Sign-Up for GLORY Starts on June 12

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Sign-Up for GLORY Starts on June 12

Postby Lehula Dohon » 7 Jun 2019, 16:17

Tibians, the sign-up for the first Tibia Tournament GLORY will start next Wednesday, June 12! The Tournament itself will run from June 17, 10:00 CEST, to June 24, 10:00 CEST.


The Tournament page will be updated with all details about rules, score set and rewards on Wednesday but we would like to give you a short preview on some changes that we made for GLORY based on your feedback during the test Tournament VANGUARD:

Offline Training will not be available.
The trading of Tibia Coins via the Market will not be available on Restricted Store Tournament worlds.
Completing Bestiary entries for very rare creatures will not yield Tournament Points.
The ticket price for Regular Tournament worlds will be lowered to 5,000,000 gold.
Daily Tournament Playtime will be set to 2 hours.
The rule set of GLORY:

PvP Type: Open PvP
Daily Tournament Playtime: 02:00:00
Death Penalty Modifier: 1.00x
XP Multiplier: 7.00x
Skill Multiplier: 10.00x
Spawn Rate Multiplier: 1.00x
Loot Probability: 1.00x
Rent Percentage: 10%
House Auction Duration: 0
The score set of GLORY:

Charm Point Multiplier: Charm Points * 20
Level Gain/Loss: +/- 100
The reward tiers will be revealed on the Tournament page next week with the start of the sign-up so stay tuned!

Prepare for GLORY!
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