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Sweaty Cyclop 2001-2020
Sweaty Cyclop 2001-2020
You can send us your propositions for "Screen of the week"! Pictures must be about one of the topics:
- Comparisons beetwen versions of Tibia,
- Interesting screenshot,
- Rare event
If your proposition is good enough, we will choose your picture for "Screen of the week" with your title, description and your nick.
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shawtay / 04-05-2020 13:45
Only if we could tear down those rocks somehow.
SamySaet / 03-05-2020 00:57
This is a good sword but never compared with Magiclong Sword
Demonique / 31-03-2020 11:58
big changes in surroundings but items still look same
Cardooso / 11-03-2020 10:36
Interesting how many of those itens are worth almost nothing nowadays except for warlord sword
binghi9603 / 12-02-2020 19:02
nice work