Few words about Erig.net and links with it 05-02-2012 / Sir Dzidek
Certainly many of you have suffered shock after find our site GuildStats.eu. Perhaps because of the simple layout, perhaps because you never seen the portal with guild statistics... Or maybe because our site reminds you of not forgotten and legendary Erig.net site?

This article is dedicated to gamemaster Erig’s work and the links between his site and our site. First, some about Erig.net.

Erig.net was made on 24th of November, 2005, created by gamemaster Erig. From his site, there aren't much pictures left, so we present you the only two pictures that we managed to get. (You can check how website looks like here -> http://web.archive.org/web/200603150000 ... //erig.net)

This page was one of the few fan creations in those days, competing only with pskonejott.com, the other site with statistics.
Erig's portal was visited by thousands of players checking their daily achievements. Those was the years of glory of Erig.net.
Along with the progress and the creation of the Supported Fansites section, new fansites quicly appeared. Erig began to be gradually pushed away by other statistic fansites.

Just like all other fansites, Erig had a fansite logo. In this case, it was the abacus.

In view of the above mentioned issues, gamemaster Erig closed his website on 28th March 2009.
The second work of Erig is all well known Tibiawiki (tibia.wikia.com).

Now, what is the similarity between this legendary portal, and our new site GuildStats.eu? I think many of you can already think of some, but the rest I'll help:
- Graphic design,
- Simple interface,
- No-frills to the layout,
- Blue theme
- Stats

It is not surprising - the administrator of GuildStats.eu known as Sir Dzidek is a player who remembers the glorious years of Tibia and fansites like Erig.net. Sentiment holds.