The loyalty system explained 16-02-2015 / Tustanuxo
You don't understand loyalty points? Titles, bonuses and points, how it works? This article will explain everything!

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Q: What are loyalty points?

A: You get a point for each day premium you were until that day.
This includes:
  • Bought premium
  • Vouchers
  • Free premium
  • Game master premium time
  • Contest prize premium time
  • Each scroll you used in game
  • Each scroll you used on your own account
This does not include:
  • Each day of premium left on your account
  • Premium scrolls you brought in game and sold to another player
1 used premium day = 1 loyalty point

Q: How does this loyalty status show in game and on the website?

A: The loyalty points on the website are shown by a title:
Points - Title
  • 50 - Scout of Tibia
  • 100 - Sentinel of Tibia
  • 200 - Steward of Tibia
  • 400 - Warden of Tibia
  • 1000 - Squire of Tibia
  • 2000 - Warrior of Tibia
  • 3000 - Keeper of Tibia
  • 4000 - Guardian of Tibia
  • 5000 - Sage of Tibia
The loyalty points in the game are shown by a boost in skills:
Points - Skill boost
  • 360 - 5%
  • 720 - 10%
  • 1080 - 15%
  • 1440 - 20%
  • 1800 - 25%
  • 2160 - 30%
  • 2520 - 35%
  • 2880 - 40%
  • 3240 - 45%
  • 3600 - 50%
The skill boost gets updated each time you login or die. It is a permanent boost.

Q: How do I see loyalty points?

A: To view your own loyalty points. You can go to your ‘My Account’ page and under ‘Manage Account’ in the section ‘General Information’. Here you have two lines of text that show your current amount of loyalty points and also show when you will get promoted to the next loyalty rank.

To view the loyalty rank of other players you will have to look them up in the character section (the character has to be unhidden). Under account information is the loyalty title shown.
Another way to view the loyalty points/rank of other players. You have to view the high scores. When the characters of the account are unhidden and the owner decides to show the loyalty points on this world. You could see the amount of points and title of the top 300 of your world.

Q: How does my loyalty title affect me?

A: It does not affect you in any way. It is just a fancy title for on the website.

Q: How does my loyalty skill boost affect me?

A: When the skill boost is activated on your account you will see a slight boost on your in game skills. It gets updated each time you login or die.
This is a permanent boost. There is no way to change if you get it.

Q: How does the skill boost in game work?

A: Well to understand the skill changes you need to get that skill works just like level (each skill requires more training to get than the skill before it). Just take 50% skill boost as an example.

Example skill table: (real numbers would be different and much more. but they are unknown.)
  • 1.000 hits to make shielding 112
  • 1.080 hits to make shielding 113
  • 1.200 hits to make shielding 114
  • 1.360 hits to make shielding 115
  • 1.560 hits to make shielding 116
  • 1.700 hits to make shielding 117
You started with 1.030 hits when the skill boost was introduced. With skill boost you have 115 skill and without (high score) you have 112.

You have now 1.050 as an example. With skill boost that would make it 116 skill and without (high score) you have 112.

When you hit the 1.080 hits you will advance to skill 113 on the high scores but you will not see it in game because in game you have -> 1.620 hits so skill 116

On the topic of training: Let’s say each minute of training gives you 1 hit. It does not matter what your skill is. The result is actually the same. And you still advance in base skill as fast as you would without a bonus. The only difference is the skill shown in game.

Q: How do I see my base skill in game?

A: There is currently no other way of showing your base skill in game. The only way to get your base skill is to view it on the high scores.

Cipsoft is working on a way to show your base skill in game (like a toggle button). But not much is known about this yet.

Q: Why do new chars only get boosted in certain skills? (Magic/Sword/axe/club/distance)

A: Because every character got an extra boost when the dawn port update was released. Lets say base skill 10 = actually base skill +0 hits. When every character got extra skill to make it easier for new players. You got free skills but only in magic/sword/axe/club/distance.

This skill gets boosted by the loyalty because this would turn out to be skill 12 or as you would have it base skill + X hits. The amount of X gets boosted by the loyalty boost. That is why some skills boosted and some do not.

Q: How do I show my loyalty title in game?

A: To show your loyalty title in game like: "You see yourself. You are a [Insert Vocation]. You are a [Loyalty title] of Tibia."
You have to unhide your characters you want to display this on.

Q: How do I show my loyalty title on the highscores?

A: To show your loyalty title in the highscores on a specific character/world. This can only be one character per account!
You have to have that character unhidden. After that you go to the "my account" page and go to "account management". In the second box named "Loyalty Highscore Character" you find a drop down list. Here you can select the character you want to be displayed in the highscores.
Note: It may take a day for you character to be admitted to the highscore.