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Weapons Guide for Paladins [Part 2/2]
Book 02 - Chapter II

A paladin and his bow are inseparable.
It becomes an extension of your own body.

Continuing what we saw in the previous chapter, I would like to make a more detailed comparison of the main weapons used after level 150, when the strongest ammunition for the paladin is made available: Diamond Arrow (Atk: 37) and Spectral Bolt (Atk: 78). For damage analysis, I considered a full paladin rotation, consisting of Arrow/Bolt > Exevo Mas San > Arrow/Bolt > Magic Rune (Avalanche or Great Fire Ball).

For these simulations I used as a reference a paladin with Distance 125 (110 + 15), Magic Level 30 and the Level at which it would be possible to use each weapon. I considered an account without loyalty and the price of Tibia Coins at 39,000 gold.

The Analysis Worksheet

In this link you can download the Excel spreadsheet that I created to analyze with your own stats. As it needs macros to generate part of the analyses, complete analysis is only possible in MS Excel. Its use is very simple, just fill in the available fields and press the Calculate button. See the description of the areas below:

Analysis Worksheet

1. Fill your character data (black)
2. Fill the characteristics of your current weapon and the weapon to be compared. The see the comparison of the damage of these two options. (orange)
3. Analysis area of ​​how much it is necessary to increase Distance to have the same increase in damage without needing to change the weapon (blue)
4. Analysis area of ​​how much it is necessary to increase Magic Level to have the same increase in damage without having to change the weapon (pink)
5. Analysis area of ​​how much it is necessary to increase Level to have the same increase in damage without having to change the weapon (green)
6. Analysis area to see the damage difference when changing various aspects: Distance, Magic Level, Level, Weapon Attack, Imbues or critical damage increase of Soulwar weapons. (yellow)
7. Button to update calculations. Press whenever changing any parameter. (Red)
8. Button to change the language (Portuguese and English available). (purple)

The formulas used for Attack Value and Magic Damage were taken from TibiaWiki, referenced at the end of this article.
The formulas used for training were taken from my observations, detailed in these articles: Part 1/3, Part 2/3 and Part 3/3. I compared the results of my calculations with TibiaWiki's Skills Calculator, and the results are very similar.

Any questions just comment below.

Comparison of Bows

In the case of bows, I've always considered the default imbuements composition: Strike, Void and Vampirism Powerfull. Therefore, all options that do not have 3 imbuements slots were discarded as they are unfeasible for area hunts (Umbral Bow, Jungle Bow and Umbral Master Bow).

Level 220: Rift Bow vs. Bow of Destruction vs. Living Vine Bow

The Rift Bow, available at level 120, is an excellent option that will accompany the paladin for a considerable time. He is the famous good and cheap. Although there are some other options in this level range, such as the Jungle Bow, the next bow that deserves our attention is the Bow of Destruction available at level 200 and then the Living Vine Bow at level 220, due to the need for have 3 imbuement slots.

The Bow of Destruction had its characteristics changed, becoming worse than Rift Bow, as it have smaller range and the higher bonus on the hit chance being negligible, since the Diamond Arrows never miss.It is a bow to be avoided.

The Living Vine Bow represents an interesting advance. In addition to the 0.44% increase in rotation damage, it provides 4% Earth elemental defense. This element is very important for this level range due to the hunts that are availables, for example: West Oramond, Glooth Tower, Ripper Specter, Diremaw, Banuta…

Given its low cost compared to other damage upgrade options, it is certainly an option to consider.

Rift Bow Upgrade Analysis for Living Vine Bow

Level 270: Living Vine Bow vs Bow of Cataclysm vs Eldrich Bow vs Lion Longbow

The next upgrade is in the level range 250 (Bow of Cataclism and Eldritch Bow) to 270 (Lion Longbow). All bows in this level range give +1 attack and +1 distance. In addition, the Eldritch Bow provides a +1 Holy Magic Level bonus.

A common question is whether the paladin's healing spells (Salvation - exura gran san / Divine Healing - exura san) are of the holy type . As verified in Tibia website's bookstore, these spells are Healing type, so they are not boosted while using Eldritch bow. The only spells affected are listed below:
As for elemental protections, the Bow of Cataclism provides 4% protection to Death, the Lion Longbow provides 5% protection to Ice and the Eldritch Bow offers no protection at all. Lion Longbow will be better in hunts like Burst Specter, Buried Cathedral -3, Winter Court (Ice Elves) and Ice Bookstore. But in this regard, the Bow of Cataclism tends to be better, as Death is present in a greater variety of hunts.

For PVP worlds, Bow of Cataclism offers defense to Sudden Death runes while Lion Longbow protects from Druids' Avalanche runes and Ice UEs. In that regard, I also prefer Bow of Cataclism.

Finally, price is a determining factor when choosing this level range. Although Eldritch Bow has a greater damage, in my opinion it can be discarded due to the very high price caused by its rarity, besides having no elemental defense.

Comparison of the Living Vine Bow upgrade for the other bows (level 270, Distance 125 and ML 30 with equips)

The Bow of Cataclism is better, but it is also more expensive than the Lion Longbow. For paladins who most hunt solo, and therefore need more protection, or those who regularly engage in PVP, I would say it's worth it. For paladins that hunt more as a team, as is my case, I would choose the cheapest, in this case, the Lion Longbow.

As Bow of Cataclysm is more versatile, I will choose it in this level range. Note that the Living Vine Bow upgrade for him can be “replaced” by a 4 Distance Skill Increase OR 2 Magic Level Increase OR 19 Level Increase. Among these options, buying the bow will probably be the cheapest.

Living Vine Bow to Bow of Cataclism upgrade analysis

Level 300: Bow of Cataclysm vs. Falcon Bow

At level 300 the paladin has at his disposal the famous Falcon Bow. For a few years this was the best bow available, losing the crown with soul item releases. It's certainly an upgrade to consider, given the +1 attack that represents 1.31% more damage.

In addition, it has 5% fire elemental protection, one of the most important against the creatures we will face. Paladins hunting in places like Path of Ferumbras, Fire Elves, Fire Library… benefit from this protection.

Although it seems expensive, when compared to other damage boosting possibilities, it becomes a viable option. In the example below, to get a damage boost equivalent to the bow upgrade, the paladin would need +3 Distance OR +2 Magic Level OR go up 14 levels. To find out exactly what works best for you, the spreadsheet below is available IN THIS LINK .

Bow of Cataclism to Falcon Bow upgrade analysis

Level 400: Falcon Bow x Soulbleeder

Soulbleeder is the best bow available, that's a fact, but it charges a high price for it. It is the upgrade with the highest percentage damage increase, around 2.67%, resulting from +1 attack, +2 Distance and a 10% bonus to critical damage.

The increase in critical damage is a considerable upgrade, as it impacts both arrow damage and damage from runes and spells. A common question about this bonus is whether it increases the Critical Chance. The answer is no. It gives a 10% critical strike chance IF the bow is not imbued with Strike. In short:
  • Soubleeder without Strike Powerfull: 10% Critical Chance and 10% Critical Damage
  • Soulbleeder with Strike Powerfull: Critical Chance 10% and Critical Damage 60%
  • Other weapons with Strike Powerfull: 10% Critical Chance and 50% Critical Damage
Aside from the increased damage, this bow was meant for Soul War hunting areas given its 7% Holy elemental protection. In addition to these areas, the paladin is also benefited in hunts such as werelions for example.

Following the example below, an equivalent increase in damage requires +8 Distance OR +4 Magic Level OR +35 Levels. On characters with high level and skils, raising this much represents small fortunes and takes time, making Soulbleeder's million gold investment something to consider for those who really want to get the most out of their characters.

Falcon Bow to Soulbleeder upgrade analysis

To further analyze this upgrade, I want to share this video released by Paladin Zarakso, who did 20 hours of hunting with the Falcon Bow and 20 hours with Soulbleeder. The results are presented below:

Summary table with averages of hunts

The average damage increase in his tests was 2.17%, a little lower, but still consistent with what we calculated (2.67%). It catches my attention that the average profit increased 9.28%. For the calculation of Experience gained, as he hunted with and without stamina bonus, I did the calculation based on the number of dead creatures.

The complete data disclosed by him are below:

Hunts with the Falcon Bow

Hunts with Soulbleeder

Thinking about investment, it is an item that still tends to depreciate a little over time. From when it was released until now, it has already devalued by just over 50% (from 25k TC to less than 12k TC).

For paladins who hunt for many hours a day, sometimes on more than one character, the return on investment will be more attractive. For those who only hunt 2 hours a day, for the extra profit to pay the expense of buying Soulbleeder, it will take many years of hunting, see the demo below:

Investment Cost: 468,000,000 - 60,000,000 = 408,000,000 gold
(Buying Soulbleeder and Selling Falcon Bow)

Average additional profit (calculated by Zarakso): 171,941 gold/hour
Hours required to pay the investment: 2373 hours of hunt
For paladins who hunt 2 hours a day: 1187 days (3 years, 3 months and 17 days)

My take on this upgrade is that it's not for every paladin. Until you have considerable Level, Distance and Magic Level, the cost-benefit will probably not be attractive.

I purchased Soulbleeder after writing the article. My impressions so far is that for team-hunting paladins, the perception of improvement is lower than for more solo-hunting paladins. I still don't hunt regularly in the Soul War areas, where I believe defending Holy +7% makes the hunt smoother. Once I've done my own tests, I can post it in the comments, or even create a new Soulbleeder specific article. If you already have this arc and can share your experiences with it in the comments, I appreciate it. :D

Comparison of Crossbows

About the crossbows analysis, I want to point out something that need to be improved in this study: the impact of the Hit Chance (Hit%). In the calculations I made, this critical hit% chance was not taken into account, and should slightly change the results found. I plan to run further tests on this and improve the spreadsheet to version 2.0. ;)

I would also like to make a special article about the most attacking crossbow in existence: The Devileye. I'm looking to acquire a Eldritch Quiver (or borrow it from someone) in order to perform all the tests and prepare a full article.

Level 200: Rift Crossbow vs. Crossbow of Destruction

Unlike Bow of Destruction, the upgrade of Crossbow of Destruction is interesting, even when compared in the future with other beasts of greater attack. The reason for this is that this Crossbow has 3 imbedding slots, allowing for some interesting combinations like:
  • Strike, Void and Vampirism: Balanced option, which tends to make boss rotation more profitable, and Utito is more relaxed, given the health recovery with each hit.
  • Precision, Void and Vampirism: Balanced option, but likely to have less damage compared to using Strike. The main reason for this is that critical damage is also activated on spells, while increasing Distance only increases damage from arrows/bolts.
  • Strike, Precision and Void: More aggressive option, seeking to maximize damage but keeping costs lower by saving on mana recovery. Utito becomes a little riskier, but it usually poses no risk to a paladin who can manage his rings well and has game vision. Despite being rare in this level range, but if used for single target hunts it's the best option, considering that in this type of hunt the paladin stays away from the enemy. It's the option I prefer.
  • Strike, Precision and Vampirism: This is usually not a good combination, giving a lower potion economy compared to using Void. Remember that we can turn Mana into Life using healing spells, but we can't turn Life into Mana. Also, taking damage or not, we are constantly wasting mana on attack and support spells. Also, remember that the use of runes affects the cooldown of potions, making it impossible for the paladin to raise mana so fast while using Sudden Death rune for example.
See the image comparing the damage of each possibility below:

Comparison of Embedding Options (level 200, Distance 125 and ML 30 with equips)

Regarding the Rift Crossbow, given the low acquisition cost, it is probably an upgrade to be considered. To match the damage increase achieved with this upgrade, the paladin would need to increase 2 Distance OR 2 Magic Level OR 14 Levels. These options will be more expensive.

Rift Crossbow to Crossbow of Destruction upgrade analysis

Level 220: Crossbow of Destruction x Cobra Crossbow

Cobra Crossbow has Attack +1, Distance +2, Range +1 and Hit +1% compared to Crossbow of Destruction. Despite these advantages, it is an upgrade that deserves analysis as it has only 2 imbuing slots available.

Is a Crossbow of Destruction with Strike, Precision and Void more beneficial than a Cobra Crossbow with Strike and Void? And compared to him with Strike and Precision? Let's go to the numbers in the image below.

Comparison of Imbuements options (level 220, Distance 125 and ML 30 with equips)

Without a doubt, using a Cobra Crossbow with imbued Strike and Precision is the most aggressive option, therefore useful for bosses that need to be broken, such as Ferumbras, Gas’haragoth and the like. But for the daily rotation of the lever bosses, the absence of Void increases the costs by the higher consumption of mana potions.

In my opinion a more balanced combination would be the Cobra Crossbow with Strike and Void, maintaining some economy and having a considerable damage increase. Apart from that the greater range gives more freedom for movement and positioning.

As with the other upgrades analyzed so far, the other alternatives to increase the damage need to be considered, but the investment in the Cobra Crossbow should probably pay off. Remembering that NEST LINK you can download this spreadsheet and analyze with your own character's stats. In my opinion, it's a good and cheap crossbow for everyday bosses.

Crossbow of Destruction to Cobra Crossbow Upgrade Analysis

Level 250: Cobra Crossbow x Umbral Master Crossbow

The Umbral Master Crossbow has an incredible Attack +9 and Distance +3, making it a considerable damage upgrade. The price of this increase is the loss of 1 in Range and a 2% hit chance compared to the Cobra Crossbow, and of course, the nearly 15kk of gold it trades. As it also only has 2 imbue slots available, the options end up being the same as for the Cobra Crossbow:
  • To maximize damage: Strike and Precision
  • For a little Economy: Strike and Void
Although it sounds expensive, for those paladins who do daily boss rotation and want maximum efficiency, the other options to increase damage by the same proportion are likely to be more expensive. For this it is necessary to increase 4 Distance OR 4 Magic Level or 38 Levels. Another consideration is that you will keep it for at least 150 levels, as the next upgrade is only available at level 400.

Cobra Crossbow Upgrade Analysis for Umbral Master Crossbow

Level 400: Umbral Master Crossbow x Soulpiercer

Finally we come to Soulpiercer, the best crossbow available. Despite having the same Attack as the Umbral Master Crossbow, it does Distance +4, 10% extra critical damage and Death Protection +7%. It also gives +1 range and +2% hit chance when compared to Threshold. In addition, it has 3 slots for imbuements, allowing for very aggressive combinations, let's see:

Comparison of imbuements options (level 400, Distance 125 and ML 30 with equips)

Something that stands out about this weapon is Death's 7% elemental defense. Besides being a common element in several creatures and bosses, such as the Pale Worm, it is very useful for protection against Sudden Death Runes in PVP. Note that the Lich Shroud Powerfull (death protection) imbuement is the only one that gives only 10%, while the other imbuements of protection give 15%. So, Soulpiercer's elemental defense is almost a death powerful imbuement free of charge.

It is an item that has dropped a lot in price over time, being quoted at around 3k of Tibia Coins (in Venebra). For the price charged, the other options for upgrading the damage need to be considered, also because the increase in level and skills has an influence on boss rotation AND in hunts with Diamond Arrows.

Like Soulbleeder, this is not a weapon for everyone, but only for those who already have high skills and levels. For paladins who fight bosses regularly and especially for those who want to compete to break through, this is a recommended upgrade. Mainly with this combination of imbuings suggested below (Void, Strike and Precision), which is the one I use:

Umbral Master Crossbow to Soulpiercer Upgrade Analysis (with Strike, Precision and Void)

I currently have Soulpiercer because my damage boosting options have become much more expensive (I have Distance 126 / Magic Level 37 / Level 600+). In short, the decision of how much you invest in buying this and other items depends on your character's stats and your goals in the game. You can use this worksheet to simulate with your own stats.

And the other equipments?

In the next chapters we'll cover the most defensive equipment on the paladin set and make an analysis of what is the best sequel to the acquisition of Falcon and Soul items. We will also answer questions common to paladins, such as: imbuing Magic Level or Distance in the helmet?

Stay in the peace of God! See you soon.

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Sorry for any grammar mistakes. English is not my native language.

If you have more information to contribute, suggestions or questions, please leave your comment. Stay with God, hug!

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