Dawnport & Rookgaard Guilds #2: Discover the best way to level up fast on Dawnport!

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Dawnport & Rookgaard Guilds #2: Discover the best way to level up fast on Dawnport!

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Are you a guild leader, a vice leader or just a member currently and you want to strengthen the numbers of guild members in a fast way? Or maybe you are simply by yourself currently and you want more characters to help your main ones in a fast way? I got your back in this article! And as bonus, you will have an exclusive item that will help you financially! (Or maybe aesthetically if you want to get a new outfit)

This is a recurrent question but usually is not really properly answered. I gonna give the meta for that issue, let’s go:
  • So first off, my best recommendation is to get a passage on knight’s northern portal, put the shield inside your backpack and go for the southern portal and become a druid. Now you need a decent melee weapon, forget the rod. Try to find with your guild, friends or any other person around a Longsword. The trick is to kill the green giant birds in the surface and drop it as soon as possible. Sometimes is easy to find one, sometimes is not. A mace would do fine too.
  • After that, focus your hunt in the southern surface part of the island near the beach. It should be very easy and fast to deal with them using the combo of longsword on full attack combined with the basic weak earth exori that you receive as a druid. Just get 8 and leave.
  • However, there is a small bonus which will help you get some extra money on Mainland.
    You can get a very easy and fast Legion Helmet nearby. But you need a pick, a rope and a machete. Find the stone crack near the southeastern corner of the island surface and use a pick there, go down, use machete and go to the snake area. Kill one of them and use their eggs on the sacrificial stone. You will be good to use the teleporter. Once you step there, go to the end of this little poison maze. Use the dead body and voilá, you got a Legion Helmet! Best Helmet on Dawnport and pretty valuable on Mainland.
  • If you got more friends, guild allies or personal characters that want to level up faster, I would recommend leaving your longsword, part of your set and some potions for the next character. Simply bring your new character as a druid level 2 to this area of the beach and collect these best items for Dawnport and repeat the process. Being around the water will grant you cure poison once you jump on it and also there are some “rock pointy things” that you can put items on top of it. Do that if you wanna hide these items from strange people while passing to other character your set. And that’s all for today!!

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