Guilds & Achievement #1: Make Free Account achievements and feed your guild!

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Guilds & Achievement #1: Make Free Account achievements and feed your guild!

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A guildhall needs always some food around! Your guild will feel better welcomed, will regain their health and mana and also will have a snack during important meetings!

But instead of simply buying it, you can actually make a good reserve of food along with a nice achievement for your character! If you do that with friends it is even better! ;)

And if you do not have a guild, well, having extra food is always useful and can be a way to socialize as well with guests in your house :P

Bluebarian Achievement is a cool one to display in your account!

If you live or have a Guild Hall in Greenshore (or Thais), perfect! Because it is right there our top place to grab delicious blueberries! Head to the eastern farm area of the village. Before going further, you will notice one of the two states for the farming area of Greenshore: If the place is ruined, it means that there are an Insectoid Scout raid happening! In this case, you will need to return next day for the achievement…

But if it is not, proceed and go for the blueberry cultivation right next to the garden. This place has one of the best concentration of blueberries in Tibia, but you will need to collect them a couple of times! You need to use a blueberry bush 500 times, so be patient! You can help your achievement guild friends by telling daily what is the state of Greenshore rural area is (PRO TIP: If Insectoid Scouts are there, keep in mind that they also can be useful for your guild mates after bestiary points!).

And as a bonus, you can also harvest the wheat field on Greenshore and help on your Happy Farmer Achievement. But you can actually get this other achievement much faster simply by going to another place on Free Account area!

The place in question would be the Kazordoon wheat farms, at the top of the Kazordoon city! This achievement is much easier and if the whole field is ready to be harvested, you shall be able to get this achievement very easily! Remember to bring your scythe with you!

Wheat can be useful both for Sugar Oats if you want the Wild Horse mount and also for bakery purposes, but how do I make wheat edible and get some extra achievements? This will be something reserved for the next article of the Achievement & Guilds series. See you next time!

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