Feature Guild World
The biggest guild: No Deal Alliance - 5832 membersNossobra
The oldest guild: Satori created 18-02-2002Antica
The highest average exp per player in guild: Started in Iridia - average exp 2,147,483,647Descubra
The highest average lvl per player in guild: Prisoners - average lvl 1,309Damora
The highest sum of lvl in guild: Watch Os - total lvl 872,298Havera
The highest sum of achievements points: Watch Os - total ach. points 455,225Havera
The highest average achievements points: Overachievers - average ach. points 788Pacera
The best rookgaard guild: Rookgaard Family - average lvl 51Astera
The best female guild: - average lvl 0
The most fighting guild: Oven - with number of wars 60Vunira