Structuring a Guild. 02-05-2012 / Londe
Being a leader is not an easy task, specialy when it comes to manage many people from around the world, with different traditions and beliefs. GuildStats brings some tips to make things easier for you to manage your Guild!

• Everything needs to be planned so it can work well and a Guild is no exception. Define your Guild's goals, the characteristics you are looking in your members, and define a Code of Conduct to be followed. The Code of Conduct will work as a guide to the members so they coexist in peace, internally and externally.

• Select trustful persons to help you manage the Guild – that’s when vice leaders come in action. Delegate activities avoid overwork, and power centralization. But remember, keep yourself updated about everything happening around! Knowing your members makes managing your Guild easier, facilitating the decision-making process.

• Promote ways to make your members relate between them. Organize hunts, quests, or events involving the whole guild and so everyone get to know each other out of Guild chat. Strong links between members make a respectful and enjoynable Guild.

• Show your leading capacity. Try to resolve any conflict – internal or external – by dialoguing. Having a good criteria and a Code of Conduct is the best way to solve a problem.

• Use Guild Ranks as a motivational factor! If a member shows himself participative, aknowledge him by promoting him to a higher rank, you can also delegate him responsibilities so he feels closer to the Guild. And of course, if a member is unhappy, motivate him! Identify the problem and lead him to a solution.

• Promote your Guild. Quests and events spread a good image of your Guild and attract new players. Be careful when organizing an event, because noone looks for a disorganized Guild.

• Structure your Guild's economy. Nowadays many Guilds use an economy Guild Bank/Guild Dues, where members deposit a monthly tax to cover events and other expenses – such as paying Blessings when a player gets killed by a PK.
To facilitate your Guild's economy to be planned, you can write down your costs to create a minimum financial income needed. For example:
Costs (total) = Costs (fixed) + Costs (variable)

Fixed costs and Variable costs could represent supplies for a hunting group, quest services expenses, blesses due to deaths to Pks, and so on…

It is necessary to calculate an average of the Guild's costs and consequently create a tax to be shared every month between members. If your Guild cost is around 100k per month, then create your Guild Bank/Guild Dues using the following equation:
Guild bank = (Total costs + Reserve value)/ Number of members

* Reserve value is the amount of cash your guild must save for critical/special situations.

Please note that some Guilds have a big difference of levels between their members, therefore it’s up to the leader to set up a fair amount to be charged per level zone.

Well, those were the tips we had for you this time. We hope they become useful for your Guild, and if you already use them, congratulations, you are on the right way!