to daily offline training. Therefore, it is common to find paladins who reach satisfactory skill levels without having to spend so much time training.

For a low level paladin, I suggest training at least up to skill 80. This will facilitate mainly by increasing the hit % on enemies, making hunts more productive.

For an average level paladin, I would say the distance skill needs to be at least 100. Up to this point there is a pretty interesting cost-benefit ratio.

For a paladin who wants to get a lot out of hunting, I'd say skill 115 already represents something significant. For many it is enough. Investing time and money training online to pass this level is suggested in 4 cases im my opinion:
  • You enjoy having high skills, it's fun for you in the game
  • You work at the computer and are able to combine training with activities outside of Tibia
  • You've completed the equipment set and already have a pretty significant level.
  • You have a lot of money and you don't know what to do with it :lol:

I hope this article has been useful for you to become stronger on this Tibian journey. If you have considerations, suggestions or questions, please comment below, I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

In the next article we'll talk a little about paladin equipment. Stay tuned! ;)


* * *

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