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Make a History Contest

Postby Sir Dzidek » 1 Oct 2018, 12:24

Make a History Contest
After a short time out of the dungeons and away from the powerful demons, our staff of GuildStats wanna give you a little time to relax and share the best history you have with your Guild friends.

How will this work: You must create a story inspired by you and your guild on his adventures, following some rules.

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Re: Make a History Contest

Postby Liv » 22 Oct 2018, 23:41

Oliv ia

The following story is based on real events that happened in July.

The Coral Comb Adventure

Earlier this year me and some good friends decided to return to Tibia after a long time of being retired.
We were really excited and ready to create brand new chars, in a whole new world. So we talked and analyzed the current world options and decided that Noctera would be the best option. New world and free of cheaters since it's creation, so exciting!
So my friend created our guild Dawnguard and we all joined. We were playing a lot, we even got a beautiful guild house in Svargrond, our favorite city since the old days.
All the free time we had was to get levels, go make quests together and -on my particular case- to get beautiful items to decorate my house.
On this world it's a little bit harder to buy rare items than the old worlds of course, everything I wanted was so expensive and it seemed unreachable.
But the situation didn't disappoint me, in fact it made me want fancy items even more. So I decided I was going to get the items I liked most by myself and not buying anything. After all, I had the support of friends in the guild to help me, it would be fun!
I decided to start with one of my favorite items to decorate, the coral comb. So when me and my friends got enough level to go to Calassa and face the undersea trip, we didn't think twice.
I specifically told everyone to talk to all the NPC's, even to the mermaid, to make sure they would be able to open the door once we get there.
And then we gathered all the supplies we needed, and our team -Igirel, Bu yo, Relki, Asia Lee and Oliv ia- boarded the coral comb adventure!
After slaying all kinds of quaras we finally got to the final sunken ship, then everyone proceeded to enter the room to get their coral combs... except for me... the door was sealed against unwanted intruders, HOW COME?!
I immediately started to explain myself to them, I was sure I had said everything to the NPC... I felt ashamed because I was the one who wanted the comb in the first place, they were only helping me. But hey, that's what friends do, right?!
They were so nice to me, as always, and the guild leader -Igirel- had an idea, he told me to use my teleport scroll to get back and talk to the NPC again and sent the most experienced friend with me to help me to get back there, and the other friends would be there waiting for us.
So we followed the plan and in the end I got so happy with my coral comb and also thankful for having such good friends.



Making process:
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Re: Make a History Contest

Postby Darctico » 25 Oct 2018, 22:42

Darctico, Never Surrender, Garnera.

The Goo Case

The phone rang. I woke up quite agitated. I knew it was them, my buddies, calling me because it had finally appeared. No, the boss I was expecting wasn’t Ferumbras, Feroxa, Ghazbaran, or any of the bosses one would normally be expecting with such an anxious feeling. All I wanted was to kill Shlorg.

You might wonder… why would anyone want to kill that particular boss so bad? The answer is pretty simple. We, my friends from our beloved guild Never Surrender and I, hunt bosses whenever we get a chance, and with this specific one, we had been tricked so many times… We’ve faced plenty of bosses, several times, and looted a few rares for our humble collection, so those we’ve already managed to find do not suppose such a challenge for us, since we are familiar even with the most common spawning times. We have even had the honor and pleasure of crushing some “player-bosses” as we call them, who are rarely seen out of the depot or temple. But not the green dude. People had been fooling us around by dropping coals to the ground and lightning the basins, again and again, making me and my pal Warctico believe Shlorg had already been slain, and we never got the chance to face it. We even made rounds to check certain bosses, but this particular one had been so hard to catch that we wanted it badly.


So, as I was telling you, I woke up, ran to the computer, turned it on in order to rush to the spot, but guess what? It got stuck initiating. I got so mad, the closest chance I ever had, getting ruined for this kind of stuff. In anger, I just waited until it worked, after all, what else could I do? Finally, when I managed to log into the game a few minutes later, I ran to the spot spamming “utani gran hur” as if I were running away from Ghaz’haragoth or something worse (is there such a thing?). Got to the spot to find not only the lit basins, but also the dead body, lying on the ground, so cold, as myself in that pitiful moment. Again, I couldn’t face the boss; they had to kill it right away because someone else appeared. At least they got it.


This had happened so many times that it almost felt personal, as if Fardos and Uman-Zathroth would look at me with disdain and say “huh, Darctico, you’re not worthy of facing the mighty Shlorg”. I felt pretty bad at first, losing it again by such a small lapse and knowing it wasn’t even my fault, are u kidding me? But, ultimately, destiny was good and outsmarted me when I had no hope left; when I returned to my house, I found out that a brand-new-freshy-looted-shiny Goo Shell (as shiny as a gooey thing can be) was waiting for me as a gift from my guild mates. In the end, I didn’t get to face the elusive Gooey Lord, nevertheless, as our guild name suggests, we “never surrendered”, and finally got this cool new rare for ourselves.


Keep going, Never Surrender.
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Re: Make a History Contest

Postby Ketias » 26 Oct 2018, 22:14

Thou shall love each other!

"Don't they look sweet together?“ I whisper to Billy. "Haha, you're right!“
"Hold on, I got an idea!“
And so shall Kaja Shadow hook up the yet innocent human beings named Silverdarkness and Nakumi.
They just need a little assisstance to take the first step!
A little letter from … *ahem* Silverdarkness will do, hehe.

With a huge and slightly evil grin I let the pen swing:

"Do you like me?
[ ] YES! [ ] No.


"Naaakumiiiii, I got a letter from Silverdarkness for yoooou!“
"A letter? From Silverdarkness? Okay?“ She replies doubtfully.
"Please fill it out and return it to the sender, thank you!“ I reply with a smile.


(A little while later)

"Silverdarkness, Kaja Shadow gave me that letter from you and told me to return it, sooooo, here it is back.“
Without a comment he takes it and read:

"Do you like me?
[x] YES! [ ] No.


"Wha-What? KAJA! Did you write that?!“ Silver yells.
"N... no? You did, I just gave it to her because you were too shy.“ I stutter being caught.
"Right, anything else? … Wait, what? She likes me?“ He mumbles.

(Another little while later)

"So, you like me, huh?“ Silver says while blushing a little.
Carefully Nakumi tries to take a glimpse at Silver "What if I do... ?“
"Maybe I'd say that I like you back then“ Silver replies while blushing even more.
"And what if I don't?“ Nakumi asks with a little doubt.
"Then I would still like you back“.

They don't say a word, but are slowly getting closer to each other.

"I like you too, Silver. After all, I have choosen „Yes“ on the letter, remember?“
Silver smiles again. "Right! Though now I don't know whether to slap or thank Kaja“
"Maybe both?“ Nakumi giggles.
"Will do, hehe.“


From afar I observe their freshly found love. At the end it is all their fault for joining Shiggles, because no one is going to escape the bounding claw of Kaja Shadow!

And the moral of the story? Shiggles unites!
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Re: Make a History Contest

Postby balmung36 » 27 Oct 2018, 19:54

Hi! great contest and prizes! good luck to everyone, here's my story, hope you like it!


I don’t know if my eyes are closed or the darkness around me is so thick my senses are compromised. I can only hear distant mumbling voices. Air is suffocating and chill at the same time. I tried again to move my hands but the ties are tight. Someone grabbed me by my clothes and made me stand up. A firm hand guides me up some wooden stairs, and they put me on my knees just before taking the black cape off of my head. The sunlight blinds me and the voices become clearer. I am on an execution stage before the Thais inhabitants, the king is there as witness. The executioner is sharpening his axe, I can see their inexpressive eyes through the mask. The king spokesman announces:
“Valiryas, your crimes are punishable by death, may the people judge your soul”

Then I remembered.

Four months ago I was following her, going through the Tiquanda jungle at night. She was the leader of the Wandering Lost Souls, an antique guild formed in the shadows. I became member of this guild just a week ago or so. This was the first mission I was commended and I was really nervous. The only rule: “No killing, we are not murderers.” I could only see her back as she guided the way and I heard whispering sounds of steps behind. I knew they were other members of Lost souls. She stopped suddenly and everything became silent. In a clearing a few feet away from our squad, the king’s guard was escorting a prisoner, who was a member of our guild. Intel said he would be secretly executed and the realm would use his death as a scapegoat to cover a serious crime committed by the Kings’ son. The guild leader stood still for a long moment and then said the key word: “Ohana”, it meant something in a foreign language but I could not remember. So it began. The lost souls acted quickly, arrows flew, swords flashed and one of the mages was conjuring a spell in an old and forbidden language. Her eyes turned blue and shiny as a heavy blizzard was cast, falling upon us. “Free our brother” I repeated in my head, that was my part. Taking advantage of the confusion, I approached the kidnapped guild member and cut the knot with the edge of an arrow as someone else grabbed him by the waist. It was time to run away before the king’s guard reinforcements got there. That was where I failed. My foot got trapped on a root and I fell to the ground. Someone grabbed me by my shoulders and the royal guard of the King arrived. I saw some members of the guild fighting to get me back but there were too many enemies. Just before disappearing in the woods, the guild leader looked at my eyes with an intriguing look.

Now I’m here, hearing how the people hold their breaths before my head would fly over the Thais pebble streets. I’m all alone, all the time I’ve spent in prison waiting for this moment feels like only seconds. The whistle of the axe cut the air, and I close my eyes waiting for the end. Suddenly, my hands are free. I open my eyes and everyone faces looked frightened and alarmed. Then the executioner says with a familiar voice: “Ohana” and I remembered, “it means family. And Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”. Then, a blizzard started.


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Make a History Contest

Postby Fester Adams » 29 Oct 2018, 05:54


We live in difficult times where guild rivalry is brutal, warriors gather to do evil and spread fear by dominating by force, regardless of who is in front of them, including unknown members of other friendly guilds. After an epic battle against the powerful Grand Master Oberon, led by Fester Adams, a fearless and illustrious knight whose abilities impress the elders and inspire the younger, saw his group cowardly surrounded by ruthless ugly reputation warriors belonging to one of those evil guilds which inhabit Calmera. The death, in those circumstances, was imminent.


Always persevering and very motivated to obtain new conquests and, without looking back, they went ahead confident with their companions of battle in order to investigate diverse rumors that were being commented by the inhabitants of the whole Tibia. In several places, certain races worshiped some divinity. This required brave and cunning warriors who could provide answers to the locals and solve such mysteries. In one of these cults, human remnants of Zathroth met in the basement of Carlin's cemetery, where at night voices were heard whispering spells and singing songs. One by one, the pillars of protection, summoning, healing, draining and death, which sustained this cult were overthrown and their guardians defeated, until finally the essence of malice was annihilated and the city returned to the same peace from before.


In another region the prosperous and democratic city of Rathleton lived days of great productivity with glooth being its main source of wealth. However, the guild Dragons Fire, when stepping on these lands, composed by Fester Adams and other brave warriors, began to research the source of glooth, its history and use. They discovered that inside an industrial complex some experiments were beyond the control of scientists, where real monsters were being created from these experiments during the manipulation of the glooth. With the warriors equipped, others also heeded the guild's call and together determined a strategy to search for and find, alive or dead, the famous inventor Jaccus Maxxen, accused by Rathleton's magistrate for high treason and murder. As a result, a reward is being offered in exchange for information leading to the arrest and conviction, or death of the wanted person.


After much walking through the basements of the glooth factory, facing various dangers and creatures that inhabited the place, it was too late to bring the scientist back. Involved in his madness, Professor Maxxen fought to the death. When they got back to the surface, when they arrived in the city to report the facts and reassure the population, the Dragons Fire guild was very grateful and revered with honor for their efforts. And forever they will be known by all in the lands of the tibia as the heroes of Rathleton.
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Re: Make a History Contest

Postby Didi Hadid » 30 Oct 2018, 17:23

Nice contest! =) Here's my story.

Midnight was coming and me, Didi Hadid, and my guild mate from Bloodcrest could feel the air getting thicker as we were entering deeper and deeper in Tiquanda's jungle. It was cold but we were sweating, perhaps because of the tension, but all we were thinking was to find the panther.
We were trying to find her for days without success, but on that particular day the sky was darker and there were different sounds echoing all around us on that jungle. I had a feeling it was the right day.
My friend was always in front of me leading us, yea he was a natural born leader and I was good following orders, so we made a great team.
Then suddenly the fog came, and with the fog, disorientation. We knew the way, we had gone there so many times before, still after the fog came we knew nothing, the jungle just didn't look the same.
I started to get nervous and a bit desperate, I admit, but my friend was calm. He told me to just keep heading east and we would find the river, and then we would follow the river until we find the spot, we were not going to give up!
That's when everything fell apart, in a blink of an eye my friend was not in front of me anymore, I didn't see him disappearing, I just heard his scream. I froze right there, it was so hard to think straight, how could he vanish in front of me?!
Suddenly I started to smell fire... something was burning but I couldn't see any smoke... and then I heard a low sound, it seemed to be music, with only drums and voices, like a ritual.
I had to find where that sound was coming from so I could ask for my friend. As I began to focus I realized the sound was coming from underground, so I laid on the floor and started to listen carefully. After a little while I finally saw it, there was a hidden hole, more like a trap on the ground and my friend must have fallen there.
I put my head inside the hole very carefully to see what was down there, and I couldn't believe my eyes. There were many Dworcs around a fire, a voodoo doll was tied up next to the fire and they were singing and dancing around it, everything was so weird and frightening. But it got worse when I saw my friend, they had him tied up also, in a corner.
I got desperate just to think what they were going to do to him, I had to save him fast. But how? They were hundreds and I had no time to go ask for our guild to help.
So I had a moment of clarity, I could create a distraction and run to get my friend! I left a rope hanging on the hole so we could get up fast. Then I proceeded to search in my backpack and I found the perfect distraction, because dworcs like to make black magic, I was sure they would all be intrigued by a mysterious voodoo skull, they would think it was their magic who brought it there!
I threw it in the middle of the fire and indeed they all stopped to see it, then I got down, untied my friend and we got up in light speed.
We didn't find the panther but I saved my friend that day, nothing feels better.
Then we went for a drink to celebrate life!
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Re: Make a History Contest

Postby Kämpfer » 30 Oct 2018, 18:08

Character: Frau Krieger

I love it whenever I play a contest that allows me to write a good story. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all, for sure you will have excellent stories.

In this story I relate how the newer and lower level members of my Guild helped in the defeat of Devovorga and his mini bosses. Although there are details that are overlooked or glorified to make it more interesting to read.

This is a relatively new story, but one that will surely become a legend.

The Treason of Zathroth

The earth trembles with cry of pain. That was created by demons being a weapon, that little girl that was betrayed and her soul torn into a pieces, has returned. Numerous portals appeared around Tibia.


That morning, each member of Black Knight Legion was called to present at the Guild Hall in Thais to plan the strategy. It seemed simple, we would divide into five teams, each one would go to each portal. My colleagues and me Frau Krieger was travel to the portal in Plains of Havoc, a land of dangers, it was also the home of an ancient legend demonics lords and factions of dark knights who fought each other. But the most real were the Giant Spiders. We started the travel, and just crossed paths with a couple of small groups of Wolves.

Later we arrived to Jakundaf Desert, a land of dangers and mysteries, on its surface there were only ruins, there were even rumors of a supposed mother of demons. Only some ferocious and great lions live here. We entered in the desert, where the lions waiting for us to fight, but our team was determined to arrive. Desert ended in a small river that served as the frontier gave the start of Plains of Havoc, we decided skirt the road next to the river heading south to the portal.

Groups of tarantulas attacked us, we defeated what seemed countless waves of arachnids, although luckily we did not see any Giant Spider. We even faced a pair of bandits who surely had been attracted by the great influx of warriors.

Between two rivers that opened was that portal, before us, energies of violet color swirled. However, we were not the only ones in that place, there were several small groups of warriors, magicians and paladins. Representatives from different Guilds and some lonly champions awaited to attack.


Anmothra, was the name that had been granted to this aberration. Immediately after cross the portal a blast of fire left a pile that ashes where before there was a knight, the creature was beautiful, it seemed a black butterfly but deformed by some corruption, I concentrated on my role as Druid and start channeling my healing powers into the knight in front. Some of the warriors attack the creature at a distance, while the knight tried to surround it to prevent it from attacking the wizards, while the creature filled the room of Fire Fields and launched bursts of fire at all that enemy that dared to confront him, on one occasion the creature launched a powerful fire bomb to all the wizards and paladins, fortunately no one fallen though we all suffered damage, the battle continued the Knights tried to reach with their weapons, the paladins did not stop throwing spears and arrows and the magicians we attacked and healed as we could to anyone who needed it, the fire kept spreading and in a fit of anger the creature eliminated in one fell swoop three warriors who were badly placed in front of her, although her sacrifice only renewed our attacks and we continued attacking with everything, at the end the creature fallen. It just recoiled and turning into a black mass of disgusting pus that lay in the foot of that cave, that day there was celebration and pride, that day we made history. We all came back through the portal and while we recovered from the battle, the news of victory in the other portals began to arrive, thus announcing the beginning of the fall of that evil.

Making process:
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Re: Make a History Contest

Postby Zupakode » 30 Oct 2018, 20:07

Hakai Mage , Secura
Guild: Cuétara Army

Wonka and the Blessing Factory

Once upon a time in one of Secura's oldest guilds there was one of the bravest and at the same time most crazy druids in the history of Tibia.
Her name? Wonka the Elder!
In this story I am Hakai Mage, I act as a secondary and luxury spectator in all of her hunts, so lets start to know our legend druid.. I will tell you a story of one of her intrepid trips ..

Like another normal day we were in the front of our home the Cuetara's Army guildhouse looking for new adventures!

-Hakay mage says: "Hey guys I know a place but... well listen! I heard about a prison so secure that it can hold even the strongest demons, including its princes. This was the reason for the fall of Roshamuul, during the battle to imprison such beings a catastrophe of epic proportions ended up devastating the city, and with that weakened the most powerful demons, thus making possible their capture. Rumours say that you can still find them in your cells, if you just have the key and the courage to face them..."

"This was a war waged between demons, a matter of betrayals and who would take power. In this way, during the catastrophe several Demons Outcasts were invoked, using the power of dreams, to attack the demon princes, they continue to be invoked until the present day, you can see the process taking place on every level of the prison..."

We all were so excited about this place so we started to make the team for this big adventure!


The time had come , my legs were shaking because I was so excited to visit this incredible and dangerous but.. at the same time I was scared because Wonka sometimes lose her mind and she cant control her adrenaline...
But we went to the Roshamuul's ruins looking straight to the way of Prison ! When we were in the -2 floor discussing about the strategy that we were going to follow.. but it was strange... too much silence ... Wonka normally is so excited that he cant have his mouth closed... OMG where is WONKA?!!!!


-Wonka speaking to herself: "Yes , yes !!! we arrived guys!! we did it!! .. guys??! Omg I cant believe it , where are my friends?!!! .. well ... well .. stay calm.. breed... breed.. mmm remember those wise words that your leader said once.. ehmm how it was... Do your best?? .. damn it I dont remember!! .. well I guess is time to prove yourself , its time to show the world WHO I AM!!! FOR THE GUIILD!!!!!!!!


A few minutes later...


- Hakai Mage says: Yes guys.. my bravest guildmate died in Prison , but even if she continue dying we all can say that she is the bravest guildmate I have ever seen! She prove to all of us that all that matters on this world is the spirit of adventure, the spirit of finding new goals and discovering new amazing places!

That day we meet all together to sing our best songs , and we put our jugs together and shouted at the same time, long life to Cuétara Army and long life to Tibia!
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Re: Make a History Contest

Postby Cadsy » 31 Oct 2018, 09:41


Character: Mija Aca
Server: Carnera
Guild: Retro Inferno


It all happened one day in October, there was a war going on and the streets were not safe.
We, the members of the guild Retro Inferno, were ready to destroy the shadow nexus as requested by The Inquisition.
We all met in Edron and organized the team by different colors depending on the vocation knight, druid, paladin or sorcerer.
As soon as everyone got ready, we began our adventure and head over to a placed called Demon Forge.


My name is Mija Aca, I feared for my life because I was assigned to block the creatures that approached us in the frontline.
but that was no problem because the members of my guild encouraged me to trust in teamwork. Everything was going well, until we got to that room full of dark torturers, betrayed wraiths and hands of cursed fate, called Blood Hall. The first floor was no problem we killed it quickly. For the second floor, the sorcerers and druids used their ultimate explosion spell to defeat the creatures fast so the rest of the guild could go up the stairs.
Everything came out successfully when suddenly something unexpected happened...

We were about to go up the third floor when I felt a strange presence on my back, turning around I could not believe what my eyes were looking at, fifteen members of the enemy guild
ready to kill us. It was evident that day was going to run blood on the blood halls!

They did not even bother to attack us, they approached directly the most vulnerable members of our guild; The black skulls and the red skulls. Rapidly our guild responded against them, we began to organize and push everyone to save them, I prayed to the gods and miraculously the didn't manage to kill anyone.


Now the turn was ours and we knew that the only way out was to kill them so we started our counter-attack, some of them tried to run to save themselves but the paralyze runes were present
and they failed to escape. Our panic turned into joy, we won the battle and completed the quest!

That day Retro Inferno not only managed to fight the demon forge enemies but also defeated their enemies of the streets.


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