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How updates changes professions. Part 2 - sorcerer 05-02-2012 / Sir Dzidek
We present you the new article, which is going to present you as the game updates affect each of the four professions. This time we will tak under the microscope profession of a sorcerer, the one of past invincible profession.

The first change to the magician was a 7.01 update (22 October 2002.). Then limited the number of monsters that could be reduced by using the spell "Utevo res" to two.

In 7.1 (17th December 2002.) were introduced to the game rings and amulets that will help not only started the sorcerer profession.

An important patch was version 7.5 (9th August, 2005.) the were introduced Soul Points, through which the magician could not already do not run an infinite number of moving from place.

Breakthrough was the 7.6 update (12th December 2005.) - Rebuilt almost entirely magical system, which quadrupled accelerated regeneration of mana, and casting spells and creating a run primarily on level of experience, and not magic (Since that time, for example, to create a Sudden Death rune magician must have 45 levels of experience, not a magic level 15). Added the weapon solely for the magic professions - wands.

Another important update was version 7.8 (1st August, 2006.). It added the ability to use runes and potions with hotkeys, introduced points of stamina, which initially amounted to 56 hours.

When it comes to quests, vindictive update was 7.9 (12th December, 2006.). Then opened the mysterious Pits of Inferno (In which one of the prizes are essential soft boots).


Update, which greatly weakened form wizard was 8.00 (26th June 2007.). Since then, the damage done with spells and runes are dependent on the level of magic, not the level of experience.

An important update was also 8.1 (11th December 2007.) - Then restored elements. Energy, fire, and poison were changed to fire, energy, ice and earth. Introduced equipment assigned to the profession.

8.41 Update (18th March, 2009.) Introduced many changes, but this was essential for the sorcerer, who blocked the attack immediately after descending order or entry stairs, ladder, etc.

Update 8.7 (8th December 2010.) Was a landmark for each profession. Then introduced cooldowns - blockade, which were supposed to balance the attack by blocking the possibility of a spamming spells.

All this influenced the development of a wizard. From one-man army to the player addicted friends.
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