Balancing Project Changes Part VII

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Balancing Project Changes Part VII

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Imageear Tibians,

the last iteration of our balancing project we aim to address your feedback regarding previously buffed hunting grounds as well as to improve some hunting grounds that were requested the most.

Oramond Mountain Hideout
  • Increased monster density on minotaur floor
Falcon Bastion
  • Increased monster density underground
Falcon knight
  • Increased experience: 5,985 -> 6,300 XP
Falcon paladin
  • Increased experience: 6,544 -> 6,900 XP
Gnomegate Magma Dungeon
  • Increased monster density
Magma crawler
  • Increased experience: 3,900 -> 4,250 XP
  • Reduced probability of invisibility
  • Reduced probability of retargeting
Grounds of Undeath
  • Increased respawn rate on lowest floor
  • Increased monster density
  • No longer applies drunken
  • Reduced probability of speed debuff
Grounds of Fire
  • Replaced grimeleech with vexclaw
Grounds of Despair
  • On the lowest floor, we added a passage.
Hand of cursed fate
  • Increased energy sensitivity: 0 -> 95
  • Reduced mana drain damage
  • Increased monster density
Formorgar Mines
  • Increased monster density
Bounacean Lions

Crypt warrior
  • Increased experience: 5,500 -> 6,050 XP
Monster Graveyard
  • Reduced damage spikes
  • Reduced DPS in melee range
Sulphur spouter
  • Increased fire sensitivity: 0 -> 75
Gloom Pillars
  • Reduced holy DPS
  • Shifted part of holy damage to fire damage
With these changes, this balancing project comes to an end. Again, we would like to thank you all for participating in the survey and submitting your valuable feedback here in the forum.

A lot of hunting grounds have changed during the last two months and some of the adjusted areas have risen in popularity quite considerably. The graph on the left side shows how much the time in combat of each hunting ground has changed up until last week in comparison to its previous state.

Of course, you can expect to see more balancing changes (buffs and nerfs) in the future but the format of these changes has not been decided yet. Until then, we are looking forward to hear your opinions on the new hunting grounds of this year's summer update once the test server opens.

Happy hunting,

Shazaya and Ilyndor
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