Unique history of items received by the oldest guilds 31-01-2012 / Sir Dzidek
Long, long time ago, there was only one city called Thais. On Tibia, there were only a few guilds. Three of these, the oldest, obtain honour to receive their special item, dedicated to their guild. All of these guild design their own item.

It was guilds:
Mercenaries receive Mercenary Shield Image (probably there was created only 7 shields)
Red Rose receive Rose shield Image(8 shields in Tibia, 2 of them were deleted with characters, one is lost somewhere in Antica) i Rose ArmorImage
Kaerell - receive Kaerell Shield Image

Besides of these items, the three guilds receive their own guildhalls (during that time, there wasn't an invitation system, they receive special keys to their guildhalls).

Merencaries received "Mercenary Tower"
Red Rose received "GuildHall of Red Rose"
Alliance of Free Tibians received "The Tibianic"

One year later, after many complaints that Cipsoft favoured certain guilds, they decide to make guild items available for all Tibians. They have changed name of these items and some also design.

Mercenary Shield have been changed into Griffin ShieldImage and now it is available from a quest.
Rose armor is currently Noble armor.Image
Krael Shield now is called Ancient shield and is dropped by a ghost.

Only one item resist changes - the rose shield. There was just little design modification (Cipsoft deleted RR mark, which suggested Red Rose guild). Image Image Now it can be seen somewhere in old player's houses on Antica, who are member of the Red Rose.
However, interesting is if this shield will still be a unique "rare" item, or will its creators change its history?