The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

Section dedicated to these who have some drawing skills.
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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

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Once upon a time, there was a brave adventurer who we don’t know his name. He was very well known in that days, but when the time passed his name sank in the oblivion. He fought in many battles and he won them all. He was also very intelligent, wise and greedy.
In one of his adventurers he found a spectacular library: the Hellgate library.


There he read a black enchanted spell book. There were many unknown and lethal spells but he had curiosity for one in particular, a powerful spell that made shields unbelievable strong and light, it also helped the bearer by moving itself and turning red when the danger was approaching. He decided to create the one that might be the best shield on tibia lands.
He headed to Cyclopolis and kidnapped 2 of his best’s smiths. He closed them in his cellar in the neighbourhood of Thais. When it was done he enchanted it and created an incredible, beautiful, impressive and powerful shield ever done and he decided to name it "The Majestic Shield". But one day, when he went down to feed the cyclops he got killed by them and they escaped.


Passed many years until the shield was recovered again. Sam the Thaian smith encountered that masterpiece and decided to keep it.
Nowadays no one knows where it is. Maybe it’s still a Sam's property or maybe he lost it with his old and used backpack. No ones know...

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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

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My entry, great stories everyone!:D
Let me tell you a story. A legend that has been lost for years. A tale that will take us back too far in time for any adventurer today to renember.
Long ago, there was a community named the Majestic People; These people were intelligent and noble citizens from all over the world.
Rumour had it that they had the very best army available, not because of strength, but because of their outstanding tactics and incredible knowlegde of enemy guilds. But what made them special was their unique equipment, including a beautiful shield from the finest metals known to mankind.
But the stubborn commander of the Thaian army, Tibianus II, refused to believe in their tactics and advice.
On a dark day, more orcs than anyone forsaw, launched a devasting attack on the Thaian lands.
The prince saw the terror of loosing this battle, and for a moment he wished that he had listened to the people.
Suddenly, a hand from a mysterious blue armored warrior got the prince on his feet.
This Majestic commander handed Tibianus II an amazing, never seen before shield before dissapearing again.
The orcs got pushed back by a small but fierce army. The rumours were true.
Afterwards there was no celebration for the Majestic people had mysteriously dissapeared.
Untill this very day the Majestic Shield stands as a symbol to all guilds and warriors. A symbol of preparation, knowledge, tactics, and hope.

From the Majestic People is never heared anything again, or is there?

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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

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From an old book elven book;
As daylight set.
Rises a new threat.

The dragons flame.
Never our lives, be the same.

Under the searing heaven.
We called upon the seven.

“Nera – Of the wildness growth.
To you, we swore an oath.

Mortiur – Of the righteous sect.
We pray for you, to us protect.

Dseyvar – Of the sword.
Destroy this foreign horde.

Priyla – Of magic.
Save us, in the days o´ so tragic.

Krynierr – Of love.
Grant us power from above.

Azmoda – Of mystery.
Descend down, for all of elven history.

Evicor –
Guide our arrows.”

Within the deepest gorge.
They gave orders about it to be forge.

For our savior to wield.
Into the battlefield.

With this steel.
The land will once again heal.

With all this the ire.
We will put out their fire.

With this, powerfull shield.
The enemy has to yield.

This is all that the history that is left to be found, regarding the 'Majestic Shield'
An ancient elven relic. That aided the elves to overcome the final battle with the orcs, outside the gates of Ab'dendriel. Hence why the orcs, yet to this very day, doesn't attack this city.

Rumors says, that it was given to a brave elf, that reflected the dragon in captives fire, into the orcish hordes. Winning the battle.

Whereabouts, regarding the shield today. Remains unknown.
It it said that the 'Celestial Paladins' reclaimed it, since it was too much power for any man or elf to wear.



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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

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The history of the creation of the shield should be combined with a mysterious tribe of elves, which formely lived in the Ab'Drendriel. Thanks to their bravery, trolls were enslaved and sent down into the mines. Diligence of these elves resulted into modernization and development of this city. They, on the basis of known secrets of magic created a spell to protect the city from invaders. They did not anticipate, that the extent of spells also includes the nearby mines, where the trolls were planning revenge for their enslavement. The Ruler of the elves was preventive and created an army of which he was commander. Specially for him was created unusual shield made with moonstone, which in the moonlight takes characteristic prussian blue hue. When the day of monsters' retaliation came, it turned out that the tribe of elves was not born for hand-to-hand combat and suffered huge losses. Among the few survivors, remained the king, who by his valor and experience bring the trolls back to mines. With the help of magicians he founded a new, more powerfull spell, which were taking into account all the dangers. As a result of this spell, trees in Ab'Dendriel acquired specific blue glow. The Ruler, together with the other elves went on a journey to find the future residents of Ab'Drendiel leaving there unusual shield commemorating the king's victory.

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Re: The Creation of the Majestic Shield contest!

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Topic closed, in a few days (or little longer) we will release the results, please wait and be patient.
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