Updates are make - one server every 1 hour, so all servers have new data every 3-4 days. You can check the date of the last update for an individual server on the guild list page for that server.

Data from Tibia highscores are updated same as guild statistics, so one server per 1 hour.

Ranking points
Ranking points are based on ski jumping points formulas (read more at Wiki) multiplied by 10. In the next step we are adding these points to the formula (300 - place in ranking).
for 1st place player receive 1000+(300-1)=1299 points,
for 35th place: 500+(300-35)=765 points,
for 250th place: 60+(300-250)=110 points

Power of guild
Power of guild are calculated by formula: Sp + Tl + (Al*10)

Sp - sum of ranking points of whole guild members
Tl - sum of lvls
Al - average lvl
Currently, we are testing this algorithm and it's may occur some errors.

Time in Tibia
Time in Tibia elapse faster than in normal life. You can notice it when you'll use clock or by observing sunset or sunrise in Tibia.
2.5sec in real life - 1 minute in Tibia
1h in real life - 24h in Tibia
~15 days in real life - 1 year in Tibia
Basing on this rules, we calculate the age Tibia account.
Current year on each server we calculate based on how many days passed in Tibia since server creation.

The most images come from

Portugese-speaking - Portugese-speaking guild
English-speaking - English-speaking guild
Dutch-speaking - Dutch-speaking guild
Spanish-speaking - Spanish-speaking guild
North America - North America
South America - South America
Europe - Europe
All nations - All nations
Experience data
Experience information are gained from for characters in top 1000 for each vocation on server (Knights+Paladins+Druids+Sorceres = 4000 players for each server).
Player deaths
We store information about death's of characters that are +100lvl and are in any guild or any highscore list
Time online
We store information about time online of characters that are +25lvl.