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Summer Update Changes during Test Server 21-06-2024 / GuildStats bot
Image few days ago,
we finished the test phase of the summer update after two productive weeks of testing with you. In response to the helpful feedback and suggestions we received, numerous changes were made during and after the test. With the update's release approaching, here is an overview of notable adjustments:

The Soulpit
  • We have introduced two additional options to transform a soul core into another that might better suit your preferences.
    • Fiendish monsters have a semirare chance to drop a soul prism. You can use it on a soul core to transform the core into one of the next higher difficulty. If used on the highest difficulty, it will convert the soul core into another core of that same difficulty.
    • Using a soul core on another results in a random soul core of any Bestiary difficulty.
  • We have ramped up the number of Soulpit creatures in each wave and fine-tuned the difficulty scaling to increase more smoothly from the first to the last wave.
    • To reflect these changes, the amount of XP you receive at the end of a Soulpit fight has been raised from 1500% to 2800%.
    • Please note that once you head into the Soulpit, supplies used in the fight will be consumed. During the test phase, there was a bug in the Soulpit preventing supplies from being used up.
  • Based on feedback to encourage deeper engagement with the Soulpit, we adjusted the rewards to give a little extra for mastering a variety of creatures:
    • Obtaining Animus Mastery for a creature now grants a 2% XP bonus for that creature, regardless of its Bestiary stage.
    • You can increase this bonus up to 4% by unlocking Animus Mastery for additional creatures. The bonus will increase by 0.1% for every 10 Animus Masteries you unlock. The maximum bonus of 4% is reached when you have mastered 200 different creatures.
    • Moreover, we added the temporary title "Mistress/Master of Souls" and the achievement "Soul Crusher". In addition, Gnomadness has a special keepsake for those who rise to the challenge of becoming a "Mistress/Master of Souls."
Wheel of Destiny: Fragment Workshop
  • We have significantly cut down both the number of fragments needed and the gold cost for upgrading your mods, making enhancements more affordable and accessible. The new prices are:
    • Grade II: 5 Fragments and 2kk gold (basic mod) / 5kk gold (supreme mod)
    • Grade III: 15 Fragments and 5kk gold / 12,5kk gold
    • Grade IV: 30 Fragments and 30k gold / 75kk gold
  • In addition, we have raised the number of fragments you will receive when crushing or dismantling gems:

Lesser Gem
Regular Gem
Greater Gem

Unrevealed Gem
1-4 lesser fragments
2-8 lesser fragments
1-4 greater fragments

Revealed Gem
1-5 lesser fragments
2-10 lesser fragments
1-5 greater fragments

  • We have also substantially buffed the Grade IV bonus for all mods.
    • At Grade IV, the bonus for both basic and supreme mods is now 50% of their Grade I value, instead of the initial 30% at the start of the test phase.
  • Moreover, we have increased the Grade I values of numerous supreme mods, thereby also improving their bonuses on higher grades. This includes improvements to mods for Dodge, Critical Extra Damage, Life Leech, Mana Leech, mods that augment Critical Extra Damage for specific spells, as well as supreme mods that are currently less commonly used. For example:
    • Hell's Core Base Damage raised from 5% to 8% at Grade I (other grades: 8.8%/9.6%/12%)
    • Eternal Winter Burst Base Damage 5% to 8% at Grade I (other grades: 8.8%/9.6%/12%)
    • Executioner's Throw Base Damage raised from 5% to 6% at Grade I (other grades: 6.6%/7.2%/9%)
    • Divine Grenade Base Damage raised from 5.5% to 6% at Grade I (other grades: 6.6%/7.2%/9%)
  • We have implemented a new rule for cooldown reductions via augments: Augments cannot lower a spell's cooldown below 50% of its original length. This applies to augments from all sources.
    • This allows us to grant more generous cooldown reductions at Grade I for most of the respective mods. For example, mods with Avatar augments now lower the spell cooldown by 900 seconds (15 minutes) instead of the initial 300 (5 minutes) at the start of the test phase.
  • We have also improved the UI and increased the limit of gems you can hold in your Gem Atelier from 225 to 600.
  • Quick Loot Nearby Corpses: We have fixed an issue that impacted the reliability of quick looting nearby corpses when walking with keyboard keys. We have also made an optimisation to address reported FPS drops when looting numerous corpses while having the hunting analyser open.
  • Quick Sort Container: Sorting by charges left now also includes items which have an expiry time. Therefore, we have renamed this option to Sort by Expiry. Moreover, similar items will be grouped together before sorting by expiry.
  • New Content: Based on your feedback and our evaluations, we fine-tuned the new quests and bosses, balanced the new hunting grounds and creatures, and adjusted the stats of the new weapons and equipment.
  • Existing Content:
    • In the Wheel of Destiny, we have adjusted the Revelation Perk Beam Mastery so that the increased damage now applies to all targets hit by a beam instead of just the first three.
    • We have decided to reduce the group cooldown for all single target spells from 4 to 2 seconds with the release of the summer update. This will apply to the following spells: Annihilation, Ultimate Flame Strike, Ultimate Ice Strike, Ultimate Energy Strike, and Ultimate Terra Strike.
Both the Soulpit and the Fragment Workshop will further enhance the popularity of fiendish creatures, whether it is in hopes of obtaining Soul cores or gems. To accommodate this, their respawn time will be cut in half with the release of the summer update. This faster respawn of fiendish monsters will apply till August 06, 2024, server save. We will then analyse the situation again and decide how to proceed with their respawn time.

All announced changes will be implemented with the release of the summer update. Of course, we will also carefully observe the impact and usage of the new features and content after release, continuing to fine-tune and balance them as needed.

We would like thank to all players who helped us during the test by trying out the new contents and by sharing their experiences and feedback with us. Your dedication contributed to improving the update and we are excited about its upcoming release.

Stay tuned!Your Community Managers
Bewitched 20-06-2024 / GuildStats bot
witches of the green claw swamp need your help once more as they are about to brew their special mixture once more. The world event Bewitched will start tomorrow, June 21, after server save. Supply the witches with the needed ingredients for their magical draught, and protect their cauldron from the bane-bringers. Who knows, you might even get the chance to fight their leader, the bane lord.

So gather enough ingredients, earn favour points, and keep the cauldron boiling until June 25, server save, in order to succeed. A special book which you can find in the green claw swamp will provide you with further information on the event and your task. In case of success, your entire game world will be rewarded with an experience bonus of 50%. In addition, by contributing to the event you can earn favour points which you can trade for potions and a pet raven with Minzy.Have fun and fill the cauldron!Your Community Managers
Winners of Store Ensemble Contest 18-06-2024 / GuildStats bot
Images your
imagination brimming with ideas for a theme that could elegantly thread together an outfit, mount, and house decoration item for the Tibia Store?

This was the question we presented to you at the end of April, and the answer is a resounding yes! We received a plethora of creative, humorous, and quintessentially Tibia-like submissions. Our graphic designers had the challenging task of picking the winners from this abundant collection. The winners were selected based on the outfit, mount, and decoration item they described, as well as how well these elements matched their chosen theme. A big thank you to all participants for the passion and creativity you showed!

But there can only be a few chosen ones, so let us announce the winners. 1500 non-transferable Tibia Coins and a CM token go to the following three:

1st place: Skogul The Giant who proposed an outfit, mount and decoration item revolving around a Medieval Field Surgeon.

2nd place: Cursed Imoth who suggested an ensemble reflecting a Vengeful Knight (blinded by a demon in battle).Griingo Bro who submitted an idea for a collection inspired by Greek/Roman Mythology.

You read that correctly; we genuinely have two participants who reached the same number of points and tied for 2nd place. Congratulations and well done!

Now when will you be able to behold the three winning ensembles in the Store? It will take a considerable amount of time before all three of them will be available in the Store. Certainly, this will extend into next year. We will start with the 1st place aiming for a release near the end of this year.

Stay stylish, stay bold, and happy decorating!Your Community Managers
Monster Rampage on the Isle of Merriment 17-06-2024 / GuildStats bot
Imagehe test of this year's summer update is coming to a close, and so it is time again to open the Isle of Merriment for you on Testa, Testera, and Testebra.

Savage beasts and ravenous enemies, among them beloved Ferumbras and the notorious dream crusher Community Handler 2.0 CipSoft, will be summoned by CMs there. You can also explore the isle, say hello to a few nostalgic fellows, marvel at a display of rare items, and visit our dungeon to see imprisoned villains from your last nightmare.

When? Monday, Jun 17, 2024

Testa: 16:30 until 17:00 CEST

Testera: 17:15 until 17:45 CEST

Testebra: 18:00 until 18:30 CEST

Where? A teleporter will appear south of Thais crossroads several minutes before the start. Just step in to access the Isle of Merriment.

See you there!Your Community Managers
Wheel of Destiny: Fragment Workshop 03-06-2024 / GuildStats bot
Imagere you
already a gem enthusiast? Have you been harnessing their power through the Gem Atelier in the Wheel of Destiny? If not, now is the perfect time to start!

Complementing the Gem Atelier, the Fragment Workshop allows you to upgrade mods to unlock the full potential of your gems.

the new tab 'Fragment Workshop' in the Wheel of Destiny, you can enhance your gem mods from Grade I to Grade IV to increase their power. These upgrades require a good amount of gold and fragments. Lesser and greater fragments are valuable remnants of shattered gems. To obtain fragments, you can either smash unrevealed gems with a specific tool, or you can dismantle revealed gems in the Gem Atelier. Depending on the quality of the gem and whether it is revealed or unrevealed, you will receive a certain number of fragments:

Lesser Gem
Regular Gem
Greater Gem

Unrevealed Gem
1-2 lesser fragments
2-4 lesser fragments
1-2 greater fragments

Revealed Gem
1-3 lesser fragments
2-5 lesser fragments
1-3 greater fragments

Fragments are tradeable items. You can also purchase fragments from jewelry shop NPCs, though this convenient option is priced accordingly.

If thoughts of the gems you destroyed are creeping up to haunt you now, be at ease; we have you covered! For every gem you have destroyed since their introduction, you will automatically receive the corresponding amount of fragments directly in your stash with the update release.
Visit the 'Fragment Workshop' tab in the Wheel of Destiny to enhance mods and easily access all information on their grades and bonuses, enabling you to make the best decisions for your character's journey. If you click on a mod, you can check its unlocked and unlockable grades and their effects in the "Enhance Mod Grade" section. It also shows how much gold and how many fragments you need to invest to unlock the next grade for this mod. To enhance a basic mod, you need lesser fragments; for a supreme mod, you need greater fragments.
In many cases, a higher mod grade improves the specific mod bonus. However, increasing the mod grade of cooldown augmentations does not reduce spell cooldowns further but adds a chance to gain Momentum. Enhancing mods to their highest grade not only boosts your gem's power but also earns you permanent promotion points: For every mod fully enhanced to Grade IV, you will receive an additional Promotion Point for your Wheel of Destiny.

If you enhance a mod in the Fragment Workshop to a certain grade, that grade affects the same mod wherever it appears on your gems. However, this only applies if the preceding mods on the gem have at least the same grade. If the previous mods have a lower grade, the mod in question is also limited to that lower grade as you can see in the example we have prepared for you.
Naturally, the vessel holding the gem in the Wheel of Destiny also needs to have the adequate Vessel Resonance level to activate the mod. The Gem Atelier helps you quickly identify where you can further enhance your mods for maximum benefits: a special icon and a tooltip will inform you if a specific mod could have a higher grade but is limited by the grade of a previous mod or the Vessel Resonance level.

For a few further details, check the Auditorium. Also make sure to explore the Fragment Workshop on the test server which is just around the corner.

Time to (g)empower your character!Your Community Managers

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