Guilds & Mysteries #1: General Murius and the Dwarven Helmet Controversy 28-08-2020 / FPoPP
One of the most noticeable price spikes on Tibia for an item was the case of the Dwarven Helmet. Being an outstanding item for physical protection, the update that added imbuements made it extremely valuable. With 2 imbuements slots, arm 6 and 2% of physical protection, it is an incredible item for any vocation. Commonly, you will see it as a drop from The Horned Fox, the Minotaur Guard Boss. This boss is a popular one for Tibians due to the guarantee profit on this boss.
However, one particular question remains opened: Is it true that we can possibly get this item with General Murius? Recently I saw a question about it on Tibia QA and the same question was on my mind since some time ago. Let’s find out more about it in this video.

The name of this item is a direct reference to the dwarf race on Tibia. More specifically, it is one of the parts of the dwarf set, which are items relying on physical protection. The reason on why you can get this item as a drop with The Horned Fox is very simple: The Horned Fox most likely robbed this item from Kazordoon, the capital of the dwarves. The name of the boss (fox, a famous animal related to agility and sneak abilities) and the lore that you can obtain in the Quest “Turmoil of War” proves my point that skirmishes between dwarfs and minotaurs is a constant in this region. This settlement of Minotaurs located nearby the Kazordoon mines probably has other quests like the “Steel Helmet Quest” and “Iron Hammer Quest” probably because these were items looted from sacks against dwarves. Having this excellent blacksmith work as a personal spoil seems to make sense for The Horned Fox.
But what about General Murius? The Tibia lore indicates that he is a famous general under the command of King Markwin, the king of minotaurs in Mintwallin. He spawns right in the center of Mintwallin. Apart from that, it is also noticeable that nowadays Murius is actually a Mooh’tah Warrior boss technically after his sprite was changed by Cipsoft, even though a regular Mooh’tah Warrior is stronger than Murius. Back in the day, this boss used to have the same skin of the Horned Fox. I believe that part of this confusion is likely due to the fact that this boss shared the same appearance of the Horned Fox, and maybe some players thought that this might be a “hint” of this boss being also capable of dropping a Dwarven Helmet. It is also worth mentioning that both bosses shares similarities on loot, but the Horned Fox is weaker and has a much better loot, with a permanent Nose Ring drop. At some point, players adopted the stance that it is reasonable to wait for a Dwarven Helmet on Mintwallin.

Unfortunately, there is no solid proof of any kind of Dwarven Helmet drop. There is simply no screenshot of any Dwarven Helmet being looted there. The best place to look for evidences would be the Boss Hunter community. To my surprise, there is no screenshot or any kind of reliable information. A good place to research for it is Tibia Bosses. Over there, I saw several comments over many years. There is no mention of any Dwarven Helmet being looted with Murius. The comment displayed right now is a very relevant one. You can check more loot reports in the link on the description.
Many tibia fansites will have a Dwarven Helmet as a Murius loot. Although there is a small chance that they might be right, it is probably another Tibia myth that players adopted as popular knowledge. Again, the websites are not to be blamed and neither anyone who believed or talked about it. It is simply a “game myth” that survived through the years. I believe that unfortunately, evidence is against any chance of Murius having a Dwarven Helmet. One extra lore information is that the Horned Fox is actually an outcast from Mintwallin, so his quarrel with the dwarves seems to be a regional conflict.
My final case against this particular loot on Mintwallin that is not supposed to be with Murius is when I analyzed the lore of mintwallin, I realized that there is no connection with dwarves and Mintwallin. Mintwallin was a famous place for Demon hunters in the early days of Tibia, once called Daemons, and Murius was famous in the lore by battling the Demons over there back in the day. Dwarves are simply not a problem for Mintwallin, apparently. Having an item from the dwarf culture would be weird for a Mintwallin general, although not impossible. Maybe a Devil Helmet would be the adequate secret loot that we should be looking for on Murius? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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