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Store items for Guildhalls
When players look for Guilds they often wonder what the Guildhall looks like and how the Guild can benefit them. Items purchased with Tibia Coins from the Store can give your Guild an advantage. Not only will it make your Guildhall appealing, but it will also importantly help the community if you choose. Here are some Store items worth considering.
Demon's Lullaby 07-05-2021 / Avmatrac
You have bested Ferumbras, fought your way through the depths of Zarganash. Your body is covered with countless battle scars and there are rumours that you practically live in the Secret Library. Everyone in town knows your name and even the towncryer is telling stories about your heroic deeds? You must be a tough hero! But have you ever passed the hardest challenge of all...? Have you ever taken care of a baby?
Once again, a stressed out demon mother needs help. She is looking for voluntary babysitters to help her with her swarm of babies.

Today, the world event "Demon's Lullaby" starts again. Time for you to prove your courage and your babysitting skills. Travel to the Jakundaf Desert and offer your help to the overworked demon mother. But be warned, even though the babies are cute, they are still demons. Seize your opportunity, since their mother will only entrust you with one of her babies – once. So you better give your best to cater to the numerous whims the demon baby may have. Get your baby in time in order to be able to show that you can handle any task the baby throws at you. It will probably not always be easy to satisfy a crying demon baby but if you manage this challenge and return the cute little rascal cheerfully to its mommy you will receive an adorable reward.

In addition, if your game world returns enough satisfied babies to the demon mother until May 14, server save, she will reward the world with an experience bonus of 50% until May 21.

Welcome to parenthood!
Your Community Managers
Double XP and Double Skill Weekend 30-04-2021 / Avmatrac
Are you looking for an opportunity to level up and improve your skills? A double XP and double skill weekend is coming! So sharpen your weapons and stock up your potions, a weekend full of excessive monster slaughtering is waiting for you!

Between the server saves of May 07 and May 10, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast. The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers
Winners of the Craft a Fansite Item Contest 27-04-2021 / Avmatrac
For the celebration of the Fansite Appreciation Day on March 24, several fansite admins had organized a contest. The task was to craft one of the fansite items of the current supported and promoted fansites. All in all, across all fansites that have accepted submissions, we have received 41 pictures of crafted fansite items (click on the entry tab to view all submissions).

During the last week, we three community managers, as well as twelve different fansite admins voted to choose a top 5. In order to select these fair and square, we each determined a personal top 5, then assigned 5 points to everybody's first choice, 4 points to every second choice, 3 points to every third choice, and so on. In the end, all points were added up, and we received a list of winners. So today we can proudly present you the top 5 contest submissions:

First place: Shield of Destiny by Sacros Arturt
(43 points)
Second place: Wicked Witch by Makadamia
(26 points)
Third place: Heavily Bound Book by Favarona
(25 points)

Fourth place: Midnight Panther Doll by Amy Meow
(21 points)
Fifth place: Ferumbras Doll by Drekalla
(18 points)

Congratulations to the winners! All prizes have been delivered to their inbox in the meantime.

Thank you Tibians for making this Fansite Appreciation Day a good experience for everybody!

Hail Tibia!
Your Community Managers and Fansite Admins
New boss prediction possibility 22-04-2021 / Sir Dzidek
Week ago, we have rebuilt and expanded the boss page. We have added new, interesting functionality. From now can observe and predict the possibility boss appearing in a your world.
When you select specific boss you can see the graph which allow you to predict when that boss is expect to appear.
To fully understand the above charts, we encourage you to read the article on Tibia.Fandom.com.
Registered users can mark and observe specific interesting bosses.
The functionality is still in testing phases, but we hope you will like it!
If you have any comments, ideas or bugs, please report them to us!
Spring into Life 16-04-2021 / Avmatrac
Once again it is that time of the year when dragon mothers hatch their eggs to send out their dangerous breed to set the Tibian lands on fire.

From today's server save on until April 23 (server save), almost every dragon lair will be filled with newborn dragon hatchlings.
Sharpen your blades! Sharpen your shiver arrows! Get your avalanche and icicle runes! Show them that Tibians are not afraid of fire, but beware: more hatchlings will follow and get out of their eggs until the dragon breeding season is over again! As a reward for your bravery, every dragon hatchling will yield 25% more experience.

In addition, five surprise nests are hidden in most of the Tibian cities and with some luck, you might find something nice in them. Furthermore, rabbits, chickens, and silver rabbits are dropping colourful eggs. During this event, you can also buy them from Imalas, Maria, and Bonifacius.

Get ready!
Your Community Managers
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