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We would like to invite you for a journey around Events happening in Tibia from time to time. Most of them are designed by players, and other by Supported or Promoted Fansites and Cipsoft.

Events all over Tibia

We would like to invite you for a journey around Events happening in Tibia from time to time. Most of them are designed by players, and other by Supported or Promoted Fansites and Cipsoft. For sure all of them are giving a lot of fun to participants, but also memories and sometimes - dissatisfactions from contest results. But as the main rule is saying, only the best from participants are winning! Hopefully we will find more and more game events running, giving fun and joy to Tibia's Community.

Events created by Community:

Since the existence of Tibia, there were hundred of events hosted in the game worlds. Some of them were organized by players, and other ones by Cipsoft. The oldiest event running till today is called “Tibian Ball League”, and it’s a general meeting in Antica where players compete in football pits! It always was a very big competition, so organisators got support from Tibia Fansites as well as donators.

(Sir Cloudy winning his elven wand in 2004 Edition)

Some Events are also hosted by Fansites, for example small contests which you can see from time to time popping up in Newstickers on Tibia.com, usually these tasks base on crafting skills, drawing or taking screenshoots in game. Some of them require building an object from real materials – that was the object of our previous year “Dreamed Guildhall Contest”.

(Emily Sofie’s work submitted for our Guildhall contest in 2012)

Contests are not always connected with winning something, there are several threads in Tibia.com which were created to give some fun to local communites, mostly in Optional PvP worlds. Prolly most of them were created in Secura and Nerana, and they concern of writing more and more posts in one thread like “Describe person above with one word” or “Continue your associates for last letter of the word”.. Such examples you can find here:

http://forum.tibia.com/forum/?action=th ... id=3966040
(The Abbreviation Game in Secura)

Sometimes you can see a high leveled players hosting their own competitions, as Quest Services or Lotteries. It’s a good way to show off from a good side, and get new friends in-game. It requires a lot of work, organization and time, but the value of happy community is something not replaceable and counts to best deeds! These players sometime ask their friends to help with donations or co-organisation, because the whole tasks are big projects.

http://forum.tibia.com/forum/?action=th ... id=3840021
(Wino Drah’s Free Quest Services hosted for Nerana’s Community)

Events created by Cipsoft:

From time to time, all players can enjoy special contests proposed by Community Managers or Cipsoft itself. Usually there are special rewards, mainly CM Tokens or Premium Time Vouchers for the winners. Also there are Seasonal Special Offers like “Steelbeak Weeks” and other Premium Time Raffles. These are just an addition to the game, but most enjoyable are Special Events for limited time only – Double Exp and Skill weeks, Double Loot weeks or Occastional Raids. To the last category we can add 15th Tibia’s Birthday Celebrations, Flower Events in June or Grynch Clan Gobblin attacks during Christmas Time.

(Grynch Clan Goblins attacking the city of Edron!)

Have you heard about Coryms? These small, evil rat class was designed by Cipsoft Staff in last winter update. However, they had no clue how to call the new race, so the only way to find it was calling Tibian Community for help! They started a special thread in Auditorium for submissions, and after around two weeks of getting feedback they found new, best fitting name – “Corym”, designed by a player from Xerena, Bunny Luv!

(New race representative – Corym Skirmisher)

Double Experience Weeks – time in Tibia when people change into hunting machines, even without using unofficial software. Fighting for hunting places, performing bigger and bigger achievements, and spending a lot of time in front of their computers – monster slashing, driving crazy and not caring about real life issues. But is it worth to spend so much time just to “be first” in in-game competition between players? For sure Double XP week is giving a lot of fun to all players, and everyone enjoy it in their own way.

(Top power gamers of 29.04 – getting 50 millions of experience in one day, is like getting 0 – 147 level. Insane.)

Another type of Events happening every period of time are World Quests.
    Currently there are 10 World Quests available, some of them are:
  • Lightbearer in November (started by Chayenne in 2009) – first World Quest created in general.
  • Rise of Devovorga in September – the most dangerous Event from all, requires very good cooperation and high leveled players involved to kill final boss.
  • Demon’s Lullababy in May – working as a nanny have never been so entertaining, mainly because you need to care about Demon’s Baby!
  • Spring into Life in April, which constist of gathering Surprise Nests and killing Dragon Hatchlings.
  • The Colours of Magic in March and September, in which you play with colours together with your friends. Zaoan Chess sets are possible to grab!
  • Annual Autumn Vintage in October, to find out how mana potions are being produced.
  • Bewitched in January, to help witches in cooking and guarding against planky monsters.
Most of these World Quests are rewardable, and all of them are giving a special rewards for whole game world if succeeded, for example Death Penalty decrease or increase of Experience from Spellweaving creatures! For sure the best of these is Lightbearer, where for almost 5 days of working together you and your game world need to keep the basins burning.

Event Board:

There is a special section in Tibia.com Forum called Event Board. You can post your own ideas for creating an Event for your game world, or even for whole Tibia Community. Sir Tjured together with Rejana and Mirade will check your thread and add it to Event’s Schedule so all the players can check what’s going on – and where. Remember about giving all the details, so noone will be lost while reading the description of fun you are offering.

(Event Board view in Tibia.com, head on to there to check if anything nice is happening in your game world!)

Coming into the end of our Featured Article, we would like to encourage you to take part in all the events, these hosted by Cipsoft, normal players as well as Tibia Supported and Promoted Fansites. We are more than sure, that these Special Events bring good memories, and nice way to spend time together to complete important tasks or just to have fun and enjoy the game more than just caring about experience counters.

Thanks for reading!
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