The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

Post by Koi »

Sam's mentor, Patrick, who's specialty was making the best shields in all of Tibia created the Majestic shield.
One day, while hard at work creating weapons and useful armor, Patrick laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
For the next few months, he treated her better than Queen Eloise could ever dream of. He adored her.
They made plans to eat at her favorite restaurant in Thais, Frodo's. Patrick grew impatient as he waited for her, but she never showed. "Where could she be?" Patrick thought to himself. He ventured out to find her. He checked almost every place in Tibia, and finally found her dead, in the swamp, killed by a Giant Spider. Patrick quickly emptied a vial of mana fluid on the ground, and filled the empty vial with the beautiful woman's blood. Patrick devotes the remainder of his life to creating the most beautiful and Majestic Shield in all of Tibia. This shield is infused with the beautiful woman's blood as a remembrance of the woman whom he fell in love with at first sight...
The obsession with creating the shield ate away at him slowly, everyday, costing him his life. Thus, forcing Sam to take over the equipment shop earlier than expected. Luckily, he was up to the task.
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The History of Majestic Shield in Tibia

Post by Knight Brasil »

A year ago where warrior mages and archers fought for a purpose, leadership of the world was called Tibia, the Warriors went ahead with swords, axes and maces in their right hands, some with a shield in his left hand, a bloody war between good and evil.
The nation and disappointed by the surprise attack, the demons from hell to take possession World Tibia, afraid of another attack that would be unbearable for them, the leader of the alliance and asked the help of the high priests, the closest the God they worshiped, where they talked with the gods who protected his people, so it was agreed that forjariam a shield and a sword to attack the enemy alliance ...
the shield was forged in the deepest caves in the nation of elves, where they were able to create a shield so powerful it could stand up to boiling lava, Majestic Shield, with hope of a warrior can use it ... the nation itself created a sword forged gold and steel yet light so sharp that it cuts to the wind, to make it they called Magic Sword, it was the sword with the function of preventing the destruction of the world.
Joined a team, a priest, good at healing spells an elven archer, who does not miss a shot even, a powerful dark mage also called Sorcerer, with unimaginable powers of attack, and of course the warrior carrying weapons enchanted man chosen by the Gods.
A journey that they thought would be short and quick, came complications, traitors infiltrated the colonies of the city where you found information warrior who did not know the city itself, while the four heroes passed by the colony a litter of giant gray wolves attacked and Orcs invaded the colony miles from the city, where there were no troops, the only people with guns, were the heroes that no option but to fight, were attacked and then the battle began, after his victory locals welcomed them and helped them recover, one of the villagers showed the fastest way to the next town friend, with two days' journey, they were attacked by hungry Trolls five Trolls Giants attacked and then after a struggle they stopped and rested.
After the break and continued to arrive in the city, there was not any city, it was so ruined, as if it had been an invasion, and had, almost dead a villager who was crushed by a stone said:
The orcs were many, we can not, but try ...
And then the villager died, angry, had no choice but to lift his head and continue for many grips, came to a chasm with a narrow passage, and suddenly a stone fell from the sky, and the mountains began to move, who knew those mountains were nothing less than Stone Golems, who were throwing stones at giants fight each other.
With a hard time they spent, but for very little, walked a little more and got the friendly city where the next town was the target they were attacking.
Rested, and went to war at midnight, entered the mancinho with a big ladder to climb on your wall, killed Demon, Cyclops, Dragons, finally, the fourth king, murdered, no king, no leadership, killed his son and his wife, and the attacks ceased.
Upon arriving in his city, the warrior subjected to power, crazy with the power of weapons tried to kill the king himself but heroes to cease, sad and a choice had to be made, the Hero hanged and their weapons were stored secretly, no one found them.
Until now
The story continues from the present to the future ...

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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

Post by Baileysoul »

This story takes you back to a tougher time in Tibia, a time when names of great warriors rang far across the land, when death defying battles would be the talk of towns for weeks later, when a Demon Lord could destroy a civilization in the blink of an eye.

A young boy by the name of Forthwind, he was a slight boy with hazel hair and innocent blue eyes, he would help his father, Marek, tend to the animals on their farm and lend a hand to his mother, Josellyn, around their house in the upper class town of Edron. A nicer kid you couldn't wish to meet.

One sunny day, Forthwind had caught a boat to see a friend of his in Cormaya. When almost as quick as a flash, the sky blackened with stormy clouds, and thunder rang a deafening noise. The friends decided it was a good time to end their fun and seek comfort back at their homes, Forth caught the next boat home.

When he arrived at Edrons dock, he noticed only a skeleton of the majestic castle that dominated the skyline in Edrons town. Charred stone lay at its foot and screams could be heard through the town. As he slowly walked from the ship to the towns centre, he seen people running in panic and dismay, searching through rubble, he grabbed a passer by and asked what had happened. "He came, the beast they spoke about, we didn't believe it would ever happen, Orshabaal came and destroyed our town and most of the people, I don't know what we will do!" exclaimed a distraught citizen.

Forth rang back to his house as quick as possible to see his parents, but a neighbour was waiting outside the house to break the terrible news, he swore vengance on the beast that caused this massacre, not only for his parents but for the town he grew up in.


He spent months working with a blacksmith from a town called Thais, forging weaponry to eventually seek out the monster, together they made a shield to defend himself from Orshabaals intense fireball attack, one previously thought to be undefendable, they used a complex mixture of metals and sorcery, and after a long arduous wait, they had what they thought was the perfect shield.

He decided he would face the beast alone, he did not want to be the reason another soldier died, he entered the caves far north of Edron, the caves that make or break a hero. He battled his way to the bottom, nothing could stop him from getting justice for his town and family.


He was close, he ran with rage in his eyes, adrenaline flowing through his body, and hunger in his heart, Orshabaal turned to see the now young man running towards him and released a torrent of fire upon him, taking swift cover under his shield, the shield proved its worth and protected him, glowing red from the heat and abosorbing some of Orshabaals power, he continued his attack on Orshabaal to finally bring the beast to his knees, he went back to celebration and tears of joy, to a town which had suffered so much. This shield was sent to the top of Edrons castle, the be a testament to the battle and courage that boy showed on that fateful day, for without that shield, he was little more than a boy with a sword. They named it the majestic shield.


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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

Post by Soul Magee »

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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

Post by Zingron »

Today I purposely went looking for trouble, hoping he would appear. He did. I used all the magic the academy had taught me but it wasn't enough to restrain him. I soon retreated back to the safe zone.

Today I was brought upon some unlikely challenges but nothing a distinct magician such as I couldn't handle. Only foolish people try to rebel against me.

I will not just let some peasant get away with this act. The city will pay heavily for what he tried. Their race will be destroyed and I will then begin to build my own demon race as was indented by my fathers.

I have been able to gather information that Zarnoth could be a be a descendent of the furious Zathroth. If this is true we don't have long to act. I shall inform the King.

It is the day of the battle, we have managed to gather up a mighty team, but in truth, I fear this will not be enough. Fortunately the King has blessed me with a mighty shield. I've never seen one like it. He said it is a symbol of the first Tibian guild under the Kings command. Lets hope it's enough...

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The Majestic Shield.

Post by Filipe Kok »

Once the King Tibianus found the need to combat the hostility that was eminent among the cities.
Requested a meeting with the Emperor and the Queen Eloise Kruzak to the west side and the city of Venore had full segurançacontra the hostile, the location of their kingdoms strategically guarantee the security of their domains.
To seal this union requested that the dealer of their kingdoms together, would create a symbol that would mark the complete union of the west side of the Tibia world.
The symbol chosen was the Majestic Shield, A blue shield with golden adornments three top tips ending in a bottom, symbolizing the union of the kingdoms. Adorned with a crown of three points symbolizing each of the kingdoms; Thais, Kazordoon and Carlin, in a common goal positioned between two crossed swords are showing that noble, but above all are warriors.
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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

Post by Nydo Dras »

In the beginning there were two gods. The first god, Fardos, created a universe because of his desire to create and give life. His attempts were unsuccessful and the Void swallowed what he has created. Another god that helped create life on the universe was Uman Zathroth. Uman Zathroth was a more unique of a god as there were two parts of him, the first half of him was Uman the Wise, the good half of Uman Zathroth. Then there was Zathroth the Destroyer the creator of all things evil. While Fardos and Uman Zathroth spent countless time on creating the first being which would yield life, something as gorgeous as the morning sun was created. Fardos and Uman Zathroth created Tibiasula, a women of such beauty that came out of the void with a perfect harmony. To show their love for the new goddess the gods created a shield as a symbol of royalty and her beauty, The Majestic Shield. Unfortunately Zathroth the Destroyer was distraught about the idea of the Void being shared with another being. Thus he slew Tibiasula! The Shield was then fused with her spirit. Upon her death Fardos and Uman formed her body with with the Column of Time and made the four elements. After the forming of life and the elements the gods united themselves with the elements making the seven semi-gods. Each semi-god inherited their own Majestic Shield. The purpose was so every semi-god could preserve a memory of Tibiasula.

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The Creation of Tibian Life
The rights of this picture belongs to CipSoft
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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

Post by Dentaro »

Unfortunately I don't know how to attach images.

The Majestic Shield

The majestic shield was created in a very special time where a the war between the djinns and humans had been going on for centuries.
The war however took an drastic turn when the djinn king met a humble human who changed his view on life, realizing his life up until then hade been a life of destruction.
All djinns did not agree with the kings new perspective and a civil war had been created between Efreet and Marid djinns.
Seeing as the humans now were not threatened by the djinns, some men decided to join the Efreet djinns as mercenarys. A bond where created. In return for loyal service The Efreet leader gifted all human soldiers a magic shield called the Majestic Shield.

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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

Post by Elais »

It is said that to build glorious castles, one must pass a challenge of wisdom. This happened to the King of Thais with his majestic castle when Tibia wasn’t the great island that it is today.


Long ago, there was a very powerful warrior full of hatred and ambition.


This Dark Warrior led the most evil guild in existence at the time, The Xivaliers.


They spread fear and hopelessness by spilling the blood of innocent knights across their blades. No ordinary citizen could face them until a capable guild arose. This brave guild was created by people that couldn’t stand the injustice of the malevolent reign from the Dark Warrior and The Xivaliers any longer. Meanwhile, the King suffered the most unimaginable punishments at the hands of this dark congregation. This was what convinced The Supreme Emissaries to attack their terrifying enemies.
Unsure of victory, they fought unlike any before. After fighting during the darkest night, The Supreme Emissaries raised their flag of victory as a symbol of liberty.
The few surviving Xivaliers witnessed this momentous occasion and knelt down as a show of respect and surrender.


Nobody broke the peace of the King during his lifetime. The King commissioned a Majestic Shield, the sigil of the king, to be created and bestowed upon the guild as a display of gratitude.


It is said that every guild that fights with courage and pure heart for their ideals, will be granted with a Majestic Shield as a sign of eternal appreciation.
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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

Post by gitirana »

From the begginning of times,the humans were constantly at war, two big empires fighting each other, a neverending bloodshed. And not only that but monsters knew that and used to took advantage from that, haunting and killing them. With all that war, the famine arrived.The civilization was doomed.

Both sides were loosing their precious warriors, their children were starving and they were far from ending the war. Both kings posessed wisdom enough to see no one would win that. This forced Blegwyn, son of Appledore, The King contact his enemy Renyc, son of Bludoc, The Emperor to make a deal. Both sides fighting side by side, for a greater cause, the mankind! Renyc accepeted it. They needed a flag, a symbol to show their union. That's when Majestic Shield was forged.

Together, they were invencible, Blegwyn was the thougest Knight and Renyc knew all the forbidden spells, no one could beat them. They struggled against the dark monsters and finally, after a long time, Tibia was a peaceful land.

This big conquest needed a symbol as a reverence. Majestic Shield was forged to remember the union and after the war, it became the icon of all that fight, that pact, that glory.