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Maldara Loka - 23 Mar 2020, o 21:08
I hope too, but here in Brazil it's just starting
Maldara Loka - 23 Mar 2020, o 21:09
By the way, the portuguese board have a lot to be approved =x
Sir Dzidek - 30 Mar 2020, o 22:58
yes, i know :(
Sir Dzidek - 30 Mar 2020, o 22:59
Did you see how many players online are on Tibia last time? https://guildstats.eu/online-counter COVID19 is not bad for everyone :P
elyluvzya - 1 Apr 2020, o 02:25
yeah like so much more people online, I had to wait to login today hahah there was a waitlist and all I was doing was getting my dailies on Antica xD
tallezz - 3 Apr 2020, o 10:23
the sadder part about that is that you have to wait so looooong for hunting spawns :P
tallezz - 3 Apr 2020, o 10:23
but english chat is active all around the place so that's fun ^_^
tallezz - 3 Apr 2020, o 10:25
how are you guys holding up during the quarantine? are you guys in quarantine in the first place? :D
Sir Dzidek - 3 Apr 2020, o 16:32
To be honest... I got bored, it's too long for me, 4th week with home office :(
tallezz - 5 Apr 2020, o 10:21
same.. going slightly insane with the workthey give me and the fact that there's nothing else to do really
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