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Some tips to boss hunt?

PostPosted: 15 Apr 2016, 16:50
by Trululu
Recently, I want try to hunt some boss with my ED lvl 152 so I'm here to get some tips or know what boss I can hunt or search?

Re: Some tips to boss hunt?

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2018, 13:26
by tallezz
which bosses would you mean actually?

you got the ones in thais, you can try those eveyr 20 hours, same with the edron werewolf bosses and kroazur(i believe that's his name?)

the rare spawns i suggest to just look on -> your server, it'll show every rare spawn there is (i believe you have to register nowadays, before it was free and then you had to pay for some content, idk what it is now)

so yeah, you got a difference between rare spawns and actual "bosses"