Guilds & Profit #2: Meet Santa and profit during Christmas Event!

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Guilds & Profit #2: Meet Santa and profit during Christmas Event!

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You probably know about the famous Christmas event every December on Tibia! You can visit Santa during this event and you can get a present from him. Ask him about that next time you see him on Tibia!

You can find him on these locations:
City / Location

Ab'Dendriel / South of Shanar.

Ankrahmun / On the tavern, west of the ship.

Carlin / Dane's shop (subterranean), southwest of depot.

Darashia / South of the city, close to the tavern.

Edron / Inside the castle, near the depot.

Gray Beach / Inside of the depot.

Kazordoon / Tavern of Jolly Axeman.

Liberty Bay / West of depot.

Oramond / West of depot.

Port Hope / South of depot.

Rathleton / In the Grand Opera Café, west from depot.

Svargrond / West of depot.

Thais / Frodo's Shop, northeast of depot.

Venore / Below the depot.

Yalahar / On the tavern, right side of the depot.

Farmine / On the tavern, west of Ongulf.


Before I start, keep in mind that if you light all of the 10 basins during the Lightbearer Event, you have the right to ask him for the Blazebringer Mount for FREE! You don't need any additional item, just go ask him if you completed the World Event!

Now, I would like to show some top notch stuff that can be obtained with him. These items are not only really cool looking but also extremely profitable!

I've made a topic in the past regarding this question in TibiaQA. The user Tynusiia made a few corrections regarding my original prices. These numbers may vary according to your server and current inflationary percentage:


Value 60,000,000 - 80,000,000 gp

Bear doll

Value 15,000,000 - 30,000,000 gp

Ball Gown

Value 25,000,000 - 35,000,000 gp

Teddy Bear

Value about 1,000,000 gp max

Santa Teddy

Value about 50,000 gp

Reference to my original post: ... from-santa

Pay attention: These are rare items to get from Santa. Some gifts might be more common than others.

Full list of the rares from Santa, only for a few amount of players:

Panda Teddy
Teddy Bear
Santa Teddy
Amulet of Loss
Dragon Claw
Ball Gown
Gold Ingot
Snowman Doll
Bear Doll
Soul Stone

You can check some statistics below about the possibilities of presents that you can receive (data obtained from Tibia Wiki ):
santa gifts.png
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