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Feature Guild World
The biggest guild: Mach Os - 4815 membersInabra
The oldest guild: Messiahs of Bedlam created 21-07-2001Antica
The highest average exp per player in guild: Arctos - average exp 2,147,483,647Secura
The highest average lvl per player in guild: Dziki Gon - average lvl 842Monza
The highest sum of lvl in guild: Mach Os - total lvl 704,192Inabra
The highest sum of achievements points: Mach Os - total ach. points 421,976Inabra
The highest average achievements points: Dreadful - average ach. points 635Gentebra
The best rookgaard guild: Rookgaard Society - average lvl 31Estela
The best female guild: Valyria - average lvl 46Secura
The most fighting guild: Oven - with number of wars 60Vunira