Adjustment of Privacy Policy

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Adjustment of Privacy Policy

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Imageibians, we would like to inform you about an adjustment of our privacy policy. The adjustment deals with the tracking of ad campaigns.As you know, our privacy policy specifies in detail which information we collect from players and for which purposes we can process and use this information. Every Tibia player has to agree to this policy upon creating a Tibia account.

The following paragraph 10 will be added:

To increase the number of players, CipSoft uses advertising campaigns on its partners' websites, among other things. This allows CipSoft to identify new players who have created an account through an advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns. Only when an account has been created, the so-called Click-ID is passed on to CipSoft‘s external advertising partners. This Click-ID is not personally identifiable, but may be combined with other information by CipSoft‘s partners:

Google Ads:



Since CipSoft provides its products free of charge to every player, the Click-ID is an important part of the revenue. The legal basis is therefore Article 6 para. 1 lit. b of the GDPR and is part of the account creation process.

The privacy policy in the Legal Documents section has been updated accordingly and applies to all accounts created from now on.

For all existing accounts, the adjusted privacy policy will become effective on February 08, 2024. You can find the old version of the privacy policy in the Auditorium until then.

Please take the time to review the updated privacy policy!Your Community Managers

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