Sofec, Searching the Sword of Fury

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Sofec, Searching the Sword of Fury

Postby Ninjex » 6 Jun 2013, 10:38

Hey people, I few time ago I started a new clan that search the Sword of Fury... it's name is Sofec, you can find it on Facebook, well, I started only with Brazilian People but I thought about it and I wanna change, we need everybody, from every country and Tibia Servers... at the momento all the post are in portuguese but we gonna translate it to english, then each people with each language have to get some translator, someone that translate the English topic to spanish, ducth, portuguese, polish and etc... well, if you are a Rooker and you are interested keep contact, join us, just seach for Sofec on Facebook. Thanks for the attention.
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Re: Sofec, Searching the Sword of Fury

Postby Londe » 6 Jun 2013, 19:40

As far as you translate that in english let me know and I will help you guys by publishing it in our fansite (we will have to check if the page doesn't have non allowed stuff first of course). Staff.
- Londe.
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Re: Sofec, Searching the Sword of Fury

Postby Masters Of Shielding » 6 Apr 2014, 14:41

In our guild Castlings on solera we have 1 rook slayer Shiris druid he is lvl 83.
I spoke to him and he will be back playing soon! I'll tell him about your Facebook account.
If you want I can translate in dutch for you. Post here and I can translate!
I wonder if you got number of the beast and potion addict?
How manny kills did it take you guys to get the dice? Is it still lootable?

Maby Crip should make a door lvl 100+ on rook and let you get "The Sword of Fury" if you reach lvl 100?
Or if you have all achivementopoints possible to get on rook you should be rewarded with "The Sword of Fury"?
All the updates are focused on main, if an update comes for rook its just to make it easyer for new players to understand the game. And move on to main.
Not to do more for the rookslayers (witch are also buying prem scrolls).
I think rookers should get more respect :p and be rewarded with some new monsters? or a bigger hunt spot? ;)
Its harder to get lvl 100 in rook than getting lvl 400 in main, respect to all of you guys on rook!


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Re: Sofec, Searching the Sword of Fury

Postby jacktorres » 25 Jul 2014, 19:42

me interesa demasiado éste tema , peros siempre consigo foros de hace años de 2006 apróximadamente, lo que es cierto es que la sof se puede hacer desaparecer pero solo eso se sabe... juego en vinera... name: misterpete estoy a la orden para investigar
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Re: Sofec, Searching the Sword of Fury

Postby Vokkkul » 11 May 2016, 10:24

I'm a Rookstayer level 108 and I'm afraid the Spike Sword was only obtanaible by some players who abused a bug.

It's impossible to get it in Rookgaard, you can make it dissapear though.
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Re: Sofec, Searching the Sword of Fury

Postby tallezz » 11 May 2016, 13:59

what do you mean dissapear?
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