Fixes and Changes

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Fixes and Changes

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Imageith today's
server save, we have made balancing adjustments for Iksupan II:
  • Iks Yapunac: We have decreased the DPS by 5% and the gold gain by 7%.
  • Mitmah Scout: We have decreased the DPS by 10%.
  • Mitmah Seer: We have decreased the DPS by 5%.
  • Occupied Sanctuary: We have increased the number of monsters and installed a new two-way teleporter to make hunting more efficient.
We hope that these changes make the hunting ground a little more attractive for you.

We also implemented the following fixes:
  • Added sound effects to the Lesser Front Sweep and Lesser Ethereal Spear spells
  • We resolved an issue where the cost of a Convergence Transfer, in terms of Exalted Cores, was incorrectly displayed during regular transfers.
  • We fixed an issue causing some books to disappear from Dawnport after the last update.
See you in Tibia,Your Community Managers

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