[Interview] Xarkost Eilia and Knights who say NI

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[Interview] Xarkost Eilia and Knights who say NI

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Hi Tibians, we have been waiting a long time for a special opportunity to interview guild leaders who are part of Tibian history. And our first interview came with Xarkost Eilia, Keeper of the Sacred Words (leader) of the Knights who say NI guild. Founded on feb 01 2003, the guild remains active in the world of Secura.

Without further ado, let's learn more about the guild and his leader's story.

GuildStats: Hello Xarkost Eilia! Tell us something about yourself. Why do you play tibia?
Xarkost Eilia: I’ve played Tibia since 2003 on and off. I’ve gone through phases of inactivity but started playing again right after CIP took care of the large botting problem. Since then I’ve enjoyed playing again in my free time and started a YouTube channel just over 2 years ago where I post Tibia content. I’ve played the game for so long I figure I have a bit of knowledge I share with others.

GuildStats: Meaning of the guild name. How did it develop?
Xarkost Eilia: The guild name is taken from the movie Monty Phython and the Holy Grail. There was a group that called themselves “The Knights who say NI”. They were quite funny and a memorable part of the movie. That is where the guild name originated.

GuildStats: What is special about your guild?
Xarkost Eilia: Our guild has always been a close knit group of friends. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years but that is bound to happen as the guild has been around since 2003. We are currently the 3rd oldest guild on Secura and 19th oldest in all of Tibia.

GuildStats: Have you always been a leader and one of the founders?
Xarkost Eilia: I actually didn’t join the guild until 2005. The guild was founded by a player named Fuhido II. He played for a while but once he became inactive he passed the leadership to Sir Stephon who led the guild for a while. After that it ended up going to Ekberg the Mage and then Fresiel. Both of their leadership didn’t last very long as they decided to take some time away from the game. That is when the leadership ended up with me.

GuildStats: How did you become a member of your guild?
Xarkost Eilia: I used to mana sit and make Sudden Death runes all the time and would sell them to Fresiel. The guild that I was in at the time was slowly becoming active and Fresiel seemed like a knowledgeable and friendly player. I asked him if I could be recruited and have been in the guild ever since.

GuildStats: Is there any motto or maxim in your guild?
Xarkost Eilia: We don’t have any official motto or maxim but we are a friendly group of players or do our best to help others when we can.

GuildStats: How does the server type affect your guild?
Xarkost Eilia: We are on Optional PvP which means we don’t have to worry about player killing in the traditional sense. We just want to relax and have fun while we play and not have to worry about fighting others.

GuildStats: How is your guild treated by other players and what is your position/attitude over other guilds and all the other players?
Xarkost Eilia: We are generally treated well by other players and guilds on the server. Of course there are always a few bad apples on every server that look to cause trouble but in general we are able to avoid most conflicts.

GuildStats: Have you ever been in a war with other guilds?
Xarkost Eilia: Again, not in the traditional sense. Since it is Optional PvP there has never been an official war. But there have been times where certain members of the guild got into conflicts where guilds end up trying to ruin the experience for other players. This involved luring and trapping to attempt to kill members as well as kill stealing to ruin your game experience.

GuildStats: Do you have something like a blacklist?
Xarkost Eilia: In the past we were a more active guild with members coming and going. I don’t know if we had an official list but we were definitely aware of players that had a history of botting, cheating, and power abusing and they were always turned away.

GuildStats: What do you usually do together as a guild?
Xarkost Eilia: Nowadays we are just a group of friends that enjoy chatting, hunting, and killing some bosses. We often chat outside of the game or even with some members who don’t play anymore.

GuildStats: Do you use the guild chat?
Xarkost Eilia: Yes, we post updates in there to keep people in the loop on anything that might be happening such as world changes, etc. Also, if people aren’t playing together at the time we chat as a group there.

GuildStats: Do you have certain events, to celebrate together such as birthday, Christmas, Easter or any other?
Xarkost Eilia: When our guild was larger and people had more time we used to get together for celebrations. Mainly the guild birthday and Christmas. We would exchange gifts, play games, and more.

GuildStats: Where do the members mostly come from?
Xarkost Eilia: The majority of the members have always been from Europe as long as I can remember. When the guild was very active years ago we actually had a large group of Canadian players as well which is my nationality.

GuildStats: Which language is commonly spoken?
Xarkost Eilia: Everyone in the guild speaks english well and that is what we use. Even if it is a second language for a few of our members.

GuildStats: How many members are currently active?
Xarkost Eilia: We currently only have around 5 members that are quite active in the guild. These 5 members are typically online everyday to do something whether it is just a quick hunt, daily rewards, or to say hi. We do have many close friends outside of the guild as well that we play with consistently.

GuildStats: What is the meaning of their rank?
Xarkost Eilia: All of the ranks in our guild have been taken from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

GuildStats: Tell us something about your guildhall.
Xarkost Eilia: We’ve actually had our guildhall since it was introduced. We called it our Holy Grail. Also, we’ve managed to lose our Holy Grail twice over the years haha. I think both times were issues with guild funds not being in the bank or the leader not being active at the time. In both instances we had to do a quest for the Holy Grail within our guild to raise enough money to buy the guildhall back.

GuildStats: Communication platform: Discord or teamspeak or any other?
Xarkost Eilia: Outside of the game we do have a guild Discord which we use to get a hold of each other if needed and for voice chats while playing the game.

GuildStats: Any other social media platform?
Xarkost Eilia: We used to have a guild forum which shut down about 5 years ago now probably. We had many members with life threads posting dailying updates of their Tibian adventures. Also, there was a RL thread where some members would share IRL pictures of themselves.

GuildStats: If problems occur- also called "guild drama" how do you solve it?
Xarkost Eilia: Luckily we don’t have to deal with this as often anymore as our guild is small. We’ve always resolved issues by speaking with everyone involved and trying to determine each person’s side of the story and come up with a good solution to put the issues behind us. Any solutions were always voted on by the leader and vice leaders and the majority ruled. Whether it was for a member to be kicked from the guild, allowed back in, or if they were right in what they were doing all along. When things were at their worst I would get home after school and work and be spammed by members as well as people outside the guild for problems with members. I would be spending hours everyday listening to everyone’s complaints and trying to get everyone’s side of the story. There were issues as we had a larger guild at the time and half our guild were casual players and the other half were power gamers hunting the top spawns. This would cause other guilds to follow guild members and casual players for hours everyday while they were trying to mind their own business. This was back before the exiva changes. We never wanted our members to be bullied out of spawns by others but I always tried to push people to forget about and move past drama as it generally isn’t good for anybody.

GuildStats: Why closed?
Xarkost Eilia: We keep our guild closed as we like to vet players before they are allowed in the guild. We have always been a respected guild on the server and didn’t want anyone joining to cause drama.

GuildStats: Recruitment possible? If so, how? In case you are looking for some new members. tell us some good reasons why should someone join your guild
Xarkost Eilia: We used to do a lot of recruitment. We had an interview process with members submitting applications through our website. We would vet them and give them a trial period and all that fun stuff. Nowadays people sometimes reach out and I always tell them the same thing. We are a friend bunch of players who like to just relax and have a good time. I’ve let people know they can join if they want but we’ve gone through periods of only having 1-2 people playing at a time. If they want a very active guild that is growing they are better off looking elsewhere.

GuildStats: Tell us a story that is unique and related to your guild. It can be an event within your guild, a creepy story or just something you learn from.
Xarkost Eilia: I’m sure there are many unique stories from my guild that happened before I was a part of it and that I don’t remember anymore. Most of the memories that come to mind when I think back are years ago when the Tiquanda update came out. We would have the previous leader of our Guild, Sir Stephon, who I think was around level 80 or 90 at the time blocking Hydras on the mountain spawn. We would bring 3-6 low level mages and all summon Demon Skeletons to swarm the Hydras and spam HMMs to kill them in hopes to make some profit. Also, I have many memories of getting together at our guild hall for playing like Frustration, drunk races, tag as well as gift exchanges and loot splitting after a nice hunt.

GuildStats: Could you give us some screenshots of important moments for you?
Xarkost Eilia:

The first dragon

Level 50

Level 70

Parchment Room - The Demon Hell Quest

It's great to know more about a guild that has been active for so many years. Thank you Xarkost Eilia.

See you at the next interview!
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Re: [Interview] Xarkost Eilia and Knights who say NI

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Oh how fun I loved the interview and the old pictures :P

"GuildStats: Why closed?
Xarkost Eilia: We keep our guild closed as we like to vet players before they are allowed in the guild. We have always been a respected guild on the server and didn’t want anyone joining to cause drama."

Amen to this lol
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