Guildhall contest!

Section dedicated to these who have some drawing skills.
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Re: Guildhall contest!

Post by Jasinicky »

Wow a floating guildhouse!!!! Nice idea.

Good jobs there, lets hope cip implement some of this ideas in the game.

Titi wrote:
The aquatic fortress

  • Wooden from crates
  • persian blinds in white, blue and brown
  • modeling clay
  • blue cloth
  • Azerus and tortoise model from tibiacubix
  • scissors, hammer,tiptoe,superglue and adhesive glue, hacksaw and laminator
  • broom stick
  • old table from cutting olives
  • plastic cap
  • soap
  • toothpicks and popsiclke stick

Hope you like it, and gratz to the rest of people for that nices works, hope you all enjoyed as much as I have done making mine. A kiss for all.

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Re: Guildhall contest!

Post by Fontainos »

Hello everyone,

I present you my Dreamed Guildhall and i hope you'll like it much!! ;D
Due to a lack of time, some important details has been neglected! :( But i still think it looks great.
It's all made of wood and it is built in a crater!!!! :O

The dimensions are 30"x28"x12"

So here are the pictures :)


So here you can see the grating that i used to build the crater's structure

Each stages are built separately so i can decore the interior :)

I used some papernews to create a rock relief

Decided to paint it black and white to make it somewhat different!!

These are the items i enjoyed building :D You can see a Crown, a Blue Tome, a Majestic Shield wich i'd really like to own :>, a Grey Tome and a Winged Helmet! I used "Fimo" to make them

First Floor

Second Floor (miss a bar and a sofa)

Third Floor (wich is pretty empty since i wanted to make bedrooms :s)

Fourth Floor (here's the lunchroom, have a good lunch mates :p)

Forgot to picture the Fifth Floor :s it was a game room with chess game :) So this is the top!! You can see the global thing with the lava in the bottom of the crater :) used some tibia's lava with glowing orange lights under to make so glowing effect :)

So here's my work, i had a lot of fun doing it, sadly i've been out of the town for the last 2 weeks for works, so i couldn't finish it all :(

Thank you all and i wish everyone good luck,
Kevin F. :P

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Re: Guildhall contest!

Post by Sir Dzidek »

Thanks for your applications!Now we are going to judge all guildhalls :) It may take week or little longer, so please be patient!

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Re: Guildhall contest!

Post by Londe »

Just a fast comment here.

You guys did a great job. It will be extremely hard to select only a few works to be into the top. But consider each of you guys a winner. I really Loved it, rich in details!

Btw, I would suggest you guys to share that on Tibia boards. Make sure you host it in a safe site so people don't report, or just paste our fansite link directly. Staff.
- Londe.