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Interview with Game Content Designer Lionet
Do you want to know what is a game content designer and what they have to do in their work? Maybe you want to know if anything been unexplored in the last update? So read the interview with Lionet!
New House Features 07-11-2019 / Lehula Dohon
As mentioned in a previous news, the upcoming house update will introduce a variety of new features:

House Management in Client

In addition to being able to bid on, leave and sell a house on the website, players now have the option to perform these actions from within the client.
The new "Houses" tab in the Cyclopedia gives you the option to easily search for any "Houses and Flats" or "Guildhalls" you might be interested in. You can specify your search by choosing the location, own houses, the state they are in (auctioned or rented), as well as sort by different factors. An in-game view of the selected house is shown, too, which also lets you cycle through the different floors the domicile might have.

The Cyclopedia map has gained an additional filter for houses, whose marks differentiate between own houses (blue mark), houses currently being auctioned (green mark) and rented or unrentable houses (brown mark). Only the houses owned by the logged-in character are shown.

Moveable Beds

You can now freely arrange any beds in your home! In order to make this happen, all beds will be removed from their homes. You can buy new ones from furniture shopkeepers for 10 to 100 gp per bed. Every bed exists of two parts which have to be purchased separately and will be placed separately. You can even put your bed on carpets! Each building still has an individual bed limit however, so you can only put a certain amount of beds in them.

Several Houses per Character per Game World

The restriction to only be able to rent one house per game world has been lifted. While the limit of three houses per account remains, you can now choose to rent more buildings on one world. You can only bid on one house per account at a time and you can either only bid on a house or transfer a house at a time.

Changes to the Website

The options to move out of a house as well as transfer one have received separate buttons on the website. Furthermore, current bids will now be shown in the account management next to currently owned houses. Last but not least, the buildings' preview graphics have been updated.

Happy decorating,
Your Community Managers
Hunting Tasks and Configurable Control Buttons 04-11-2019 / Lehula Dohon

Are you looking for an extra incentive to go hunting? The Hunting Tasks will reward you for killing scores of creatures.

This feature can be found under the prey dialog. It shares its window with the Prey Creatures, so you can easily switch between both of them.

First you select the creature you want to hunt. You have a selection of nine beings to choose from, and, like when choosing a Prey Creature, the option to either use gold to roll a new selection or use prey wildcards to select your target from a list. The price for a Prey Creatures reroll will be increased from 50 gp per level to 200 gp per level with the update; it will then be equal to the price for a Hunting Tasks reroll. Afterwards you choose how many of this monster you want to kill. There are two different amounts which depend on the creature difficulty. The higher amount is only available once the bestiary entry for the respective creature has been completed.

The reward for finishing a task are Hunting Task Points. After confirming a task, you will be offered a certain reward and then have the option to optimize it, to increase the amount of Hunting Task Points you will receive. Four and five star rewards also give a chance for additional Hunting Task Points. The Prey widget now keeps track of both your Prey Creatures as well as Hunting Tasks. Cancelling the task will require a fee equal to the fee for a reroll. After cancellation you can immediately create a new task.

When you have finished the task, you can claim your reward at once in the Hunting Tasks menu. The Hunting Task Points you receive can be exchanged at a new NPC, Walter Jaeger, located in Thais, for an outfit, a mount, or decorative items.

You can complete one hunting task per slot between server saves. However, there is no time limit for completing a task. Players with a free account have one slot unlocked and can purchase up to two more slots while Premium players have two slots available and can purchase one new slot. Each additional slot costs 750 Tibia Coins.

Configurable Control Buttons

Since there is now a sizeable amount of buttons for numerous widgets available in the UI, some which you might not even use on a regular basis, you can now freely configure which ones are going to be displayed. There will be a new section in the options menu where you can select which buttons you want to display and in which order they are to appear in the interface. You can select any amount of buttons available, or none of them, in which case the space next to the options menu button and exit button (which remain ever-present) will be empty.

There will now also be buttons available for the Quest Tracker and the Lenshelp.

Good hunting,
Your Community Managers
Happy Halloween 31-10-2019 / Lehula Dohon
Halloween is here! From today's server save till server save November 3, the Mutated Pumpkin will rear its ugly head west of Darashia to instill fright and dread in the hearts of many an adventurer.

Every player daring to step up to the Mutated Pumpkin will be rewarded according to their level of participation. Once you have bested the fiend, you can claim your rightful loot from its cold, dead body.


Moreover, every Tibian hero who took part in the fight against the pumpkin will be worthy enough to pass the portal to skin its corpse with the obsidian knife for a second reward.

Be on the lookout for the infamous Halloween Hare if you want to become a harrowing beast. Hurry up, since the Halloween Hare hides itself somewhere on mainland, on Rookgaard, and on Dawnport and can only be found on October 31.

We wish you all a spooky Halloween!
Your Community Managers
Party Hunt Analyser and More 30-10-2019 / Lehula Dohon

Is it up to you to split the loot after a successful hunt? Are you wondering if one of your team members is really pulling their weight? Then the Party Hunt Analyser will make your life a lot easier.


This new feature will allow everyone in a hunting party to track important information about the current hunting session:

Session duration, total loot gained by the party, supplies used and balance. Loot Type by default is "Market", which means that the Average Market Price is used as a basis to calculate loot and supplies. Premium players can set it to "Leader", which means that the value used is configured by the party leader.

Furthermore, the Party Hunt Analyser keeps track of each member's balance, damage and healing.

Tracking begins once a party has been formed. The party leader can reset the data, which means tracking starts anew immediately. If a party member leaves, their data will be greyed out. Upon rejoining, the data will be continued. Only players who have contributed either damage, healing, loot or waste will appear in the analyser.

You can access the Party Hunt Analyser from the Analytics Selector.


Bestiary Tracker

The Bestiary Tracker allows you to easily keep track of any bestiary entry's progress. If you do not yet have completed an entry, you can tick a checkbox "Track kills" in the bestiary entry which adds the creature to the new widget. There you can see your kills as a progress bar as well as the exact number. It only keeps track until you have completed the entry. If you click on the entry in the widget, you will be taken to the respective creature's bestiary entry.


Improved Character Selection

The new and improved character selection screen allows you to sort your characters, their vocation and the game worlds they are on alphabetically, as well as by their level, in ascending or descending order. You can also pin a character so that it appears at the top of the list at all times. The current top character will also be automatically selected when you login, so you can enter the game world with the press of a button.

Enjoy your hunt,
Your Community Managers
Small Price Adjustment for Webshop Products 29-10-2019 / Lehula Dohon
Dear Tibians,

We want to inform you in advance that we are going to adjust the pricing of our Webshop products Premium Time, Tibia Coins and the extra service Recovery Key soon.
A small price rise in the low single-digit percentage range will take place on Nov 12, 2019, 10:00 CET. Please note that only Webshop products will be affected, ingame prices in the Store will not be changed.

Every once in a while, it is necessary to adjust our pricing model to adapt to the inflation rate in Germany. We do this to ensure that we can continue to provide you with exciting updates, great content and features, and improve your Tibia experience.

Please understand that we cannot provide the exact new prices in advance since they will depend on the exchange rate of your country.

Thank you for your understanding!
Your CipSoft Team
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