The Ultimate Boss Analysis 

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The Ultimate Boss Analysis 

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Imageear Tibians!

Instead of a full-blown April Fool's joke that would be debunked by our resourceful players in no time anyway, we decided on another alternative. Inspired by spring's visit, we wondered how players might dress to impress when visiting bosses. To do this, we looked at the data from all game worlds from January 01, 2024 to March 14, 2024.Dress for Glory!

First of all, these statistics should cater to everyone in Tibia, from the fashion-conscious and clothing aficionados to the everyday folk, seasoned fighters, and elegant wizards - truly, it is for all. We asked our experts to take a closer look at some of the most famous and infamous bosses. In this case it was specifically about which outfits were worn most of the time during a boss fight. Trust us, we uncovered psychological complexities that were beyond our expectations.

The following insights were revealed:

Ferumbras' Ascendant,
a special form of what may possibly be the most legendary boss in Tibia, a villain from bygone days and a central figure in many nightmares, appears to have particularly attracted the animosity of the middle class. The Citizen outfit was by far the most common choice for battling Ferumbras as he prepares to ascend to become godlike, with the Mage outfit coming in next. The Revenant, Pharaoh, and Retro Warrior outfits follow in the subsequent positions, albeit with significantly less combat time.
The Pale Worm has evidently become a favoured target among those who wear the Knight outfit, engaging in battle for durations more than triple that of the second-ranked Mage outfit. As Sir Sigfried of Freudenberg, a Tibean psychologist would ask, 'what do the Knights have to compensate for that makes them so angry at this huge worm?'.

Goshnar's Megalomania is a strange one. The Oriental outfit emerged as the most frequently worn choice by a significant margin, being three times as prevalent as the runner-up Poltergeist outfit. The Fire Fighter, Warrior, and Assassin outfits come next in the ranking. What in the world has gotten into you? Could it be that Goshnar needs some extra legroom that only harem pants can provide?

Lloyd once again proves to be a particular favourite among players wearing the Citizen outfit, who ventured into battle against him more than three times as frequently as the next group of players. No wonder, since he carries a frying pan on his head, which no middle-class Tibian household should be without.

Bakragore, one of our latest bosses, shows a tight competition between two preferred outfits: The Hand of the Inquisition outfit slightly leads over the Lion of War outfit. Trailing behind in the subsequent positions are the Assassin, Citizen, and Summoner outfits. This one is obvious: The Hand of the Inquisition are a hidden guild with knowledge passed down through cryptic whispers in shadowy corners of the Tibian world, while adherents of the Lion of War might be their rivals. Or their allies.
The World Devourer also tends to be most commonly faced by Citizens. This beast of a boss seems to be the chance for normal residents of Tibia to make his deeply rooted unconscious desires of fame and adventure come true. Just keep it up, dear Citizen, just keep it up.
Saving the world is almost everyone's dream.

Scarlett Etzel tackles most often players wearing the Assassin outfit, with Mage and Citizen outfits following closely behind in popularity. You need to shed light on why the lady who wields a whip is so deeply intrigued by the Tibian hitman. The fact that mages and citizens are attracted to it is hardly shocking.

Grand Master Oberon, Scarlett's brother encounters fighters most commonly clad in the Citizen outfit. This has all the hallmarks of your everyday Joe's dream to give the high and mighty a taste of gravity.

Lord Retro is primarily battled in the Warrior outfit, strangely the normal, not the Retro Warrior outfit.

Drume in contrast has to deal with Retro Warriors most often. Perhaps you can rectify this in the future. Simply switch the outfits for these two bosses, or switch the bosses for the two outfits.

Lady Tenebris frequently goes up against those wearing the Dragon Knight outfit. What first appeared as a whimsical dalliance between the enchanting sorceress of the shadows and the formidable dragon knight swiftly escalated into a duel to the end. Just your average Tibian first date.

What does all this tell us? No idea, but it sounds interesting. Maybe you can shed some light on the matter in the news ticker thread. Perhaps you could also exchange advice on how to battle Tibias' bosses the most fashionable way.

As always, we cordially invite you to let us know your thoughts about these not-so-super-serious data and wish you a great start to this year's April.

May your battles be glorious and your April Fool's jokes successful,Your Community Managers

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