Calculating the damage between weapons

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Calculating the damage between weapons

Postby Denizlitoz » 19 Apr 2015, 02:30

Hello and thanks for entering this post, I am wondering something about umbral master chopper/axe
As I created a umbral master axe just 2-3 days ago I am starting to think about how much it would be of a difference with chopper.

If some nice soul could calculate the damage that is avg on a umbral master axe with 53 attack 1+ axe fighting
and a umbral master chopper with 54 attack 3+ axe fighting

Yours, Denizlito
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Re: Calculating the damage between weapons

Postby Ice Crambler » 19 Apr 2015, 09:56

As a user of the Chopper and the Axe, I have to say.....
You wil notice that the damage with the chopper is a way higher than with the Umbral Axe :)
But you also loss alot more Hp on the other side :)

by the way, maby you wanna use our Calculator for Damages :)
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Re: Calculating the damage between weapons

Postby Vand Woodstock » 9 Aug 2015, 21:04

Since there is no "Shield of Corruption" for axe users and also when more than 2 monsters attack you, your shield AND shielding skills are ignored there is no use for a single handed axe.


If you usually hunt attacking 3 or more monsters at once, the 2 handed weapon is the best option, also will attack even more.
If you usually hunt attacking 2 or less, OR you REALLY need defense (Ornate Shield, because of the phisycal hit protection that works even when the defense is broken by 3 or more monsters), use 1 handed weapon.
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