Guilds & Bosses #1: Some Classical Bosses good to kill!

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Guilds & Bosses #1: Some Classical Bosses good to kill!

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Many bosses exist in Tibia, but a few of them are often know as classic examples of enemies that used to be feared and respected in the lands of Tibia!


One that I recommend facing is the Grorlam! This one is a classic, once known for several murders in Thais (back when luring was allowed in Tibia):

Nowadays, it can be a pleasuring fight for any guild member, specially if you live near Thais. The best loot that it can drop is the Steel Boots!
Apart from that, the loot is quite similar to what you would expect from a Stone Golem.
I recommend a level 80 at any vocation in order to kill him easily solo. If you got good skills, level 50 should be enough to fight him. He is immune to Earth! Try to use Fire, Death and Ice against him. This boss is resistant to Energy, Holy and Physical.
One curiosity: Although there is no Stone Golems available for hunting in the Free Account Area, you can't find Grorlam near Stone Golems!

There are more than one possible places where you can find this boss spawing. They are all down the Thais Surroundings area!

Read more about the exactly locations on Tibia Wiki (try to use a translator for the English language if you need):

Zevelon Duskbringer

This one is probably one of the most important bosses to hunt, since it will alway drop a Vampire Lord Token. It is easy to access and can be a profitable one if you find!
Don't forget your blessed stake and use in the boss to get a vampire dust!
Pay attention that the battle will be tough! Zevelon summons 3 vampires and will be invisible. He hits really hard and with summons, his damage can be higher as 800 per turn.
Avoid using Death or Earth. Focus on Holy, Fire, Ice and Energy. This boss is resistant to phisical damage!

I would recommend a level 100 - 130 in order to kill this boss fast in a safe way, since it gets invisible, can make you drunk and also paralyze you. Any vocation will work, but knights (as you can see in the video below) will have an extra hard time, due to the fact that this boss runs on low health. In this case, the knight was level 83 and Free Account!
Having Fire Field and Area Runes can be a valuable resource. Use it.
Zevelom can be found in the Hellgate Cemitery, close to the entrance of Hellgate! I suggest leaving a low level character with invisible ring if possible. Read more here:

Trivia: The Elven Vampire Lord Boss was one of the best "cheater" punisher mechanism of the recent time in Tibia before BatlEye. Understand more about it in the video below (reccomended):

:D :D :D :D :D
That's all for today! Hopefully you shall be able to organize hunts with friends for these classical bosses in Tibia with your guild!

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Re: Guilds & Bosses #1: Some Classical Bosses good to kill!

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Nicely done article, about a boss I've never had the pleasure of meeting before.
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