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What's a Guild? 20-05-2013 / Daix Trevax
Guilds are not new or exclusive to Tibia, multiple servers in different games have them, but do you know what is a Guild? Do you know functions of the Guilds? In this article we present informations about these groups of players who join for nothing more than fun and friendship building.

Technically any player who has premium account, can create a guild and be treated as a leader, but how a guild can survive for several years? That is the case of Guild Red Rose, which exist since 2002.

5 Oldest guilds in Tibia

Types of Guilds

In all MMORPG games, everyday guilds are being founded or disbanded, so why not having the main union, the union made from few allied guilds. The Guilds are nothing more than a family, where one helps each other.
There are several types of guilds:
  • Dominant Guilds, dominate the server and set their own rules to the world, are often known for power abuse, also abuse their power because of the level.
  • Allied Guilds, guilds which are joining the dominant guild, and are extremely important because they ensure that the power of the dominant guild is not lost in the war.
  • Opposing Guilds, are these trying to bring down dominating guild, and usually end up hunted.
  • Neutral Guilds, are players who are playing in peace, aren't joining any side of the war but mostly often ending up being harmed by them.
  • Guild academies, widely used today, is commanded by a main leader, which aims to get help in the war.
  • Guild PK, guilds created to organised killing other players.
All these guilds have in common union, working together to achieve win something, generally it is the power.
Some guild are created solely to kill unsuspecting players, this type of guild does not last long, because there is no structure or purpose of the game, players are generally low level in these participating guilds, and it's called a PK Guild (People-Killing) also known as PK TEAM.

For better identification, the CipSoft created a system of flags, indicate members of your guild or other guild through icons, they are:
Image Gold Banner, represent players of your guild
Image Silver Banner, represent players from other guilds
Image The thunderbolts means that your guild (also represented to party) owns more than 5 players online

Guild Wars

The guild wars are made to conquer the world. During this time allied guilds academy join the dominant, and try to stop the opposing guild, during a war many people participate in it, so CipSoft created identification symbols.
Image Players from the same guild
Image Opposing players
Image Players of war which you are not attending.
These symbols appear next to the name of your character.


The hierarchy inside the guild is formed by Leader, Vice Leaders and Members, each has its own function:
Leader, commands the guild, change positions, and maintain order within the guild.
Vice Leader, must help the leader in tasks, such as not allowing fights between guild members

Quest Services

Often guilds also unite to perform quests, guild is showing its strenght, when opening to other players, and make quest services to earn money.
Generally speaking, these services are advertised in the official forum of your server.

End considerations

Guilds fully interfere in the progress of Tibia, are extremely important, without them we would not have wars, dominated servers, or even services, the power abuse is not solely related to them and sometimes you just do not suffer power abuse by the help of enemys Guild.

Our site offers information about guilds, like war statistics, number of members, best guilds on the worlds.
Thanks for reading the article, I hope it has been made clear.
Daix Trevax
Staff Guild Stats.
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