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Screen of Week
Thais 06/17

You can send us your propositions for "Screen of the week"! Pictures must be about one of the topics:
- Comparisons beetwen versions of Tibia,
- Interesting screenshot,
- Rare event
If your proposition is good enough, we will choose your picture for "Screen of the week" with your title, description and your nick.
Please send your submissions to


Trululu / 18-02-2018 22:48
I love this place DX
Heliosophist / 28-01-2018 01:01
nowdays no one use light effect
Venomous Fool / 18-01-2018 15:37
Hey this is on Libera :,)
waldermart / 28-12-2017 01:04
No one buy pots here XD