New Year's Eve Contest - Results

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Editorial staff
Editorial staff
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New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Livan »

In first days of January 2013, we started our first contest in this year. We asked you to write us a story about the special time of New Year's Eve.
There were many questions, funny moments and stressful times also for our Staff Team.
All submitted stories were very nice to read, lots of love situations, relationship memoirs and life choices were flying around our contest.

Finally both with Cipsoft Members we determined 5 lucky winners from 25 submissions in general.
Here are the results!
1st Place goes to Lupus Aurelius for his amazing "The Followers of the Golden Jackal and the unexpected guest" story.
( ... t=40#p1884)
2nd Place goes to our Party Animal, Arya Benioff for her crazy story about New Year's Journey.
( ... t=30#p1862)
3rd Place goes to old and memorable story submitted by Rasunik, it was really nice to see nostalgic moments again!
( ... t=20#p1840)
4th Place goes to Beatrix Kiddo, for her cooking adventure all around the Tibia Lands.. :D
( ... t=40#p1882)
5th Place goes to Koi for a story about responsibility for assigned tasks.
( ... t=30#p1854)
We are really happy for a chance given to read and judge your submissions, also we would like to help ALL PARTICIPANTS who joined this New Year's Eve contest, we hope that you had same fun in writing and processing your stories as we had in reading and judging them!
Rewards will be sent in following days, also Places 4th and 5th will be rewarded with Golden Goblet signed by Cipsoft Members who helped us in judging submitted works.

Stay with us in and look forward to our next contest, which will come within a month!

On behalf of Staff,
Proud Member of Crew

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Soul Magee
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Editorial staff
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Re: New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Soul Magee »

Thank you to all participants, were beautiful works.
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Yours, Júnior

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Lupus Aurelius
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Re: New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Lupus Aurelius »

Thanks a lot! Im really happy!, Have been waiting 23 long days checking every single day!! I had a lot of fun preparing my submission!, also I hope it made you laugh a lot!, making those Gifs wasn't an easy job but in the end I think it worth it.

Now that I have your attention for a few minutes I want to dedicate this to every single FAIRPLAYER, they are the true heroes and the heart of this game, Tibia is nothing without you!. Also I want to dedicate this to all my friends of TibiaBariloche and Amera and especially to Dark Mage of Chaos, a person and a player who proved me to be owner of values ​​that I consider invaluable and really needed in today's Tibia.

Congratulations to everyone!!! :mrgreen:
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Re: New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Ice Crambler »

And the Oscar is yours ;=)

Congratulation to the winners ;D
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Re: New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Cauliflower »

Gratz to the winners, 1st place work was rlly nice :P

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Re: New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Elais »

Congratulations to the winners! well done and well deserved as well! Although I thought that by mixing what I did in real for that date with the game, could result in an interesting and good idea xd
I'll do my best for a next time anyway ;)

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Elite Pikmin
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Re: New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Elite Pikmin »

Gutted I didn't win anything again but congratulations to the winners :geek:

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Re: New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Koii »

Awesome :D This is the first contest I have placed in ^^
I had a lot of fun participating in this contest, I can't wait for the next! Thanks for making this
Congrats to everyone :)

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Beatrix Kido
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Re: New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Beatrix Kido »

Congratulations to the winners!!!
Lupus really deserved this!!!

I'm happy to receive a Goblet for 4th
place!!! It's really nice of you!!!

The submissions were all really nice...
It must have been such a hard duty
to judge them!!!
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Arya Benioff
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Re: New Year's Eve Contest - Results

Post by Arya Benioff »

HAHAHHA this is amazing!
Ty ty ty!
Congratulations to all!

Lupus work was awesome. Congrats!

Ty everyone for being so nice to the winners!

Thats was a very fun contest. =D

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