Activity system
  1. This system was implemented on January 3, 2014 and will remain active until it is cancelled by the GuildStats administration.
  2. To participate, you must be registered on our forums and have a Tibia character connected to the account on this fansite.
  3. Activity points are valid since January 11, 2012. For example, if you had written 10 posts in 2012, you will have 2 points).
  4. The GuildStats administration may change the amount of required points for any reward listed below at any moment.
  5. The GuildStats administration may change the reward list at any moment.
  6. If a user breaks the rules listed by GuildStats, the user will be deducted points (or terminated entirely). This includes spamming on forums, abusive comments, etc.
  7. If a user is suspected of abuse, GuildStats is permitted to ban or remove him from the contest without a warning.
  8. You may check your amount of activity points by accessing your account options here. You can also exchange points for rewards and see your rewards exchange history
  9. Points have undefined time validity.
  10. GuildStats does not permit copy/pasting or plagiarizing translated content (news, newsticker, articles) from other fansites.
  11. If a user adds content and it is approved by GuildStats, the user will be awarded with points. If better content or suggestions are given, GuildStats may choose to replace the older version.
  12. Users must be registered for at least 1 year to receive rewards.
  13. Newsticker are valid for two weeks after publication on, after that we won't accept translated/added newsticker. Also we won't accept newsticker that are unactual (for example, prolonged server save after it happens).
  14. News are valid for one month after publication on After that we won't accept translated/added news.
  15. Users who registerd after 12.12.2014 or have less than 400 points before this registration date needs 2600 points to receive special gift.

Activity points
You may receive activity points for the following activities:
  • Register bonus: 100 pts
  • Daily visit: 1 pt
  • Writing a post: 0,2 pts
  • Translating a newsticker: 5 pts
  • Translating news: 6 pts
  • Writing article: 25 pts
  • Translating article: 13 pts
  • Participating in contest: 35 pts
  • Thread with 10 replies: 5 pts
  • Screen of the week comment: 0,2 pts
  • Adding screen of the week on main page: 10 pts
  • Donating: 100 pts Donate
You may also receive special bonus points, with other methods. For example, by winning them in contests or making a great suggestion for the GuildStat site.

Rewards exchange procedure
  1. Choose reward at your user panel (here)
  2. link near your chosen reward
  3. Points for the reward will be subtracted from your account
  4. After refreshing you will see a new entry in Rewards history. For example '13-13-2013 13:13 - 30 days of Tibia Premium time , status: New'
  5. We will change status to Process when we start to process your request.
  6. We will probably contact with you by Private Message on our forum to get more details (for example, character where you want to get reward)
  7. After your request is completed, status will be changed to Completed
  8. Now, you can exchange points again in the reward section.

You can exchange your activity points for following rewards:
  • 300 points - special rank in our forum
  • 300 points - 30 days of ExitLag Premium Time
  • 1000 points - update rank to Journalist (it's connected with the additional privileges)
  • 1200 points - TestServer Invitation
  • 2600 points - special gift (only once)