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Fixes and Changes

Postby elyluvzya » 10 Oct 2017, 18:12

A new Tibia 11
client version is available! Among others, we have fixed the following things:

- If you change the chat mode while walking, the character does no longer keep on walking indefinitely in the same direction.
- Your character does no longer jump back in the water if you want to leave a swimming area via map click.
- An issue which disabled the animation of the mouse cursor in open container windows has been resolved.
- If you have used a supply item more than 1,000 times within the last hour, you can now hover your mouse over the summarised number below the item sprite in the Supply Analyser and a tooltip will display the exact item amount.
- We have fixed an issue in the description of the "Journal Shield".
- An issue which occasionally prevented guild leaders from editing the guild ranks has been fixed.

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