Guilds & Profit #1: Free Account Profit during Tibia Anniversary Event!

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Guilds & Profit #1: Free Account Profit during Tibia Anniversary Event!

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Tibia Anniversary is a traditional event at this point, with the famous Piñata Dragon spawning around and bringing something new to the surroundings of Thais during the month of January!

But maybe you or your guild does not consider it a particularly good event for profit... Most of people think that.

However, do you know that you can get a large amount of rewards very easily during this event? Check out my first time doing that weird trick below! I can teach you how to do that!
Before starting, you need a preparation! Go to the Eclesius' House entrance. This place is located nearby the southern exit of the Thais city. Make sure to bring paladin, druid or sorcerer characters with you, even low level ones are ok! 10 characters are a good idea depending on how many people is around. You can also arrange the strategy with your friends or guild members. Log out ythe characters at the Protection Zone which is exactly right in the front of the door! If you want to bring a knight, I recommend using a lot of Light Magic Missile runes.

Now you actually need to make sure these Piñata Dragons will show up! Pick your fastest character for this task. You can also leave a guild member responsible for that part.

In order to do that, you must collect the item Old Rag and bring it to the Sewing Table located on Thais, at the Sorcerers' Guild. Watch my video below to discover where to find Old Rags and good lairs with their respective monster! You will need 30 Old Rags in order to enable the Dragon Piñata respawn for one hour! I will leave a list below of monster that you can hunt. Check out my video as well:

Old Rag is dropped by:

As an extra, you will have a World Bonus of 15% on experience after using 30 Old Rags in the Sewing Table! The bonus will last for one hour!

Having done that, After that, pick one of the characters logged out there, move south and just hit with at least one damage the Piñata Dragon located south of the Eclesius House. Done! After that, repeat the process until you or someone else kill the Piñata Dragon. With one HP of valid damage, you shall be granted access to the Boss loot on Addventurers' Guild! The video below shows the strategy being applied:

My last attempt doing it generated a good amount of profit! I really recommend this strategy. What do you think? Watch below how much I profited last time and let me know in the comments!

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